A Road To Nowhere

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Chapter 10

They walked on for quite a while, not knowing where they were or where they were going. They got restless with each passing time. They stopped for a while to rest since they were all tired.

“Does anybody have a match?” Sean wondered aloud.

“I thought you had since you smoke,” Josh stretched the last syllables and laughed.

“Nah quit two years ago.” Sean felt proud of himself.

“Yeah right. I’m sure something or someone stopped you.” He pulled out a cigarette and smoked himself and stared at Sean and waited for him to say something.

“Nothing or no one made me stop. I just had the need to stop because; well because my mom smoked her entire life and I thought it’s better to be myself than to be like my mother eh?” Sean replied and stared at Josh. Sean was trying not to stutter and stumble on any of the words.

“Yeah, I feel for you man. Too bad I don’t feel that way,” Josh patted his chest and started laughing after a while.

“I don’t know why I even bother to tell anybody anything especially you, you’re such a jerk.” Josh just continued on laughing.

“Nah I really feel sorry for you buddy. You just gotta learn to let a part of you go when something like that happens in your life.” Josh patted his back.

“Yeah I guess you’re right. I just don’t know what I’m going to do that’s all.”

“Yeah well sometimes... I don’t care. Good luck with everything.” Josh patted his back and started laughing. He moved away from Sean when he saw him give him a glare.

“How are we going to make a fire? There’s not even any wood.”

“Well then I guess we’ll have to break you in half and burn you like hell,” Sean laughed at his own joke. Josh looked at him and made a face. They both sat across from each other making faces at each other while they waited and wondered where David and Tracy were.

Sean, who was facing his way towards Josh, saw David and Tracy walking over carrying wood. They both smiled at Sean and he smiled back. He turned his gaze from them back to Josh who was taking out a second cigarette from behind his ear.

“What?” Josh asked dumbly.

“Nothing,” Sean hid his smile from him. He turned back to David and Tracy who were right behind Josh. In seconds, they dropped the wood.

“What the….” Josh jumped up startled. They all laughed.

“Jerks,” Josh cried out and walked away from them and their laughter.

“You had it coming.” Their laughter echoed.

“Where did you find all this wood?” Sean was surprised at how much there was.

“If you just thought ahead and followed us.... you would’ve found something,” Tracy smiled throwing down the last pile of wood that she carried in her arm. Behind her, David walked up and produced the last pile of wood.

Josh, who was in another world, came back to reality and turned around to face his friends. When he saw the amount of wood that was found and piled up in a bundle, his eyes almost popped out.

“What is this? We don’t need all this wood. It’s not like we’re gonna live here,” he dangled the cigarette in between his fingers and threw some of his ashes between some of the wood that was ready to be lit. They all stared at him in thought.

“And who said we’re taking your advice?” David stared at him blankly.

“I did. Now let’s pack up whatever we have, not that we have anything and leave.” Josh started walking.

“Forget him, he’s a loser anyway,” Sean caught their stares as they watched him leave.

The twigs snapped in the fire, which made its sparks, threatening them with its anger. From time to time, they would listen to any noise in the distance. They thought that there was a breeze, but there was nothing. Somewhere deep in the deep far distance, an owl can be heard and scampering footsteps of some animal.

The sky revealed an overcast glow and blended with the fire as if the sky was burning with rage and fury. The stars lit up the sky, which was a good enough compass except the moon that hid itself away from the sight of it all. Josh finally made his way back towards them. He tried to sit comfortably on the gravel.

“’Bout time you came. Where were you?” David asked.

“That is none of your business.” He sat down and pulled out another cigarette.

“Don’t you think that you should stop smoking? I think you’ve had enough,” Sean replied.

“I’ll know when I’ve had enough. Now what’s going on?” He puffed on his cigarette and threw some of the ashes in the fire. They just stared at him not knowing what to do. They tried to make him stop smoking but there is nothing and no one who can stop him. Tracy was fast asleep. Her head was rested on David’s lap.

“I was thinking, what if Billy planned the trip the whole time? I mean we could’ve easily got tickets to go to Darwin on a plane, Billy wanted to drive,” Sean thought. Both David and Josh thought for a moment.

