A Road To Nowhere

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Chapter 19

It was lifeless in the house. It was never disturbed in the night and never in the morning. There was nothing to do now that they were well into being afraid. They still sat on top of the bed trying to figure out what they were going to do. They tried making up their minds debating whether they should stay one more night. It wasn’t their idea of being stranded in the middle of nowhere and getting lost and finding their way into a house and being lured in without permission. They forgot all about going to Darwin since they got lost and stranded in the middle of nowhere. Right now all they wanted was to go home.

The day drifted by slow. They weren’t sure if they wanted to eat supper that night. They ate the same thing everyday and they had enough of it. The heat got worse in the room. They tried to open the windows, but they were barred like they were in prison. They tried making up plans how to escape but they had nothing to think of.

That night while Josh went to get a drink of water, Sean, David, and Tracy left the room to find something that would get them to leave. As Josh went to get a drink of water, something caught his attention. He moved toward the back door away from the kitchen and saw a dim light illuminating from the other house. He looked back inside the house making sure that no one was there and left.

He walked ever so slowly away from the house. He looked back to find that he was ten feet away. He breathed in heavily and walked forward. He drifted like a ghost in the darkness of the night. When he was close to the house, he found it to be a garage as he opened the door slowly. He jumped when he heard a low hum coming from behind him. He turned around only to see that it was the furnace going on. His eyebrows drew in as he wondered why the furnace was on when it was already hot enough. When he moved in closer he realized why it was on.

It grew colder as he went in deeper. His teeth chattered against each other like a skeleton clapping against the wall. He stopped in mid stride when he heard diminutive undertones. He didn’t want to budge any longer. He thought that if he did, he would get caught. As slow and calm as he could, Josh moved his body toward the staircase and descended with caution. A tiny moan from a room disrupted his thoughts as he was completely downstairs. He didn’t have enough time to look around him. He moved toward the room and tried to open one of the doors it was locked. He moved to another one and also found it locked.

He moved to a room at the end. He tried the knob and it opened. He opened it slowly and stared right through. He gasped when he saw Sarah lying in a bed with blood pouring from her mouth. Her tongue was cut in half, and her teeth ripped out. Josh moved into the room and sat on the bed. He cried softly and grabbed her hand. When he did, her arm fell off. Josh jumped from the bed and stared at her. Tears were streaming down his face that he hadn’t realized it. He wanted to know what happened. Josh was scared and shaking that he hadn’t heard a low gruff behind him. He turned around to see someone behind him.

“Y…Y…You d…did this?” Josh couldn’t get the words from his mouth. He was shaking.

“Maybe.” He smiled a wide grin that showed his teeth. Josh stared back at Sarah. Josh had the nerve had to kill him. He moved toward him and jumped on top of him and punched him hard. He was stronger than Josh. He pushed Josh off and punched him back. Josh caught his arm and stopped he realized that it was the same guy that attacked Tracy.

“NOO.” Josh pushed him off of him and ran back upstairs and out of the place. He panted heavily as he ran away from the garage. He stopped and stared back to see if he was following him. He turned back around to see someone else in front of him. He ran toward Josh and pushed him on the ground and fought with him. Josh struggled with him. He was in a tight situation. He heard other footsteps coming toward him. In less than a minute he felt everything go black and he drifted into a heavy sleep.

“Where’s Josh?” Tracy thought aloud.

“He went to get water remember?” Sean turned toward her.

“This is no use man,” David cried from inside the room. He walked out of the room.

“It’s no use. There’s nothing. Either the windows are locked and barred or there are no windows.” In the distance they heard shouts and screams. They ignored it knowing that it was probably an animal or something.

“You guys have to come see this.” They heard Sean in another direction. They ran towards where he was and went up another different flight of stairs.

“Come on.” He beckoned them towards a room that was slightly ajar. They walked slowly.

“What is it?” When they reached the room, they gasped as they saw something on top of the bed. Tracy turned away and gasped heavily. Sean walked in the room and tried to figure out what it was. He came back out and looked at them with a look that said there was something really going on.

“What is it?” David asked.

“It’s Heather.”

“What?” David went into the room and walked back out with a disgusted look on his face. She was sprawled out on top of the bed. Her body was limp and blood pooled around her. Her head was facing toward the door and her eyes were wide open. Her eyes were empty, almost glass-like. And her stomach had been opened; empty like the rest of her.

