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Episode 4

Episode 4

The end of the day came by the sound of the bell ringing to tell students they were free. Fox walked out of the building then headed down a familiar road he hadn’t been on in a long, long time. He was not too fond of the idea of going home. so he made a side trip and stopped in front of the house he had not thought of in years.

He startled when a pair of hands suddenly blocked his vision. Tensed and ready for a fight, Fox prepared himself when he heard a giggle.

“Guess who?” a voice asked.

“Hmm. I don’t know. A stalker?” Fox asked.

Samantha removed her hands with a laugh and danced, her white flowing skirt twirling perfectly with her movement, and then stood in front of Fox. She crossed her arms behind her back, her fingers fiddling with the hem of her sky blue cami shirt. She then moved her fingers to play with the top of her thigh-high black boots.

“As if, mate! But I am curious as to why you were walking down this way by your lonesome,” she said.

Fox looked at Samantha, then his old childhood home. He sighed heavily. “I used to live here.”

Samantha looked at Fox with curiosity. “Oh? A childhood home?”

Fox nodded and tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. He wondered briefly if he should tell Samantha about his past, and inwardly shook his head. He decided to reveal only a little.

“I lived here with my Mom. Like your parents, they were separated, but unlike your parents, mine were never married.”

“Really?” Samantha asked, surprised. “It’s not unheard of but certainly not the norm. I mean, most couples get married eventually.” Growing up, she was positive that most couples got married sometime down the road.

Fox shrugged. “Really. I’m not sure why they didn’t marry, but they had their reasons.”

Samantha nodded and motioned for Fox to continue.

“My Mom and I lived here while my Dad was back on the mainland. According to her, he was living in Nevada at the time. After I turned six, my Dad found out where we were and he came here. One night I heard them arguing along with gunshots and then silence,” Fox said softly, with a slight tremor in his voice.

Samantha looked at him with a mix of emotions but couldn’t say anything as she put the pieces of the puzzle together. After a brief moment of silence, Samantha found her voice. “So, you’re a foster child?”

“Yeah. Not for much longer though. When I turn eighteen, I’ll inherit the money my mother left me and this house.”

Samantha looked at Fox like he grew two heads, “How do you know?”

“Easy. She made a will before I was born and left everything to me. I found the document after breaking into a computer when I was left in the care of a lawyer. I overheard him say he found something on my mother in the archives and that is when I got curious and found the will,” he said matter-of-factly. “I was about twelve at the time. My foster brother was a hacker and showed me how to get into his dad’s computer.”

Samantha couldn’t believe what she was hearingl but somehow she knew it was the truth.

“So this gorgeous home will be yours?” She waved her hand towards the house.

“Yeah, in about two weeks,” Fox said with a mix of relief and fear in his voice.

Samantha looked at Fox confused. She understood why he would be relieved. From what she heard, the American foster system was a mess and many children suffer because of it. Hell, she heard some children don’t survive long in the care of their foster parents. She shuddered at that thought. The fear, however, she didn’t know what that was about. Not wanting to dwell on it any longer, she closed her eyes and put it out of her mind. She reopened them after taking a deep breath.

Samantha looked at the beautiful home and was suddenly curious as to what it looks like on the inside.

She looked over to Fox and found him on the porch already peering through the large window as if he was studying something. She watched as he picked the lock and headed inside. She squeaked quietly and ran up behind him.

No way was she staying outside when there was something in front of her to be explored!

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