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In the Heat: part 2

Georgina’s laughter could be heard out across the smoky street and some of the surrounding units gave shouts of appreciation back. The other units thought she was laughing at the enemy.

Other soldiers often misunderstood George and her sense of humor.

The radio sounded popping loudly “Alpha one to Echo Charlie… T.M.F. Echo Charlie. Charlie Mike. Copy, Over.” The NCO-Staff Sergeant’s voice was only mildly annoyed as he chastised her for having Too Much Fun.

The NCO broke proper radio protocol with her so often that everyone knew the special designation and it was now widely used within the company.

Still grinning Georgina pressed the radio receiver. “Copy. No Joy, Lima Charlie… Over” she released the button and snickered. Taking another shot at where the Sniper nest had been. It was quiet there now so she began scanning for a new target.

“She is ten pounds of crazy in a five pound bag.” he continued. He didn’t bother changing the subject. Everyone knew Georgina wasn’t gonna stop talking until she was dead, and maybe not even then.

“Whenever I get off duty she appears. She is always asking me to take her places, run errands, fix things, or cook something.” He continued trying to explain the situation.

He paused and pulled the trigger sending a three round bursts towards a group of enemy troops, forcing them back behind cover. He watched down the road as a group that was out of range turned and headed west. He could see a large number of others follow suit heading that direction.

In a frustrated tone he said. “She doesn’t bother anyone else.”

Georgina snickered as she reloaded her rifle; slapping the clip into place and glancing his way. he could feel her sarcasm before it ever left her mouth.

“Oh, poor William James, a beautiful woman wants to spend her time with him. Oh NO!” she retook her position her rifle fitting into the grove she had made for herself.

William flipped her the bird but kept his position and weapon up, she blew him a sarcastic kiss.

“For fuck-sake, Will, she wore three inch heels. Do the math… Why would someone who is 5 foot wear three inch heels on a date with someone who is 6 even?”

“Cause she is short?” his asked mostly just to have a reply.

“To close the gap. So it would be easier to kiss her.” His eyes snapped over to meet Georgina’s just above her weapon, her face was serious.

Georgina continued before he could speak again. “I bet you didn’t even try.”

She finally smiled at him and gave him a shrug. “You are too tight, it worries me. You need to come in from the field. Even when you’re off duty you’re still here. If it wasn’t for Sakura and me, you’d be a barracks tick.”

He considered what she said as he shifted his gaze back over the smoky zone.

If left to his own devices, he would stick to the chow hall and the barracks. He did little more than read and whatever duty was assigned. He endured a lot of shit-talking because he didn’t spend his money on booze and women.

Georgina and Sakura were the ones forcing him to come along on some weird adventure.

After a few heavy heartbeats, his voice once again filled the space between.

“So, what I should do?”

He could hear the grin on Georgina’s face.

“Kiss her.” She said as if it was simple.

Calls from different units came over the main radio frequency. The forward units were moving ahead.

The rapid popping and explosions of small arms fire had dropped off sharply; like the tail end of making microwave popcorn, when the last few kernels are still waiting to burst. The howitzers had also stopped their bombardment. This probably meant that a unit had moved into the firing zone.

His ears rang with the quiet and he felt the tension building in his shoulders.

The radio buzzed again as the Staff Sergeant’s voice came on the line, the static cutting his voice into choppy pieces.

“Echo Charlie… -pha One; maintain position… Bridge… Containment breach eastern sector… engage… -ard protocol… Acknowledge. Over.”

George frowned as she pressed the radio receiver button. “Alpha One, Echo Charlie; say again... Echo Charlie to maintain containment at Bridge. Please acknowledge over”

“Al-… -ative! You are… engage. Say back, over.”

“Echo Charlie, Alpha One; did you just say engage?”

She frowned as a strange static answered her back. It was rhythmic and they looked at each other in a shared worry. Georgina frowned and repeated her last message. Nothing…

William swore under his breath. “We are being jammed.” He said slowly and Georgina nodded.

They looked back at the end of the street. He heard the Hawk cry again from far above and realized that he didn’t see the drones flying above. The small arms fire could be heard far in the distance.

George had gone quiet… Never a good sign.

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