“What do you think happened?” David said after a moment of silence.

“I don’t know but there’s a chance that something or someone killed her or something.” The three of them stood there for a while thinking and wondering what they were going to do. Their eyes grew wide as they heard noise from the kitchen. They couldn’t go back downstairs, the kitchen was right across and they would see them. They tried the first room but it was locked. They moved to another from across it was also locked. Sean moved to the last room at the end of the hall and the door opened.

“Come on,” Sean whispered. They quietly ran to the end of the hall and closed the door behind them as they were inside. They stared at each other with the same thing going on in their minds. They heard shuffling noises in the hallway. It moved toward the room but opened another door instead and locked it behind them. They heard muffled voices in the room. Tracy shivered and her body shook as small tears form under her eyelids.

“Shhhh. We can’t let them hear us,” Sean whispered. They sat there still and quiet waiting for the right time. When they heard the door slam shut from across of the other room, David, ever so slowly, opened the door and saw that all the doors were closed especially the door to the room where they saw Heather. David got up and took Tracy’s hand.

“What are you doing?” Sean’s voice took on a surprising tone even though he was whispering.

“Come on. We have to leave now.” David and Tracy left the room with Sean behind them as he closed the door. They walked slowly down the stairs as they creaked. David and Tracy moved toward the back of the kitchen to the door.

“What are you doing?”

“We have to leave.”

“They’ll find out. And they’ll kill us.”

“I’m not going to risk that. Besides we need to leave. This isn’t our place. We weren’t even invited. But they think we are. We need to find our place and it’s not here.” They heard a banging noise from upstairs.

“I was almost killed. Did you forget that?”

“We need to leave before one of us is next.”

“Where’s Josh?” Tracy asked once again. He wasn’t in the kitchen. They were supposed to meet in the kitchen but he wasn’t there.

“He probably went back to the room.”

“If he did it would’ve took him only five minutes he wouldn’t take forever,” David replied back.

“I’ll go check.” Sean left the kitchen and went upstairs. He saw the light still illuminating in the room. He thought that maybe Josh forgot that he had to wait downstairs. He knocked at the door.

“Hey Josh. What’s wrong? I….” When he opened the door he saw a figure standing in the room.

“Come on man. Quit playing tricks we need to leave. David and Tracy are waiting downstairs.” His voice shook. His body shook with nervousness.

“Josh?” He heard footsteps behind him thinking that it was David and Tracy. But he didn’t have enough time to turn around. A scream erupted from his mouth.

“What was that?” Tracy cried.

“Come on.” David held her hand tightly against his. They ran upstairs to look for Sean and Josh.

“Sean where are you.” They moved toward the room. He wasn’t there. Tracy moved to David.

“What if they got him like they got Josh?”

“I don’t think they did.”

“But what if they did?” That was a question that David could not answer. They went deeper in the room and got their stuff from the room. David saw Sean’s and Josh’s bag against the other bed.

“They’re still here.” He pointed to their stuff. They heard banging noises coming from downstairs. Tracy gasped.

“Come on.” They moved to the doorway to find no one there. They ambled quietly near the staircase not daring each other to go downstairs.. They saw Sean stumble in the darkness. Tracy was about to move toward him but David kept her close to him. Sean ran up to them.

“We have to go back to the room. We have to go back.” There was no lock on the door to lock it. Sean tried pushing one of the dressers toward the door. David quickly helped him and drew it against the door and Sean slumped against it with his inhaler in his mouth.

“Whatever that thing is or was, went after Josh and is coming after us,” Sean breathed when he got his breathing steady once again. David held onto Tracy and didn’t let go. David stared at Sean and they both had the same idea going on in their heads. Tracy fell asleep in David’s arms. He gently laid her back in bed and sat back on top of the bed. He sighed heavily and put his head in his hands.

“What are we going to do?” David wondered a loud in a heavy whisper.

“There’s nothing that we can do. I wish I was home right now. If mom ever found out she would’ve took us out.”

“Why do you always have to bring mom in a situation like this? You know she’s not here and if she was, god help us please. I would never want to see her here. I don’t ever want to see anybody lay a hand on her.” They were silent for a moment. They heard noise from across the hall. They sat on the same bed while the noise disappeared and faded.

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