A Road To Nowhere

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Chapter 17

Sarah stood in the room trying to think of a way out. She was going to go crazy if he didn’t help her. She still wanted to know what happened to Heather. She wanted her to help her out so they could help each other and figure a way out together. But she was gone, they took her somewhere. She whimpered silently in the room.

Her thoughts were interrupted with the sound of the door opening. He came into her room and gave her food without saying a word and locked the door and left. Sarah stared at the food. It was nothing but meat. She managed to eat it by cutting it with a knife before she chewed it, it was no use. She brought it to her mouth and ripped it with her teeth. The meat was hard and it was useless for her to eat it. After twenty minutes he came back.

“Why didn’t you eat it?”

“The meat is hard.” He slapped her hard across the face. She turned her face back towards him and stared at him. This time she wasn’t afraid. She didn’t care what he did to her now because she knew she was going to be facing something sooner or later.

“You think I’m hard to fool huh?” He moved away from her and walked to the other side of the bed.

“No.” She cried.

“What’s this? WHAT’S THIS?” He slapped her again. This time the slap was harder than before and sent her reeling across the room to the wall and she hit her head. He took her phone and the pen and broke them in front of her face. Sarah cried in pain and agony. She lifted her head and saw that the door was wide open. She tried getting up before he got to her and ran out of the room. There was another guy standing outside of the room blocking her way to leave and grabbed her.

“NOOOOOOO.” She screamed her loudest so someone could at least hear her.

“Shut up. You know that no one’s going to hear you. So shut up.” The other guy grabbed the tape and taped her mouth and brought the rope and stuffed her in the room.

“Sweet dreams.” They both chuckled, they locked the door and left. Sarah’s cries were muffled. She couldn’t breathe. The stench from outside the door was getting worse. She was crying inside. She wanted to go home. She looked around her, nothing seemed familiar to her. Soon enough, her eyes started to feel weary and tired. Even though she wasn’t tired she tried to keep her eyes open but it was hard for her. Her eyes finally forced themselves shut and her head fell back.

She didn’t know where she was. She heard whispers and a low laugh. She tried lifting her head up but it was no use. It felt heavy and her head fell back against something hard.

“You ready?” Sarah heard the low whispers. She finally lifted her head right and opened her eyes. Her eyes grew wider as she saw one of the guys in front of her. The last thing that could be heard from her was her screams. Her screams erupted and ricocheted against the walls and echoed in the elongated narrow room. Long silence erupted and nothing else could be heard. It was dead silent; nothing could be heard, not the sound of any animal scampering and not a sound of screams erupted in the night.

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