A Road To Nowhere

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Chapter 3

“Okay, this is what happened,” Billy replied during dinner.

“I thought the party was over because everyone was leaving, but they didn’t pack up or call their brothers and sisters. So I thought they forgot something. Turned out, that they left for another party and it got worse at that point,” Billy finished off.

“What happened after that, you call for help?” Dylan said laughing. Billy kicked him in the leg.

“Ow,” he cried.

“I’ve got better news. My boss gave me a ten dollar raise,” Josh said casually covering Billy’s news. His parents congratulated him. Billy stared at him through his glasses with a stern look on his face until dinner ended. Billy and Josh took over the kitchen as dinner ended.

“Ow. What was that for man?” Billy jumped. Josh just laughed at him. Billy punched him back.

“Ow. Fuck man that hurt,” Josh cried.

“There. At least we’re even,” Billy exclaimed laughing.

“Ha ha, you’re funny,” Josh took a quick hold of him.

“Are you guys done yet?” Dylan asked coming into the kitchen.

“No. We just started,” Josh announced.

“Well hurry up then.” He stomped out of the kitchen. When he was quickly out of earshot, they both wrestled with each other.

After waiting an hour, Dylan got impatient. He walked into the kitchen to find his brothers leaving.
“Tell mom and dad we left,” Josh replied taking a piece of cake from Dylan. He cried out in alarm.

“What if I don’t?”

“Well then I guess we’re just bigger men than you are.” They both left before he could reply. Dylan just shrugged and went to go get another piece of cake and went to go watch television.

There was a long moment of silence between Sean and his mother. They were both sitting in the living room with the television on. Not a word was spoken. Sean left the room and went to his bedroom. He didn’t know what to do. He loved his mom yet at the same time he didn’t. It didn’t make sense to him that way, it was confusing.

He shrugged off the feeling inside of him. He was about to leave when he saw his mom leave with somebody. He was on the verge of throwing something against the wall. He hated the things that he saw and he hated the things that he heard. He hated what his mother told most people about him. He went back to his room looking at pictures and thinking over things that have gone wrong in his life.

“When are you going to ever learn? It’s only just a joke,” his mom told him once. But it wasn’t a joke to him. He wanted to do something that would make him regret it for doing it. He wanted his mom to regret the day that he was born and the mistakes that she made and the things that she said and did to him.

“Don’t do this right now. I have to go to work,” his mom replied one day when he was little.

“It’s not fair mommy. I want to know.” He kept asking her questions. She knew he wasn’t going to give up he wanted to know everything. When she knew that he wasn’t going to stop she slapped him across the face, which made her cry for a week and she never came out of her room.

Almost everyday his mom never came home. He would have to make dinner for himself. Most of the time she was sitting in her room with a gloomy face staring at nothing that never seemed right to her at all. He caught her once in his room staring at the pictures when they used to be together and when he used to have the smile on his face that she loved.

He gasped with tears streaming down his face and his mom gazed up and saw him standing there in the doorway. Her face streaked with tears and her eyes bloodshot red without any makeup. He noticed tears streaming down her face. That was the first time she ever smiled at him.

“I have to tell you something,” she had told him a couple of years ago. There was one thing that his mom never told him and she had to tell him because he was going to have to find out eventually.

“What is it mom? Is it one of those guys? ’Cause I swear I’m gonna rip their heads off.”

“No. Just listen to me. I haven’t told you this. And I know that I should’ve told you a long time ago when this happened.”

“What? Tell me.” She took a deep breath.

“You have a brother.” It was all she said to make him scream. When his mom left later that evening to go to work (which he knew she obviously went somewhere else), he found papers strewn on the table that gave him every information about his brother. He couldn’t believe that he had a brother. Of all those years, she didn’t even bother to tell him anything about it at all. It has been four years since that time. He wasn’t going to forget the things that his mom told him.

In the midst of his thoughts he heard the phone ring. He ignored the phone. It kept on ringing until he finally answered.


“I hope you’re having fun right now Sean. Please tell me you are ’cause I’m watching you. I know who you are and I want you to show me your face. Why don’t you come outside and I can show you who I am.” The voice barely came out. It was a low whisper that didn’t sound like a voice at all.

“Who is this? David is that you?”

“David? My name is not David. My name is……..” There was a noise in the background and he couldn’t make it out.

“I’m coming for you Sean so you better watch your back.” In an instant the line became dead and there was no one on the other line.

“Hello. Hello?” There was no answer. The only thing that he could hear was the dial tone. He hung up the phone wanting to get rid of it. He was glad that it got his mom off his mind yet at the same time he wasn’t because the phone call was already stuck in his head.

