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Episode 8

Episode 8

Fox hears the low growl and follows it through the darkness. The growls got louder and louder until he came to a beach. It’s dark, with the only light being the moon. Something shifts in the dark and Fox looks around.

"Who’s there?” he calls out.

Something moves again and Fox again demands it to reveal itself.

"Who’s there? Reveal yourself!” Fox shouts.

"You know who I am,” a growling demonic voice said.

"Do I? Come out and show me!”

"You do. You created me,” the voice said.

"What do you mean I created you? Just come out already!” Fox demands again, getting angry and impatient.

"As you wish.”

The thing steps into the moonlight, and Fox is shocked. It was him! His ink beast.

"Cyanide?” Fox asked, his voice shook.

The creature nodded. “Yes. You created me first on paper, then brought me to life with the spells. The last spell binds us together. We are one.”

Fox stands there, shocked. Cyanide was here. He looks just as he’d drawn it in the comics: menacing, dull yellow bones with black veins, ink-like skin making him seem more creepy than cartoonish, hollow eye sockets with pinprick white dots for eyes, razor sharp teeth and claws. He stood on all four legs, though he could walk on two, black ink-like ears listening to their surroundings, and a long, skeletal tail. Fox should be terrified, but he isn’t. Cyanide is his creation, after all.

"How are we one? If anything, the necromancy spell should’ve kept you separate from me and the binding incantation is just to keep you tethered to me,” Fox explains.

"The spell was no ordinary binding one. It was a fusion contract. We are one,” Cyanide said with a sinister laugh.

Before Fox could say anything, Cyanide lunged at him, and the two fused together. The creature howled to the moon.

"We’re a new kind of Cyanide!” the two howl in unison.

Fox snapped awake and panted, as he tried to slow his pounding heart. He looked into the vanity mirror his mother had in her room and saw black inky veins had spread throughout, then vanished. His complexion turned back to a healthy tan.

“A new kind of Cyanide?” he asked, his voice shaking. He closed his eyes and flopped back onto the bed. “What’s happening to my life?”

Fox looked at the clock on his phone and saw it was six in the morning. He groaned but got up and ready for the day, he then headed for the office to continue his search.

Elsewhere-Beachfront Airport

A man walked through the terminal of the local airport and spotted the girl he was meeting.

“Samantha,” the man greeted when he walked up to her.

“Maddox. You took your bloody time getting here,” Samantha said, not happy.

He scowled at her “I came as fast as I could.”

“Come on then,” she huffed. “We can’t waste any more time.”

“Who died and made you leader?” Maddox needed coffee because it was too bloody early for this.

“I’ve been promoted, or did you not get the memo?” Samantha growled.

Maddox grumbled as the two walked outside to the car waiting for them. They told the driver where to go and arrived at the hotel twenty minutes later. The building was gigantic and fairly busy. It was tourist season, after all. Reds and golds with spots of black and gray were the colors of the place. They could smell vanilla coming from the left at the breakfast bar. A large aquarium stood in the middle of the room showcasing various salt water fish, which they guessed were native to the island. They checked in at the front desk then headed for an elevator and rode it up to the fifth floor where they spotted their room and went inside.

“So, has he performed the spells yet?” Maddox asked.

Samantha nodded. “Aye. I’m not sure if it worked, though. Last I saw him, he was ashen like he was dying.”

Maddox hummed and sorted out his weapons on the table in the room. There were knives of all sizes from a machete to a small hunting knife, and different guns like a simple glock to a small TMP. He smirked when he heard Samantha whistle.

“How the fuck did you get through customs, mate?” she asked.

“Magic,” he said.

“Sure. We’ll roll with that.”

“Back to the subject at hand. Fox is ashen like he’s dying? Have you seen him at all this morning?” Maddox asked, as he made mental notes.

“No. I came straight here. I’ll be heading back to him shortly,” Samantha said.

“Good. You remember the plan right?” Maddox gave her a hard look.


Maddox rolled his eyes at the childish answer. “A simple yes would have sufficed you know.”

“Whatever. Are you sure you want to do this? This is your son after all. He’s not even a part of them! I mean, didn’t you say they all died out?”

“I did. In a raid gone wrong, the last generation of cultists was slaughtered by our organization. We thought they were all dead, my girlfriend included, but she somehow survived and was believed to be the last one until I found out she was pregnant. She fled here and stayed hidden. I found out where she was and put an end to her, leaving our son to live and grow up away from all that. Then this happened and I got your call and now I may have to put my own son down. I knew she would poison him eventually. Death will be his only release. I only hope the spells didn’t work or we’re not too late.”

Samantha hoped the spells didn’t work as well. She didn’t want to see Fox get hurt or even killed. Not by the hands of his own father nonetheless, but something told her otherwise. She sighed and headed out to Fox’s place.

In a weird, twisted way, she had come to like the boy. She may have even had a little crush on him.

“Fuck me if those spells worked,” she whispered to herself.

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