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These would be considered prose. They are small unattached writing where I describe a scene or event. I write them because of dreams or to help spark my imagination. Some are very short and some are longer. I call it a snapshot because its just a quick glimpse at something. I hope you like them.

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Chapter 1

Beneath the Night Sky

By: Jesse Harvey

Stars twinkle softly on the black velvet sky. A million diamonds on heavens field, reflected in her eyes. She walked quietly down the empty street. The clicking of her heels against the concert echoed harshly in the cool night. Her breath came in a soft pant as she hurried home. It was late and its never a good idea to be out in the night alone.

Her mother had often told her that dangers lurked in the shadows. She had just as often scoffed at such talk. She believed in the safety of her life. But tonight felt different. It was as if she could feel an icy hand reaching for her. It felt like it she didn’t hurry she would never make it home.

She quickened her step. In her mind she could almost see the shadows reach for her. She could feel its breath in her ear. She was running now; the pounding of her heart was in time with the clicking of her heels. She ran and ran until she had finally reached her own front door. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath and rested her hand upon her chest. She took a deep breath of the cool night air.

She turned and looked behind her, but all that was behind her was an empty street. She almost laughed at her own foolishness. There had been no boogieman waiting there. No evil force had been chasing her to her doorstep. All that was there was the night sky and beautiful stars. She stood a moment and stared at the wondrous stars above. They seemed to be brighter then normal. A small child like smile slipped onto her face. There was only the sound of her breath, soft and delicate as she gazed at the heavens above.

Her scream echoed harshly against the night air. She never saw the shadow move. She never realized the danger there lurked there… on her own doorstep. As her blood ran from her body she stared helplessly at the heavens above her mind screamed. Why? Why, is this happening to me? Please tell me… Her mouth opened to scream it at the heavens but only a soft whisper escaped her lips. It didn’t matter there was no reply.

She lay there helpless and alone beneath a wonderful and brilliant night sky.

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