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The Beginning

The Ships sirens rang loudly in his sensitive ears. Vance pounded the steel door as room being to shake. He gulped, and fought back the fear as he looked up at the small window in the door. He slammed his shoulder against it, grunting with the effort. He heard shouts out in the hall muffled and unintelligible. “HEY YOU KIDNAPPING, BASTARDS LET US OUT!!!” he yelled angrily and punched the door. He glanced over at Cerah who stood across the small cell like room. Suddenly the room jerked, tilted hard and he lost his footing. He slid across the floor along with everything else not nailed down. The young girl let out a loud cry as she slipped. Her head smacked hard against the metal wall and she crumbled to the floor with a little moan. The ugly gray metal was marred by the stark crimson smear of blood where she hit. He moved over to her and awkwardly lifted her small body as the entire room began to shudder and shake. He looked over her with a frown. She was very small compared to him. She whimpered a little and clung to him tightly her fingers digging into the fur on his shoulders. He moved them both to a corner and he tried to fight the terror that had begun to blanket him. His tail was tucked down firmly his ears were flatten against his head and he buried his muzzle into her neck. He didn’t know who she was. She hadn’t spoken a word since they had met he had thought she couldn’t speak at all. He didn’t care... he held onto her as tight as he could. The world seemed to be tearing itself apart. He could hear the sickening sound of twisting metal. He could hear the screams of the men that had taken them He gasped as he suddenly felt like he was falling the walls trembled. It was almost as if his teeth were rattling out of his skull. She cried out and looked around. She took a hold of his face in her small hands. She had to be his age, no more then eleven or twelve. Her face was pale and her blue eyes were wide but she suddenly gave him a little smile. He saw as she murmured softly. The vibration shook them so hard it hurt and the air around them seemed to shimmer. He closed his eyes…he prayed with all his heart he got a chance to ask her what she said

The two children held tightly to each other as the ship ripped the sky apart in its mad race to the ground. The pilot made one last desperate effort to bring the nose up. The craft skid and tore through the thick heavy forest. The ships wings broke off as it hit the ground hard and the ship tumbled. It left behind a long angry scar in the landscape. It came to rest, crumpled, twisted and smoking. For a moment all was still; the forest held its breath as if waiting to see if this wreckage was really a tomb.

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