I’m watching you. I’m watching you... The voice was stuck in his head and he couldn’t get it out. It sounded like there was a high pitch screeching sound in his ear that wouldn’t leave. He tried calling David but the phone line was busy. After what seemed like forever he called him again. This time he answered at the fifth ring.

“Who is this?” Was the first thing that he said.

“It’s just me.” When he heard his Sean’s voice he breathed in a sigh of relief.

“I thought you were someone else,” he laughed.

“You got the same phone call?”

“I got a phone call and I thought maybe it was you. I thought that maybe you were trying to freak me out or something. How do you know I got a phone call?”

“I got a phone call too.”

“Yeah. It sounded more like someone trying to freak you out more than someone playing a prank on you.” They were both in silence after a while.

“So what are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing. I was going to go out,” Sean walked into the kitchen trying to find something to eat. He stressed out on the word. Just by saying that, David knew what he was talking about.

“Yeah well, that’s life buddy. You gotta learn how to deal with it, like how I dealt with mine.” They were both silent trying to figure out what to say.

“It seems like four years ago when we first met.”

“Yeah. The long silence. Barely even saying a word.” They both laughed which was also followed by silence.

“So what do you plan on doing when we get there?”

“I’m going to sit on my ass all day, watch TV, pig out, and listen to some music,” Sean grabbed something from the refrigerator and put it on the shelf. He bent down and reached in for a bottle and cracked it open with one hand and took a long gulp.

“That’s it. You’re not going to go out and have fun or anything?”

“Na. I’d rather just sit and pretty much do nothing. I have enough fun when she’s either gone or at home. I make it useful by ignoring that she’s gone or at home. That’s what I call fun,” Sean laughed a little.

“Yeah that’s how the days went with mom. If she’s home and your gone, know that there’s a chance that there’s someone there. And if you come home without her not knowing and you go in her room you will be on the floor with blood down your face,” David agreed. There was silence once again.

“What are you going to do when we get there?” Sean put a smile on his face.

“Unlike you, I’m going to have fun.”

“What kind of fun?” He winked.

“You’re sick.”


“You’re sick.”

“How am I sick?”

“You just are. What are doing?”

“Not much. There’s not much to do.”

“Yeah.” There was a moment of silence between them.

Just then Sean heard someone knocking at his door. He left them knocking until they left which was followed by laughter. He left the kitchen and moved toward the window and watched two kids staring at him and laughing at him.

“Who was that?” David finally asked.

“Just some kids playing around. I hate that. They come here every night to find ways to annoy me. They throw rocks at my window. They ring the doorbell when mom’s not home. They just…… ugh. They get on my nerves.” David laughed at him.

“Yeah. You get used to for a while.”

“Yeah well I’m hoping that I could forget all this when I figure a way out of this hell hole that mom calls home.”

“Good luck with that. I hope you find a place and mom doesn’t find out.”

“Yeah I’ll be in big trouble if mom ever found out; she’ll rip every part of me to pieces.” They both laughed.

“Have you ever gone hiking before?” David tried changing the subject.


“It’s the best I went just a couple weeks ago. Wow. So amazing man. You have to try it out.”

“One day when we’re all together like a happy family. Not,” Sean and David laughed. Just then a knock interrupted their talk. Sean ignored it. He knew it was the kids trying to bug him again. When he heard a low gruff noise he knew it was the cops.

“I know you’re in their open the door. We’re the cops.”

“I gotta go man. There’s someone at the door.”

“Is it the kids again?”

“No, it’s the cops.” They both had the same thing in mind.

“I’ll see ya later dude.” They both hung up. When Sean reached the door, he found his mom stumbling and wavering back and forth.

“We seem to have a situation every night. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again.”

“Why don’t you both come on in? I’ll make you coffee. You look like you both had a rough day,” his mom interrupted them with a grin on her face.

“I think you had enough don’t you think?” Sean glared at his mom.

“No. It’s you who hasn’t gotten enough from me,” his mom winked at him.

“You’re disgusting.”

Sean had a disgusting look on his face. She stood in the doorway wavering back and forth.

“Get in there.”

She wouldn’t go in the house so Sean had to push her in and he went outside closing the door halfway talking with the cops. He could hear his mom making weird noises and he tried to ignore it.

“How long has this been going on for?” Sean asked them after a moment of silence. They heard her making strange noises in the house.

“Is she going to be okay?”

“Oh yeah. She bounces right back up in the morning and gets drunk with her boyfriends.” They both raised their eyebrows.

“How long has this actually happened before I was here?” Sean tried to put a little emphasis.

“Do you really want to know?” One of them answered. Sean nodded his head.

“I’m going to have to find out sooner or later.”