“You know what, you’re right. And for the first time in your life,” Josh laughed along with David. Sean mocked their laughter.

“Oh you guys are so funny. No but seriously, think about it. We actually could have bought tickets to go to Darwin on a plane or a bus or whatever, but Billy wanted to drive.” Now they were all silent. They didn’t know what to think or say.

“So you’re saying that Billy could be in on all this?” Josh raised his eyebrows.

“Why not? He made us come with him, and he didn’t even know where he was going. I mean come on think about it he didn’t even ask any of us for directions. Billy doesn’t even know where anything is,” Sean was starting to become suspicious.

David and Josh raised their eyebrows at him. But when he said that last sentence, they felt something inside. Tracy moved a bit, which made them hold their breaths for a while. They didn’t want to tell her anything yet and they didn’t want her to know anything until they had something.

“So you’re saying that Billy is on all this?” David wondered. Sean and Josh both looked at him.

“Geeze man, you even said that I was smart. I thought you were smart,” Sean laughed. David made a face at him.

“That’s not where I’m going, and I am smart. I’m saying that after all this, we’re going to blame Billy for something stupid that he didn’t do? I mean come on; Billy wouldn’t do anything stupid like that, would he?” David’s voice rose in suspicion.

“Think about it man,” Josh replied.

“I don’t think he would do anything like that.”

“You guys don’t know him like I do. He’d do anything crazy just to piss us off.”

“What did we ever do to him that would make him do this to us? Why would he want to piss us off for no reason? We never did anything to him.”

“That’s my point.”

“What’s your point? You have nothing. There’s no reason why he would possibly do anything to us that would make us get on his nerves.”

“I hate to interrupt but uh, I agree with Josh on this,” Sean interfered. Sean and Josh both stared at David. If he wasn’t going to think the same thing as them, they might as well leave him hanging. David thought about it. He knew that they were right about Billy and the way he always forgot where he was going.

“Yeah, I guess you guys are right. I’m just.... I don’t know. It’s just hard to think that he would do anything like this,” David sighed.

“Yeah well buddy, that’s life.” They all sighed. Tracy lifted her head off David’s lap and smiled at him. Josh got another cigarette from behind his other ear and Sean poked a stick in the fire. Tracy looked at them with a look on her face that said that they were up to something.

“Oh look who’s finally up,” Josh smiled. They all exchanged looks and they all laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Tracy wondered.

“Nothing.” Sean laughed harder so did Josh. Tracy folded her arms against her chest and her legs and sat beside David.

“What were you guys talking about?”

“Nothing,” Sean replied quickly.

“Oh come on, I heard you guys talking.”

“What do you think we were talking about? I mean what makes you think that we were talking?”

“Nothing really. I just thought I heard you say my name that’s all.” Josh walked away and breathed in a sigh of relief. There was silence between them. David rested beside the fire with Tracy while Sean and Josh kept a distance away from them trying to figure out what’s going on.

“I don’t know man. All I know is that we could try and deal with this on our own,” Sean sighed. They both walked back towards the fire that glowed freely and dimly. Josh pulled out another pack of cigarettes and pulled out two. He put one behind his ear and the other he smoked.

“Don’t you think that it’s time that you stopped smoking?” Sean replied.

“Don’t you think that it’s time that you shut up?” Josh contradicted him. There was nothing that any of them can say or do to make him stop.

“When do you think we’ll leave this damn place?” Josh thought a loud.

“When you stop talking through your nose,” Sean laughed along with David and Tracy.

“Mock me if you will, but you guys will be paying for every sarcastic joke that you make at me.” Sean, David, and Tracy all looked at each other and laughed. They were quiet for a while. Finally after what seemed like a long day, they slept on the hard ground. Tracy moved closer to David as he hugged her close, and Sean and Josh stayed up for a while to try and think about the things that are going on so far.

“So you actually think that Billy is going to hurt us?” Sean whispered to Josh.

“Well I don’t know exactly though. But think about it, Billy would do anything to try and get attention,” Josh whispered back. They stopped talking when Tracy moved a bit.

