A Road To Nowhere

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Chapter 12

In the dark, nothing moved. Not a sound was heard except the heavy breathing. It was pitch dark with no lights lit up anywhere, not even the bright light of the moon. Sarah couldn’t breathe. Her body felt numb all over. She didn’t know what happened; she tried to think back to what exactly happened but no memory came to her. She didn’t know exactly where they were, she just wanted to get out. She tried to move, but couldn’t, something seemed to be holding her back.

A dimly lit light, bounced off the walls from somewhere behind her. She turned around to see if there was someone was there but there was nobody. She looked around and saw the light bounce off the walls and the covered windows, the light also bounced off the chains. When she saw them, she gasped in horror. She struggled with the chains. She tried calling out but no noise came from her.
She turned to see if Heather was there, but she wasn’t. She couldn’t breathe.

She banged her head against the heavy metal pole behind her, which only made things worse for her. She cried in agony from the pain that she received. Her head was starting to hurt badly. She lifted her arm to try and see if there was any blood, but she couldn’t. She didn’t know what to do, the only thing that was left for her to do was to try and make noise for somebody to hear her and help her. Finally, with little effort and little noise, someone came.

“Do you not know how to shut the fuck up?” he watched her slump from movement.

“Oh boy, do I ever have a surprise for you like your friend who enjoyed it peacefully and gratefully. Oh I can’t wait I just don’t know about you.” He moved away from her and left. Her eyes went wide in disbelief and thought to herself. Thoughts were going throughout her mind about Heather. She didn’t know what she was going to do to herself. She could only wish that they were back in the car leaving from the place that they were in.

The same guy came in and stood before her. He stared at her carefully and traced her figure with his fingers. She shivered and tried backing away only she couldn’t. He laughed quietly. He moved closer to her and whispered in her ear.

“I hope you like the surprise that I have for you. Your friend enjoyed it more than I did,” he leered into her face and forcefully took the tape off her mouth. Sarah screamed when he did that. He just stared at her and laughed.

“What did you do to my friend?” words barely came out of her mouth as she coughed and tried to catch her breath.

“Nothing in particular. Just something that I thought might cheer her up,” he smiled again with his teeth showing. He moved his fingers across her face.

“Don’t touch me,” Sarah tried jerking away from him. The chains rattled from her movement.

“You know as I well as I do that I can’t obey to that,” he chuckled moving his fingers down her neck. Sarah breathed heavily. She wanted to run but she knew that she couldn’t.

“Now you know very well that I can’t let you leave unless you do what I tell you to do,” he replied as if he knew what she was thinking. Sarah tried calming down a bit.

“What did you to my friend,” Sarah was on the verge of tears.

“Nothing you really need to know about. I can give you the details but I can’t tell you where she is,” He smiled again only this time it wasn’t like any other smile.

“You’re sick,” Sarah cried out.

“No. She was sick.”

“How would you know? You had her tied up and taped up like me.”

“You know what; you’re starting to get on my damn nerves.” He moved closer to her and put the tape back on her mouth.

“Sweet dreams,” he whispered in her ear and shoved his tongue in her ear. Sarah cried in alarm. She wanted to leave; she wanted somebody to find her. She moaned one last time, which was only a moan of pain and agony.

Billy walked on forever trying to find his way out. He found himself walking towards a gas station. He shut his eyes and opened them thinking that it was just a mirage, or a dream of some sort but it wasn’t. Billy ran the rest of the way to the gas station. He reached the door and went inside. He walked around the store looking for somebody.

“Hello.” Nobody answered.

“Hello?” Still there was no answer. He left and went outside and walked to the back there was no one there. It seemed strange that no one was there. He went back in and tried looking for someone. He went to the back of the store and tried looking for someone.

“Hello.” There was still no answer to his reply. He moved farther in. He turned around and made sure that no one was there and moved on. The light dimmed on until there was no light. Every step he took brought him further to where he wanted to go. The furnace buzzed on and he jumped from the noise. He continued on with his way. He finally reached the end, which only led to outside of the gas station. He closed the door and went back inside. As he reached the front of the place, someone jumped up in front of him. Billy gasped.

“What were you doing back there boy, huh?”

“I....I was just....” his voice trailed off and he walked away from him. Billy left with a more than a handful of food and more than two bottles and ran as the guy chased him.

“If you ever come back here I will kill you,” he screamed at Billy. Billy finally was out of earshot away from him. He turned around only to find him gone from the doorway.

He walked the rest of the way trying to breathe. He finally found a spot to sit and relax. He popped open one bottle and opened a package of candy. He sat there wondering about his friends. He remembered he saw David, Sean and Tracy with a place of their own. Even though there was no wind, he was cold. He shivered in his shoes debating on whether if he should stay or not. He knew better than to stay in a spot where someone might find him and kill him, so he went his way going through a shortcut and made a couple of turns and kept on going throughout the night until he found the road.

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