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Not So Clear.

10 years.

I lived before the war. The civil war. Someone didn't like how the government was doing things, or maybe they wanted them to do more things, or maybe they were just power hungry. Not so clear.

The first thing they did was rid of the freedoms of speech, press, religion, and the right to protest.

Very strange.

Now that the first amendment is non existent, life is different. I'm not allowed to say I don't like the president. Or talk bad about the government in any way.

The media is completely controlled by the government. I'm not sure about anything thats going on in the world, for they can lie to me about anything without me knowing. I've heard rumors of a losing war with Canada, but how would I be sure?

Atheism is strictly enforced. All Bibles of all religions are burned publicly every Sunday. It's mandatory to attend these events at least one Sunday every month. Twelve a year.

Most books promoting religion are burned alongside the Bibles.

If a man is caught practicing any religion they are burned with their wives and children during the book burning. If a woman is caught, she and her daughter's are burned. The men and boys are sent to a rehabilitation facility. Most come out dead. Probably experimenting on them, it's a rumour anyways.

We're not allowed to gather at the White House anymore and show our displeasure with the government. We'd be massacred on the spot.

I've joined a restance movement, to show my displeasure, for I've nothing to lose. I lost my family in the war.

Dust fled from the rubber tires as if the tires represented the authoritarian government and the dust the people. Like us, but they've been successful.

And rain from the windows.

And tears from my eyes.

And my child from my arms.

Now it's dark. Was I shot? Am I dead? Maybe not, maybe so. Could I have been dreaming, was this real? Possibly. But as I said, I've got nothing to lose. Ive lost nothing.

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