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Kingsley Black is a sub with a... rough past. Most of the Dominants in Andreas' and Aaron's club, Wildex, have gotten a taste of Kingsley, but they won't create a contract. If they do, it doesn't last long. So Kingsley gives up and just allows himself to be used as a nightly plaything. The one Dominant that Kingsley wants however, is Andreas. More than anything. Andreas is one of the few Master Doms of Wildex, being a co-owner beside Aaron. He never takes a sub for a night, and hardly pays attention to any in general. The little minx that Kingsley is though, has always attracted Andreas. Kingsley is just too rowdy. Can Andreas calm the energetic ball that is Kingsley? Can Kingsley really keep a contract for longer than a month? Or will they find out they are simply not compatible to be a dom/sub pair? Everything may seem fine for the King of Subs, but nothing is ever Peaches and Crème when it comes to the spitfire boy. !!!WARNING!!! This book is very explicit. It will have mentions of topics that are trigger for others (I will try to put those warnings in the beginning of each chapter), and will have mature language and topics. Chapters with Mature content will have an [M] in each chapter title.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1


I was drunk. I didn’t need an expert to tell me. My vision was hazy and everything was louder than it should be. Looking around I could see Mason seducing a Dom, but I could not for the life of me remember the Dom’s name. I must not have played with that one before. I watched as the Dom lightly took hold of Mason’s neck and kiss him before I took notice of the collar around Mason’s neck. Ah, right. I remember now that Mason mentioned bringing his Dom to the club soon. I’ll introduce myself another time, I thought to myself before finishing off the drink I had. I loved when Wildex got new bartenders, they didn’t know that Subs like myself were supposed to be limited to three drinks for the night. And they always put x’s on our hands to track the drinks. Right now I’d say I had maybe six or seven on my hand. I lost count after my fifth. Master Aaron, the owner of Wildex, was soo going to paddle my ass. But I didn’t care. I was so over the week.

I stumbled as I made my way to the bar for my next drink, squeaking when I tripped and fell into a passing Dom’s chest. He caught me swiftly and gave a short growl when his drink had spilled a bit. “Be mindful of where you’re walking” he said, standing me upright. I looked up at him and almost drooled, staring up at Master Andreas. He was the one Dom that I wanted to take me, and the only one that hasn’t yet. He’s never taken a sub to bed, and few have gotten the opportunity to even pleasure him. I saw his eyes narrow before he was grabbing the sides of my face with one of his large hands. “Are you drunk?” His tone low and commanding, my head nodding before I could think about it. “How many have you had?”

I furrowed my eyebrows in thought before slyly grinning. “Only uh.. eh... three, Master Andreas” I slurred badly. All of these doms knew I was no light-weight. Hell, I was the reason that we had the three drink limit. I knew from the moment that I said three, he didn’t believe me. He grabbed my hand and went wide eyed at the number of x’s that were splayed on my hand.

“Kingsley!” He growled lowly. “There are nine fucking marks on your hand! How did you even manage to get this many?” He demanded, glaring down at me. Huh, that was more than I had thought. Unable to really voice an answer, I shrugged and pointed to the bar a bit shakily. If Andreas wasn’t holding me up, I’d definitely be on the ground right now. I was swaying even with his hold. He quickly downed the rest of his drink as there wasn’t much left, and steadied me with both hands. “I’m taking you to Aaron, someone will collect your belongings, and I’m bringing you home.” He left no room for argument, though I wasn’t in the right mind to argue anyways, as he lifted me up and carried me past the lounge to Master Aaron’s office.

When we walked into Master Aaron’s office Andreas laid me on the couch and sighed deeply shaking his head. He walked to Aaron’s desk looking very unhappy. Aaron just looked over at me with a raised eyebrow before at Andreas. “Why have you brought Kingsley in here? I thought you weren’t taking a sub tonight?”

Andreas sat down, “I’m not. He stumbled into me, drunk off his ass and ready to get another drink. You need a new bartender. He served and marked Kingsley nine different times.” At the number Aaron’s eyes went wide as he glared over at me.

“How many times have I fucking told you, you are only allowed three. Under no circumstances should you ever have more than that in this club!” He had raised his voice and stood up ready to walk over. I just let out a weak whimper and curled up trying to hide myself as best as I could. The yelling was killing my head and the world was starting to fade out little by little. I saw Andreas stand and say something to Aaron, but I couldn’t make out what it was before my vision completely vanished and I was left to the darkness that a drunken sleep brought me.


