A Road To Nowhere

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Chapter 18

There was nothing left for them to do. They wanted to leave yet at the same time there was something telling them not to. They had to figure a way to get out. If only they could they would be on their way home by now.

“What should we do? Seriously this is really starting to piss me off like very bad,” Josh was right on the edge. They were all hanging on the edge waiting for the right time and the right moment. They were more than just upset too because they were not even where they wanted to be.Tracy shivered in the room. Even though heat vibrated in the room, they were all cold.

“Are you okay Tracy?” Sean looked at her.

“Yeah. I’m just cold.” She nodded her head with a smile pretending that everything was okay. They all knew nothing was ever going to be okay. David sneaked back into the room from the bathroom and sat next to Tracy. They all breathed in a heavy sigh.

“I have an idea,” Josh whispered quietly. He snuck to the door making sure the guys weren’t there and motioned them with his hands. They all looked at him wide eyed with horror in their eyes.

“Are you trying to get us killed or something?” Sean looked at him with eyes wider than all of them.

“Come on this will be fun,” Josh was already out the door.

“You’ll get us killed. Come on get back in before one of them sees you.” Josh put a wide grin on his face when he heard footsteps. They closed the door breathing heavily and waited for the footsteps to disappear. When they were clearly gone, they opened the door slowly and quietly making sure it didn’t make any noise. When they stared out where Josh stood, he was gone. David closed the door and heavily breathed out before he could talk.

“I’m going to go look for Josh.” He stood up ready to leave.

“They probably already found him. Let’s just wait and see what happens,” Sean pulled him down and they all sat by the door waiting for him.

Josh stood in the hallway and waited for the right time to walk. The floorboards creaked every time he walked. He walked every so slowly and carefully not wanting the guys to see him wandering out of the room. He walked out to the backdoor and saw a small light illuminating from the inside of a small house adjacent to where he stood. He moved closer outside to get a perfect view.

A small smile broke his face.Behind him a figure stood in the doorway to the kitchen. It stood there waiting for him. It stood there for about five minutes watching him, waiting. Finally he left without Josh noticing which followed by a small creak in the floorboards. Josh turned around to see if someone was there.

“Hello?” There was nobody there except for him. He went back to where he stood and made out a small figure out in the distance. Josh moved away so that he couldn’t be seen. Another figure stood behind him and waited for him this time. When Josh turned around, he jumped when he saw Sean standing there.

“Oh fuck man. You scared me half to death,” Josh rested his hand on his chest.

“What are you doing? They could catch you man.”

“Shhhh,” Josh silenced him as they heard footsteps coming toward them. They didn’t know where to hide. They ran from the backdoor to the kitchen where the footsteps were coming from. They knew that one of them had to hide. The footsteps got louder and louder. The floorboards creaked louder and louder each time along with the footsteps. Sean looked around for a place to hide, knowing that there was no other place he hid under the table. Josh stood in the kitchen waiting for the footsteps to stop. The light was turned on and Josh squinted in the dimness of the light.

“Are you okay?” Sean heard someone in the kitchen he knew it was one of the guys.

“Oh, uh, yeah. I was just getting a glass of water. I, uh, wasn’t sure where you kept the cups,” Josh stuttered. He hoped that he didn’t catch it. Sean shut his eyes tight not wanting Josh to say something stupid. He heard the footsteps going somewhere else and coming back into the kitchen.

“Does this happen often?” Sean heard them mutter a couple of words in the dimly lit kitchen.

“Sometimes. When I’m awake I tend to drink a lot of water even before I go to bed.” Sean was starting to get cramped up under the table. He wasn’t sure if he could hold it anymore. His eyes started to water and perspiration started. He couldn’t wait anymore. The light that was on was shut off. He heard the footsteps leave and he breathed in a sigh of relief. Another set of footsteps was still in the kitchen. It moved toward the table where he heard noise.

It breathed heavily and stood there for about five minutes. Sean heard them put something on the table and scrape a knife against something. He breathed in a small heavy gasp and waited for him to leave. When he didn’t leave, he knew that he was in for it. He had a feeling that who ever was in there was never going to leave. He heard other footsteps coming in the kitchen and stood before the table and heard low whispers.

“What are we going to do with this?”

“I don’t know ask him.”

“We’ll cut this in half and then cut it in quarters and then cut it into smaller pieces.” Sean was starting to perspire a lot. He waited for them to leave. Sean was about to give up when they heard them talk about Josh.

“Next time he does that again we’ll just let him have it. Serves him right.” Sean heard them chuckle so low that it almost made him throw up.

“Oops.” One of them dropped a knife and reached down to pick it up. Sean noticed blood on the knife. It was the same knife that he saw before and it made him want to throw up really bad. After almost ten minutes he heard them leave. He waited another couple of minutes under the table making sure they were completely gone. Sean quietly revealed himself from under the table and as slowly and quietly as he could, he ran from the kitchen and upstairs.

It was then he realized that he was not in the right place. It was darker then before and it was damp. There was only four rooms rather than six. There was no light illuminating anywhere. He heard low guttering sounds and saw a light coming from a room. He moved towards it and saw two guys sitting on the bed with someone else and made slurping noises and moaned heavily. Sean gasped and he went wide-eyed. The noises stopped and turned toward the door.

He quickly found another room and hid in it until they were gone. He heard the door close tight to the other room. Sean quickly fled the room and ran downstairs and went up another set of staircase and recognized it almost instantly because of one of the doors was slightly ajar with light while the others were closed tight. He quickly moved toward the room not caring if he made any noise at all. He just wanted to get back. He moved toward the room and closed it tight and made sure it was shut tight. Josh David and Tracy sat on the bed waiting for him.

“Where were you? I was looking all over for you,” Josh whispered heavily.

“I was still hiding under the table and I thought I heard someone in the kitchen and I thought it was you but it was those guys. I waited under the table for almost twenty minutes. When they did leave, I was coming upstairs but I realized that I went up different stairs and I saw something that made me almost throw up,” Sean gasped heavily and hoarsely. He fell against the door and tried to get his breathing right. It only got worse and he had to reach for his inhaler to help him relax better. They all stared at Sean that made them think that something or someone is out there and they are just waiting for them and for the right moment to kill them.

“What was it that you saw?”

“I don’t think that any of you want to know. It was very disgusting and it made me want to throw up very bad,” Sean moved toward the bed after he got his breathing right and he was able to walk. They all sat on one bed thinking the same thing, yet at the same time they weren’t sure about it.

“You know what; I regret everything that I said about Billy. I don’t think that he is not even in this at all.” Josh was starting to think that he had something.

“What are you thinking? Of course Billy had to do with everything that we thought.”

You were the one who thought of it first.” Sean whispered back.

“I saw Billy a couple of days ago.”

“Here?” Sean replied heavily. He brought his inhaler back to his mouth when his breathing became rapid. Josh nodded. They were all wide-eyed and didn’t expect to hear Josh say that.

“I was going to get a drink of water and I heard noise and I hid under the table and I saw them bring someone in. And I could tell that it was Billy because of the pants he wore and his hands. They took him to this one house outside and I saw them take off the mask and pat him on the back or something. And they put the mask back on him. I don’t know that’s what I saw.” They were all quiet for a moment. There was nothing that seemed right for them not since they came into the house.

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