Red Jaguar Rises Again

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Chapter Three

He rushes down the stairs and out the little door of the big pyramid, eager to find their guide. George is still lying down under the tree, his hat over his eyes. Cody runs to him and tugs on his shirt sleeve. George’s hat flies off as he sits up and his eyes open. He can see that Cody is anxious about something.

“That Red Jaguar in there,” cries Cody, “I’ve got to know more about it.”

“Ah, so you see the big jaguar and are afraid. It is often true that the roar of it can put you to sleep. Mayans call it the God of Darkness and Lord of the Hidden Recesses of the Earth.”

“It sure is God of the Dark. It caused the lights to go out,” said Cody. “But. . . but, there’s something else.” Cody plunks down beside George, eager to hear more about the jaguar. Maybe the guide can explain things so his shivers of fear will go away.

George says, “Some say secret offerings are made to its heart, but I do not know if that is true.”

“So that’s why the jaguar’s red—it needs the blood of humans to keep its color.”

“You see too many bad vampire movies,” laughs George.

Becca ambles over to them and sits down. “It’s miserable inside that pyramid. The air feelsbetter outside even if it’s a very hot today. You were wise to stay here, Mr. Hor Hay where it’s cooler.”

George gets up and points to something a long way off. “We go now to where the Mayans honored their victims of sacrifice—to the senote.”

“That’s a big pool, Cody,” explains Becca. “When I saw it long ago, it gave me the weirdest feeling.”

Cody feels strange, too. When he heard the word, ‘senote,’ it was as if he’d been to that pool of horrors before.

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