The Reality And The Dream

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Everyday was ordinary and boring for me. It wasn't that anything was wrong, everything was normal and always going the right way. I got tired of normal and wanted something more. A dream came to visit me or was it a dream?

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My teachers are not ordinary

Yesterday had begun as an ordinary day. I woke up my usual time and ate my typical food, which consisted of two cheese sandwiches and an apple.

On the bus it was as it always had been, the school students sitting with their noses in their phones. When I had arrived in school and was just about to have English 7, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered the classroom. Miss Clementine and Magister Fernando seemed to be completely shielded from all the students and stood glaring at their Ipads as if they were bewitched.

"What," I thought to myself. The students were stuck entirely on their phones and didn’t pay any attention at all to Miss Clementine and Magister Fernando. There was a rare number of students staring down at their bench instead of their phones. I chose to sit down and do the same as them. I sat like that, staring into their desk for what felt like an eternity. The clock on the wall was ticking at the same rate as my heart. “Something was wrong,” I thought quietly to myself, I’m going to go to the headmaster.

It felt like there had to be a natural explanation of what was happening, and if there was someone who would get angry, it was Principal Crumblestone. The principal did not like any tricks or any peculiarities.

When I arrived at the principal's screaming orange door, I got a gut feeling that told me to turn around. It was a sour stomach feeling, and it felt like I had butterflies in my stomach, but this was an uncomfortable tickle. I decided to take a deep breath and open the door. The door was hefty, and I had to grab with both my hands to get it up finally.

I walked in slowly with cautious steps. Inside the room, Principle Crumblestone sat in his usual way with his thick nose in the newspaper. He was bold with an oval-shaped face and had a crispy white mustache. But there was something different about him today. It looked like he, too, was in hypnosis.

“Mr. Crumblestone, something is wrong, I said with a brave and a little fragile voice.

The headmaster just answered with a slight buzz and turned his cold gaze at me that used to be warm and said,

“Everything is as it should be, it is quite excellent, what could be wrong, Clare?”

“I have to admit a lot,” I took a deep breath, “It seems the whole school is under some hypnosis, even the teachers, can you believe it?”

Mr. Crumblestone looked thoughtful, then, to my surprise, he pulled out a flat, squared object and handed it to me.

“Here you can also join,” as he talked, a spiral-like circle began to form in his eyes.

“Almost like ... hypnosis, round and round,” I thought frightened.

“No,” I exclaimed and ran away. “I don’t want to join.”

When I think back, I have never run as fast as I did then. Swish it said it, out the door, down the stairs and out through the corridor. Just as I walked past the classroom, I turned around to take a quick look. I shouldn’t have. Inside the room, there was a big swarm of green snakes. The students seemed to have disappeared. Who had been there a few minutes ago? The snake students were hissing, lispingly, “Come with us.”

My heart pounded faster, and the sweat ran down my forehead. Just as I was about to panic, I calmed myself down and started to laugh. Yes, I started laughing in the middle of all the chaos. Why? It must be a dream. All I had to do was pinch my arm a little, and I would wake up, and everything would be as usual. After all, this was very common to me; it was not the first time I had strange dreams.

But no, there it was, the minimal pain I felt from pinching my arm.

"That can only mean one thing,” I thought frightened."All this is real". The panic was real, and the snake-like pupils were also real.

“Out, I have to get out!”.

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