I woke up to the sun burning my eyes, and my head pounding in the worst way. I let out a disgruntled sound and hid my face in the pillows. Pillows that were softer than mine, and did not smell like me. Frowning, and very confused, I lifted my head and opened my eyes enough to scope out my surroundings. Where the fuck am I? It’s definitely not Aaron’s house, I’d been there more times than I can count. I grunted softly as I brought myself to a sitting position and saw myself on the wall that was one giant mirror. My skin was clear of hickeys which was a good thing, but my hair was sticking up every which way and I looked just as bad as I felt. There was nothing in the room to indicate where I was, I don’t remember a single thing from last night. There was no pain in my butt though, so I definitely didn’t find a dom to play with.

The smell of freshly cooking bacon brought me out of my thoughts quickly. I tested out my mobility for a second before slowly getting up and looking around again. I smiled seeing aspirin and a cup of water on the desk and made my way over, downing both quickly. With the cup still in hand I left the room and walked towards the smell of food. Most people that wake up hungover, at least that I’ve met, get sick at even the thought of eating. But for me, I want food as soon as I wake up. Eventually my wandering brought me to the kitchen, my mouth watering a bit, not at the food cooking, but at the man cooking it. His back was turned to me so I couldn’t see who it was, but he was shirtless and in low riding sweatpants. His arms and back were nicely sculpted and I wanted nothing more than to be bent over this mans counter right now. I was brought out of my wet fantasy when he spoke, a low tone I knew all too well. “Quit staring and go sit down. You’re eating before Aaron comes over. Which is about thirty minutes.”

I went wide eyed and obeyed, sitting at the table he pointed to before he brought over a plate of eggs, toast, and bacon. I looked up Andreas and shivered softly, biting my lip. “Th- Thank you, Sir,” I said quietly, watching as he took the cup from my hands and took it to the sink. I started eating only after he was sat down with his own plate and took the first bite.

After a few minutes in awkward silence he spoke up. “How’s your head?”

“It’s okay, better after the aspirin and water. Thank you for that, by the way,” I said politely, finishing my plate of food. I looked at Andreas when I was done and bit my lip, “Why am I at your house? I already know you would never sleep with me, let alone when I’m drunk. So why not just have another sub or someone bring me home instead?”

Andreas stood and took both of the now empty plates to the sink. “You were drunk, Kingsley. More than I had ever seen you get. Aaron and I talked and decided it would be best not to leave you alone, and since he wanted a sub for the night, I brought you here.” The way he explained made sense and I can’t deny that my heart felt full. He was always so nice to everyone, even though he was practically a giant and absolutely terrifying when you first meet him. I just smiled as a response and flinched when the doorbell rang. Great, time for punishment.

I got up and followed Andreas to the door, not missing the glare on Aaron’s face when Andreas let him in. “Kingsley,” he grunted softly. He looked at the other dom, “Has he had meds and been fed?”

“He has. We just finished eating. Would you like to go to the living room?” He asked, leading us when Aaron gave his approval. I followed behind them, not wanting to hear the lecture I’d been given time and time again for drinking too much in the club. I know that the rules stand for our safety, but sometimes I just wanted to let go. And last night it seems that I let go a bit too much.

I was placed on the couch while Aaron and Andreas sat in the chairs facing the couch, Aaron leaning forward on his knees and speaking first. “I’m not going to give you the entire lecture again, because I know that you’ll just stop listening. But, I am suspending your membership for two weeks. You are not to step foot inside of my club until the two weeks is up, unless I personally call you in for any reason.” I frowned deeply looking at him, he’d never suspended me before.

“Sir? With all respect, why am I being suspended? The only thing that I did was drink a bit too much, to my knowledge. It’s clear to me that I did not have a dom last night, and had I not run into Master Andreas then no one would have even known.”

Aaron looked at me and narrowed his eyes, “You are right. No one would have known until your non-existent gag reflex shows up and you puke, or you end up passing out while with some dom and he doesn’t stop because you aren’t able to safe word. Kingsley, you need to understand the rules of my club, or I’m going to have to terminate your membership completely. You are lucky that this is my first time suspending you, but you very clearly have learned nothing from previous punishments or lectures.” He finished his speech and I looked down, realizing how much this has actually been stressing him out. He looked at Andreas, “Is your playroom clean? I’d rather not paddle him in the living room because the little shit, without fail, ends up cumming on himself and the floor.”

Andreas smirked softly looking at me and nodded, “You can have it as long as I get to watch.” Wait, what!? I never have an audience! What Aaron said was completely true, yeah, but that’s because he hits me in a way that’s pleasurable. He’s not too hard, and he always fucks me after. Of course getting my ass beat is going to make me come!

Aaron smirked and nodded, “Very well. If you want, since you’re the one that had to handle him all night, you can be the one to punish him. He’s the best one to punish, too. Get it just right and you’ll have him begging for your forgiveness,” he spoke as if I wasn’t right in front of them. I whimpered a bit at the prospect of what Master Andreas could do to me and found myself getting hard. Damn, this is really going to be a trip.

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