Sean and Josh moved away from them so they could think about it some more. Sean didn’t know what exactly to think. Thoughts were racing through his mind one by one. They were sure that something was going to happen, but they didn’t know when or where.

“What do you really think?” Josh stared at him intently.

“I don’t really know what to think. But right now it’s to keep this from Tracy before she finds out about what we were talking about today.”

“Yeah well, I’m just trying to forget that he’s even my brother.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since that night we went to the bar, he’s been acting crazy lately. He’s been throwing tempers and he’s got a bad attitude.”

“I thought he’s perfect. Good enough for anything gets good grades and doesn’t fool around....” Josh interrupted him.

“Just because Billy is perfect doesn’t really mean he is perfect. He shows off when he can and he tried to beat me in everything. Did I tell you what happened a couple of weeks ago?” Sean shook his head.

“Our parents went out a couple of weeks ago and took my brother and sister to some party or whatever the hell. Anyways after they left, Billy went into the garage and found the packs of cigarettes and the full bottles and took them to his room and drank them all, in one night. After that, he started to go crazy. He pulled everything down threw a really bad temper and was throwing things around.”

“Anyways I told him to stop, but he wouldn’t. After that, things started to get worse but our parents didn’t find out about it yet. I’m hoping that they will stumble in reality and finally realize the things that he’s been doing and hiding from them,” Josh went quiet after a while. It was dead silence, the night had no breeze, and the sky was starting to change.

“Yeah well, I wish none of this had happened in the first place.”

“It’s all up to us now,” Josh nodded his head in agreement. Just then a loud scream erupted. There were muffled voices from a distant. Sean and Josh ran towards Tracy and David. They weren’t there.

“Where did they go?” Sean thought aloud and realized that it was a stupid question to ask.

Another scream broke through the night. They ran toward the noise. They were shocked to see David sprawled on the ground and Tracy being dragged. David tried holding his grip on Tracy’s but the other guy was strong enough and pulled her away. But the more she tried, the harder the other guy kept pulling his grip on her. Tracy dragged her fingernails along the ground hoping for some help from Sean and Josh. Josh made his way toward the guy while Sean went after David.

“Hey man, are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine. What about Tracy, where’s Tracy?” David tried getting up. He saw Josh fighting with the guy while Tracy was trying to leave but couldn’t. David tried running toward them. Sean saw him limp his way toward them. The guy finally broke free and slung Tracy over his shoulder and ran with a limp.

“Stay here,” Sean told David.

Both Sean and Josh ran after him and caught up to him. Just as they reached him, they saw him rip Tracy’s clothes off. They both stared at each other. Sean ran up to them and he jumped on the guy punching him each time. The guy kept slapping him trying to break free from Sean’s grip. He had a strong grip on him. Nothing seemed to break his concentration when he was fighting with someone or fighting for something. When he fought with him, the thought of his mom appeared which made him punch the guy harder each time.

Josh held on to Tracy’s hand and they both ran from him. Josh came back to find the guy struggling under Sean’s grip. One punch was all Sean gave to give the guy a bleeding nose. He finally let go when he heard the guy cry out. The guy could barely run. He limped with two bad legs while he clutched his shoulder that was shooting with pain.

“Yeah you better run you fuckin’ bastard,” Sean cried. They watched him leave. They went back to make sure that Tracy was okay. They found her wrapped in David’s arm.

“You okay?” He asked her with a shaky voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine,” she wiped away her tears and lifted her head up and smiled at him. They both smiled at each other. She wiped away her tears and dug herself deeper into his hug. Everything was dead silent no one said a word to each other until Tracy was fast asleep. In the brightness of the fire, David and Josh noticed deep marks on Sean’s face.

“What happened?” Sean fingered the scratches on his face.

“Nothing much happened just as long as he got what he deserved, that fuckin’ bastard. If he comes back again, I swear to god I’m going to kill him,” Sean clenched his jaw and it was hard for him to talk because of the marks on his face made themselves deeper.

“What a night huh?” Josh replied sullenly. They all agreed with him. They all looked at each other with looks on their faces that were saying that they couldn’t stand it much longer.

“What are we going to do now?” Sean wondered aloud. They all shook their heads wondering the same thing.

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