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Ashley goes through the struggle of being diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder and it's about her life story and the struggles she faces on the daily basis with her condition. It's a funny and dramatic roller coaster of feelings she goes on do you mind hopping on and joining the ride it will be worth the thrill I promise you that.

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Rebecca Moore
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Running Man

It’s just like any old day going through the same boring and labor intensive routine like usual. Running all over the place for my boss Amanda like I’m her dog always telling me to fetch her things, well sometimes I just want to bark back at her (pun not intended...well maybe) and if shes not to careful I just might start to snip back. At the moment I’m being her little bitch and standing in this stupid upscale coffee cafe fetching her “Hot Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel drizzle" uh it's like I can hear her stupid squeaky chipmunk voice in the back of my head. Anyways I should probably tell you my name before I get ahead of myself, my name is Ashley but people just call me Ash and I'm 23 years old. I've been dealing with a condition since I was a teen that I don't tell most people about...I am Bi polar and it has effected my life in many different ways, mostly making it a lot more difficult to just live my life. I'm going to stop myself here though because I don't think I can fully open up to you about my struggles just quiet yet besides I need to get back to work. You must be wondering what the hell I do (That's another issue I deal with I am all over the place and never in order) well I am an assistant for my boss Amanda at the Future Children of Business Corporation you may also ask how did I get myself into running all over the place in the middle of the day for coffee. Well you see I went to college for Business and Child Care, graduated and then I applied to the Future Children of Business but they must have gotten my application mixed up and decided to assign me as a dang assistant you must be like "ohh why didn't you let them know that they got it mixed up" well this place is my dream place to be working at and I attempted to try and tell Amanda this but she gave me this smirk remark that I had to earn my way up to the top and she said if I work hard enough only then could I ever even come close to getting hired as one of the directors. I never been good at using words so I just had to nod my head and act like I understood what she was talking about essential having to be a suck up. man why am I so stupid, sometimes I wonder how I even manage to get my masters degree. Now I have to go run this scolding hot coffee to her and hope everything is correct and that I don't spill it all over myself in the process catch you all later.
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