“This has been going on for over fifteen years. If she doesn’t smarten up we have to take her in.” Sean folded his head in his hands. He swore under his breath and didn’t know what to do.

“Sean,” he heard his mom scream from inside.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know what to do,” Sean was on the verge of going crazy.

“Where’s David?” One of them asked. Sean looked up with a look that made him think that he said the wrong thing.

“I was just wondering….”

“I know. It’s been a while that’s all.” The other cop interrupted them. Sean just smiled.

“He’s doing okay. I’m just glad that he’s not here right now or else something crazy would’ve happened.” They all smiled and laughed at the small joke.

“If anything goes wrong or something happens, just let us know. We won’t allow this and we won’t let this happen again.” One of the cops nodded at the door with half a smile on his face.

“Thanks. Oh and uh one more thing. I won’t be here for a couple of weeks ’cause I’m going on a trip. So if you’ll just let me know when she has to go in or anything,” Sean replied after a while.

“Yeah. Don’t worry about it. We’ll let you know for sure.”

“Thank you.” They both nodded and left with a smile.

“What do you think he’ll say when his mom has to be taken into custody tomorrow, should we tell him?” One of them replied when they were both away from the house.

“No. There’s no use anyway. He’s well into taking care of himself and needs to adjust in a better environment for now. We’ll have to write him a letter or something.” It was silent for a while and noise could be heard from their house.

“Why do you always have to embarrass me huh? You could get yourself killed one day,” Sean stormed back in the house and locked the door behind him. He moved to the windows and shut the blinds. He didn’t want anybody to see them. The neighborhood pretty much knew what was going on by their screams and shouts.

“Come here I want to tell you something.”

“No. Get away from me.”

“Come here Sean. Let me make you feel better,” She added with a grin on her face and a wink. She grabbed his arm. Sean shrugged her hand away.

“Don’t touch me. I can hardly believe you ever touched me when I was a baby anyways. I can hardly believe that you even fuckin’ loved me,” he screamed at his mom. It was enough to bring her back to reality.

“You think I never loved you? I loved you more than I loved David. How can you say I didn’t love you huh?”

“Because of the secrets that you kept from me and the things that you said and did to me only to get out of your way. I never thought that it would ever be this way. I always told you that I loved you, but you never even acknowledged it at all.” Sean stomped away from her and went to his room and tried to sleep.

He left her lying on the floor by the couch moaning and groaning. Sean kept hearing noise from her. He heard her run to the bathroom and throw up. He tried plugging his ears and tried to think of something else. He wanted to get his mom off his mind for now. There was nothing that seemed right that night and there was nothing that was ever going to make things right. Not even for Sean.

Tracy sat in the den with her brother with a tired look on her face. She didn’t know how long she was staring at the wall in front of her lost in a trance, until her brother poked her in the arm.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine,” she voiced.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’ll be fine,” she muttered trying to hide the shakiness in her voice. She left the den and went to her room. Since there wasn’t that much to do, Tracy decided to call David.

“Hey what’s up, I’ve been waiting for you to call,” he sounded pretty perked up.

“Why don’t you come over, I need some company.” She fingered her bare neck shaking a bit.

“You know I’m more than that. I’ll be there in a bit” She could picture him smiling. When he said that, it brought a smile to her face and some of the things that were on her mind left. She found herself occupied with something that she didn’t realize that he came until she overheard her brother talking to him. She made it useful by making noise so that she couldn’t hear them talking.

“Hey man, long time no see,” her brother replied.

“I know hey?”

“What have you been up to lately?” he smiled with a wink.

“Not much really. Just catching up with work that’s all.”

“Are you sure about that?” They both laughed.

“I’m sure,” David shook his head and smiled.

“Anyways, I uh, gotta go. I have to go to work.”

“This late?”

“I know. I’ll see ya later. And don’t try to do anything that I wouldn’t do.” He winked. They both laughed as Tracy’s brother walked out the door. As he left, David ran the rest of the way upstairs to Tracy’s room.

“Hey what’s up?” he replied with a smile.

“Not much,” she smiled at him.

“You want to tell me why you wanted me to come over?” He slipped onto her bed.

“I told you I need company.” She moved closer to him.

“Oh please. You know I’m more than that,” he kissed her.

“You know what we should do?” He slipped closer to her and brought his hand to her face. While his other hand slipped between their bodies.


“We should order some pizza, make popcorn and watch a movie and see what happens after that. How does that sound?” he brushed her hair back and stared deep into her eyes.

“I like that.”

“I know you do.” He laughed.

“Come on.” She had a smile on her face that made her eyes sparkle. He leaned towards her and kissed her. His lips lingered on hers for more than a while. What they didn’t know, what the sparkles in her eyes actually meant.

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