Red Jaguar Rises Again

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Chapter Four

They get up and walk slowly past small temples and pyramids that are smaller in size than the big one they’ve just been inside. They also pass raised platforms that have no temples or pyramids. All the stone buildings set far apart from one another.

George leads them to a wide roadway where little trees and shrubs grow along the sides. Cody feels uncomfortable. But, now it’s due to his new tennis shoes. They’ve worn a blister on his right heel.

In about ten minutes, the road ends at a wide clearing. Big rocks weigh heavy at the edge of a long overhang.

George says, “We go over to those rocks.”

Under the rock formations lays a pool of murky, green water. Cody sits down by a huge rock to stare into the darkening water. Becca sits beside him. Cody asks, “Are there are ghosts around here? This place feels spooky.”

“Probably,” says George who stands behind them looking down at the water, too. “Many bones are at the bottom.”

Becca takes off her hat and wipes her forehead with a tissue. “Human sacrifice is senseless,” she says. “The Mayans killed people at the top of pyramids and then threw them down into this pit. Or, they held processions with losers of the games they played and they went in here, too. Young women were chosen to pacify their gods. They were slain, but happily led processions to this final resting place.”

“But the world is not be safe if they didn’t do it,” said George. “The people mostly went willingly. They believed that they were helping make the Mayan world safe.”

“I’ve read that they really didn’t know what was happening to them,” said Becca. “Those beautiful, young girls, and sometimes they included an enemy, were given things to drink that made their minds go blank. They were dressed in the fine clothes and wore jade and turquoise jewels. People cheered for them as they were led here in colorful processions.”

“Has anyone gone down to get the jewels,” asked Cody, a practical person.

“Many years ago, archeologists from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., came. They sent divers to the bottom who brought up many things. Those people, when they were here working, stayed at the same hacienda that we are,” said Becca.

“What did they find?” asks Cody.

George said, “Beautiful objects. Precious stones. Some day you can go to that museum in Washington, or to one in Mexico City, to see the jeweled headdresses and necklaces people were wearing.”

“I’d like to do that some day. But right now, I’m hungry,” said Cody, “I’d sure like something to eat and drink.”.

They leaft the senote and went back along the wide road to the entrance of the ruins to find the food vendors. George and Cody sit down under the tree again while Becca went to seel what they were selling. She brought back tacos on napkins and cold orange juice in tiny bottles.

After that, the real action started, whether Cody’s heel blister hurt or not.

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