A Road To Nowhere

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Chapter 16

There was nothing lurking behind the doors. It was dead silent; the only thing that could be heard was the soft breathing. David stood by the window and watched the stars shine bright except the moon. The moon was never there; it was only the stars. He turned away from the window when he heard Tracy gasp. He walked over to the bed and slipped under the covers.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I had a nightmare that’s all. I thought I lost you,” she whispered. He looked deep into her eyes that were scared.

“Don’t worry. You’re not going to lose me. I’m here.” He hugged her and held her close.

“Will you be okay now?” She nodded.

“I’m going to go and see Sean and Josh if that’s okay.” She nodded and lit a smile on her face so that he couldn’t see the pain that was hurting her inside. He smiled back but he knew that she was hiding something. He moved back toward the bed.

“I don’t wanna see you hurt you know that?”

“I know. I’ll be okay.” He kissed her lips softly and smiled at her.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” As quiet as he could he left. Tracy watched him stand in the doorway making sure that no one was there and made his way to the room across from theirs.

“What the….” He heard Sean reply. Josh jumped up in bed with a knife in his hand.

“Relax. It’s just me,” David replied. Josh lowered the knife and put a lamp light on. Sean got up from the bed. Sean and David stared at Josh who carried a knife in his hand.

“I took it from the kitchen just in case,” he answered before any of them asked him anything.

“Where’s Tracy?” Sean was wide awake.

“She’s sleeping.” There was a moment of silence between them. They couldn’t think right then. They just wanted to leave.

“I wish we never came. This stinks,” Sean whispered.

“I know.”

“I meant the bed.” Sean made a small joke but they never laughed. They just smiled thinking and waiting for those happy moments to return, only they won’t because of where they were.

“What are we gonna do?” Josh came in. They all sat there in silence whispering their thoughts and ideas of what should happen and what they should do. Finally after fifteen minutes they heard a small groan. They quickly ran to the door and made sure that no one was there and they ran to the other room. They saw that Tracy sleeping fast asleep. They breathed in a sigh of relief knowing that she was okay.

“We’re going to go back to our room.”

“Stay with us. We need you guys.” Tracy moved in her sleep and looked up to find them all standing in the doorway with worried glances on their faces.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” David moved toward the bed and pulled her close to him and kissed the top of her head.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on?

“Nothing baby. Nothing. There’s nothing. I just thought I heard you scream that’s all. But you’re okay.” David soothed her. Sean and Josh moved toward the other bed and sat on top. They all sat there in a moment of silence. They were in desperate need of jokes and laughter and talking with no meaning. They sat there with silence between them until they grew tired and fell asleep.

That night was filled with nothing but sleep. Even though not many of them got enough sleep they whined and complained to each other about how much they missed the good old days. They just wanted those days to come back and fill their dreams with so much. Now, it was nothing. Their dreams were nothing but empty.

* * *

Sarah was in deep thought that morning. She stared at the food that was still in her room and watched the food grow cold and stale and hard to chew on. The door rattled and she moved back to the bed. When he came into the room, he saw that she never ate anything.

“What are you doing? Why didn’t eat your food?” She didn’t say anything.


“I wasn’t hungry,” her voice was low. She wasn’t sure that he heard her.

“You weren’t hungry? Is that what you said?” She nodded.

“If you’re not going to eat I’ll have to tie you back up,” he moved toward her with new fresh tape to put on her mouth. She shook her head vigoursly.

“When I come back with food for you, I expect it to be all gone.” He moved toward the tray and took it. He closed the door and locked it once again. Sarah was close to tears. She didn’t know what to do. She went back to what she was doing. She moved to the other side of the bed and pulled out some things from her pocket. She found a chocolate bar and tried to endure the taste of it.

She also pulled out a pen and her phone. She was happy that she had them with her. She had another chocolate bar yet she didn’t want to open it just yet. When she heard the door open, she quickly swallowed the last bite that she took and left her stuff on the floor and moved sat on top of the bed.

“What are you doing?”


“I better not catch you with anything that I don’t wanna see.” He moved towards her and gave her the food and set it on the bed beside her. He breathed in a heavy sigh as he moved toward her. The only thing that she could think at that moment was that he would never find out what she was doing. The stale stench of his breath moved closer to her and she tried plugging her nose.

“Mmmm. You still smell good.” He left the room and locked it once again. Sarah stared at the food that looked nothing like the same thing that he gave her last night. He knew that he wasn’t going to let her go. She also knew that if she didn’t eat the food that he gave her and if she didn’t do what he wanted, he was going to tie her back up with tape around her. She grabbed the fork that had a small piece of bacon on it. Who knows what he did to the food and what he put in it, Sarah thought.

She moved the fork toward her mouth and it crunched loudly. Sarah gagged when she heard the sound and smelled it. She put the fork down and quickly grabbed the cup of water which only made it worse. She tried to eat some of it only to make him happy. She managed to eat some of the food. While she ate, she plugged her nose so she didn’t have to endure it the way he would have wanted her to. The door once again opened.

“Good. You ate it. I thought you would never.” He took the tray and left locking the door behind him once again. She breathed in a sigh of relief as he left. She was gagging with the smell and the taste in her mouth. She moved back where she was sitting before and finished eating the chocolate bar. She had another one, but she wanted to save it for later. She took her phone and tried it. There was still no signal. She kept trying until she gave up and fell asleep on top of the bed.

