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Episode 5

Episode 5

Fox walked into the foyer with Samantha behind him. He tried the light switch on the wall by the door and was surprised when the lights came on.

Fox looked over to Samantha and she shrugged with a confused look. He then took note of the symbols by the door. Samantha noticed them as well.

“What are those?” she asked, staring at the symbols on the walls.

“They’re sigils,” Fox said.

He walked up to the wall and placed his hand over one of the markings. He never noticed these or if he did, he didn’t remember them being there.

“Sigils? For protection?” she asked.

“Something like that,” Fox joked. “Huh?”


“These look like they were placed here recently. They don’t look aged or anything,” Fox said.

Samantha agreed with that. They did look like they were drawn there not too long ago. She then headed into the kitchen to see if there were more drawings around the back door when a shadow passed by. She shuddered and shrugged it off as her mind playing tricks on her. Fox trailed behind her, finding a light switch and flicking on the lights. Fox turned on the tap and was shocked to find the water was still on.

“What the hell? Running water and the lights still work? How? They should’ve been turned off years ago.”

Samantha shrugged and looked through the cabinets to see if there was something hiding within. She looked back at Fox to find he was gone.


“Upstairs!” he called back to her.

“You all right?”

“Fine! You find anything?”

“No! Every cubby is empty!”

“Search the living room and the den! Maybe there’s something there!”

“I’m on it!”

Samantha headed into the living room to search first, since it was fairly large. She hoped Fox was okay upstairs.

Fox took in a deep breath and wandered down the hallway. The first two rooms were an office and guest room. A guest bathroom was next, then the last two bedrooms were Fox’s old room and his mother’s room. Fox headed to his room first and peered inside. Like the home, it had been untouched and not a speck of dust in sight.

Fox should’ve been freaking out at least a little by all this but couldn’t rise above the confusion. A shadow slinked by, and he followed it to the office.

Fox walked into the office and felt off. Like something was here but he couldn’t see anything out of place. He looked around and found a book on the bookshelf that screamed at him to look inside.

He picked it up and read it, or at least tried to.

“What nonsense is this? Latin?” Fox wondered out loud.

He flipped through the pages, and a saved page with the corner dogged eared caught his eye.

Back downstairs, Samantha searched the den after not finding much in the living room. She looked at the books on the shelf in the corner of the room and sighed. Nothing. She was about to place the book she had back on the shelf when something fell out of it. She picked up the piece of paper and read it. She bolted up the stairs with the paper clutched in her hand.

“Fox?” she called down the hall.

“In the office! First door on the left!”

She raced into the room and took a moment to catch her breath. Then she straightened up and handed him the paper she found. Fox took it and read it over. Samantha watched as an array of emotions swept over his face.

“You okay, mate?”

“Where did you find this?” he asked in a low tone, ignoring her question.

Samantha looked at Fox with concern. “Down in the den. I was looking through the books and found one out of place. I was putting it back when this slipped out.”

Fox raced out of the room and down the winding stairs, heading into the den. He scanned the bookshelf, finding the book that Samantha mentioned resting on the shelf, Fox picked it up. He flipped through the book and found nothing else. He heard Samantha coming into the room.

“Fox, are you all right?”

“How in the ever-living fuck did this get here?” he asked, more to himself than her.

“I don’t know, maybe your Mom had it for a reason,” Samantha said, trying to soothe him.

Fox shook his head vigorously, “How? She and my Dad died on the same night. Hell, they died together! How did she get a police report of my father’s death?”

“I don’t know. The report says your father’s body went missing from the morgue that night. Maybe he’s alive and planted it here.”

Fox heard her nervous tone and stared at her for a minute before looking away. His memories told him that his father died that night. He bit the knuckle of his index finger.

“It has to be fake. I know he’s dead,” he said around his knuckle.

Samantha tried to say something to him, but Fox only nodded and sighed as he took in this bit of info. He nearly jumped out of his skin when Samantha hugged him. He hesitated and lightly hugged back for a minute before letting her go. He looked away from her and headed back upstairs with her trailing behind. He went back into the office and picked up the book he was reading before Samantha came in.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Not sure. It’s a book, obviously,” he said with some sarcasm. “But I can’t read it. It seems to be in Latin.”

Samantha rolled her eyes, hearing the sarcasm in his voice. “And you know this how?”

“Because I lived with a priest for a few months, and he taught me a little bit of it, but I’m not fluent,”

“Can you read any of this?”

Fox nodded. “I can make out a few words. Like this one, necromantia. It’s necromancy.”

“Necromancy? As in bringing the dead back to life?” Samantha asked with a shudder.

He gave her another nod, “Yup. Necromancy is a very dark spell. You never mess with the dead.”

Samantha nodded and noticed scribbling on the side of the page. “There’s something handwritten here.”

Fox looked at the page. He had never seen it before, but assumed it was his mother’s handwriting. He wasn’t able to tell what the worn out writing stated.

“Any idea on what it says?” Samantha asked.

“No. The page is too old and it seems my mother had the type of handwriting that is impossible to read,” Fox said with a groan.

“Like a doctor.”

Fox looked at her with annoyance, but was still amused so he snorted then laughed when Samantha punched him in the arm.

“Well, what are we standing around for? Let’s get to work, yeah?” she asked with a smile.

Fox returned the smile and sat at the desk, while Samantha pulled a chair closer. They got to work trying to piece this puzzle together.

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