Tracy woke up first and stared out at the window that was barricaded with bars. She watched Sean and Josh kicking each other in the bed that they were sleeping in. Tracy felt the touch of David’s arm around her.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. It would’ve been better if the bars weren’t there. It would be nicer because of the sun,” Tracy smiled.

“Yeah.” The sun blared with intensity from its heat. There was nothing else that brightened up the room but their laughter and the heat from the sun that reflected in the room. Sean broke away from Josh’s grasp that tightened around him.

“Nightmare?” Tracy smiled.

“No. He was trying to kill me.”

“I wouldn’t have tried to kill you if you didn’t kick me,” Josh replied in his sleep. They all laughed. They stopped when they heard footsteps. They grew louder as they came by the room then they grew faint as they left. They all waited for the right moment to talk. Just then they thought they heard the door open to the other room. Their held their breaths waiting for them to open the door to the room they were all in. They didn’t dare say anything and waited for the right time to talk. When the footsteps disappeared once again, they breathed in a full sigh of relief.

“We really need to work something out,” Sean thought whispering. They all nodded silently in agreement. They all stared at Josh who was still fast asleep. They finally left the room after five minutes and the smell of eggs and bacon and coffee wafted up to the room. They were all hungry, yet at the same time they weren’t. They just needed something to eat. They walked into the kitchen to find someone else instead of the guy that introduced them. He turned around and saw them with a bright smile on his face.

“Oh. Well how are our guests? I hope you slept well. I’m sorry we haven’t been formally introduced. My brother told me all about you. You all seem uptight. Relax, everything is fine.” He looked alike to the other guy, except his features were different. His eyes bulged out like as if he was afraid or something. His lips were thin and were cracked all over. His face wasn’t covered with any scratches or marks like the other guy. He had handsome features that made them wonder if he was nicer than the other guy or not.

They lingered in the doorway wondering whether if they should go in or not. But the smell of the food smelled so good. They could hear their stomachs growling from the intensity of the smell.

“Well come on. The table is set and is waiting to fill four hungry stomachs,” he replied. As he moved toward the table, he put another bowl on the table that was when Sean noticed a huge knife with blood that stained the whole knife poking from his pocket. He gasped in a short breath of air.

“Is everything okay?” He stood in front of the table waiting for them.

“Uh…. Yeah. Everything’s fine,” Sean stuttered. They moved to the table slowly keeping them distracted by their thoughts. They finally sat on the table with food filled right to the tops on every corner and the edge so that the table could not be seen from underneath.

“Well. It’s all up to you now. I’ll leave you to your food,” his tongue slithered from his mouth. He grinned before he left. After he left, they all sat there stunned from what they have just seen in the last five minutes. They didn’t know what to say.

“I’m hungry,” Josh replied after a moment of silence breaking the tension. He grabbed what he thought was a plate instead it was stuffed meat with something poking out of it.

“Never mind.” He dropped the plate and turned away.

“What is this anyway?”

“I have no idea.” Tracy just stared at the food and looked disgusted. She looked like she was about to throw up.

“It’s all heavy meat. Who eats heavy meat in the morning?” Just then the guy came in. It was the other guy who introduced them yesterday and his brother.

“So how are we doing?”

“We can’t eat all this.”

“Of course you can. It’s the best thing that you’ll ever eat from here and the best thing that you will ever eat in your entire life.” They moved toward the table and quickly sat down and stuffed their mouths with food. Tracy couldn’t even look at them. David, Sean, and Josh just stared at them who were well into having their third plate already.

Just watching them, made them gag and wanting to leave as soon as possible. The only things that they ate were some eggs, and the bacon and the toast covered with butter and milk. They waited for the right time to tell them they were finished and wanted to go into their rooms.

“Can we be excused?” Sean asked for them; since he was the only one that did the talking for all of them.

“Of course you can,” they replied with their mouths full unable to get a word from their mouths. They quickly left the kitchen and went to the room. Before they left Sean caught a quick glance on the shelf and saw that there was an empty space for a knife and something what looked like an arm with bones poking out and the hand cut off. When they reached the room, they all breathed heavily.

“I don’t think my stomach will be able to put up with what it saw,” Josh gagged.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to eat anything for a while,” David replied back.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to think at all,” Tracy made faces. They all laughed. Sean didn’t say anything. He was lost in his own thoughts.

“Did you see what the guy had in his pocket?”

“No. What was it?”

“He had a huge knife in his pocket that looked like the size of a cutting board or something.” They all stared at him in disbelief.

“Did you see what was on the shelf?” David thought aloud. Sean and Josh nodded their heads.

“What. What was it?”

“You really wanna know?” She nodded her head.

“It looked like an arm. The hand was cut off. You can see the bones sticking out and you can tell that it’s an arm of an animal or something,” Josh told her. Tracy shivered at the thought.

“Don’t worry. Nothing’s going to happen. Not to us. Not now, not ever,” David shook his head.

“Let’s just hope that their not what I thought they might be.” They all stared at Josh thinking the same thing.

“I highly it doubt it. But for now let’s just keep the food in our stomachs and not in our throats.” They just knew that they had to figure out what’s going on before the time catches them and before they catch them.

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