A Road To Nowhere

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Chapter 9

“This is nice,” Sarah repeated as they were being driven around in circles.

“Just shut up for once. Fuck,” Sean cried.

“Why don’t all of you shut up? We’re stranded in the fuckin’ middle of nowhere, and all you can do is fight?” Billy shouted over top everyone else’s. He fingered his temples and drew in a heavy sigh.

“All we have to do right now, is to relax and calm down. We might as well stay here for a while,” Billy tried relaxing his tone and drew another sigh. It was quiet for a moment until Sean made up his own decision.

“Well you know what, you guys can wait here all the fuck you want, but I had enough. I’m out of here,” Sean jumped out of the car and walked off. They all watched Sean disappear.

“What do we do now?” Heather replied calmly. No one answered her. None of them didn’t want to talk for a while, now that they were lost. Hope was gone; nothing and no one seemed to care. They had no clue what was going to happen next. They were just hoping for something good to happen.

“It would be easier if we were following directions from a map,” Tracy voiced out. David, Billy, Heather, and Josh both smiled at her. Tracy was the only one who ever lit things up in the group for them.

“It would be nice if you shut up.”

“It would be nice if you shut up. Geez Sarah, what’s wrong with you? You’ve been acting very different lately.” They all had enough of Sarah’s attitude.

“Lately? More like for a while. She’s been acting like this for the past couple of months. I’m surprised that you noticed now,” Josh pointed out.

“I’m not acting any different than any of you. I’m the one who always tries to light everything up with jokes and sarcasm. Now I’m being called crazy from you guys?”

“We’re not saying that you’re crazy. We just think that....”

“You know what I don’t care what the fuck you think. If anybody is going to be acting crazy here is Tracy. None of us ever see her do anything anyway.” Sarah turned in her seat. Sarah had made the biggest mistake of her life. If only she could take back what she had just said in front of Tracy’s face, she could, but this time was different. Tracy just stared at her. They were all silent waiting for Tracy’s reactions.

Tracy’s eyes were empty, tears filled around the corner of her eyes. She couldn’t stand Sarah as much as she couldn’t stand Billy. She left without saying a word to anybody. David hardened his stare towards Sarah. Heather got angrier by the minute because of what Sarah said to Tracy. She couldn’t believe that she said that to her. Heather knew that Tracy was the only one who ever lit anything up for the group not Sarah.

“Well I hope you’re happy. You will regret this day I fuckin’ swear it you will,” David hardened his tone.

“Actually I am. And at least I’m not the one who made a mistake by dating a girl who is way out of my league,” Sarah smiled, putting a little emphasis on the words.

“I swear to god I’m going to do something to you that you will make me regret for the rest of my life.” His tone changed and Sarah’s smile withered away. He jumped out of the car and followed Tracy. They watched their every movement. He put his arm around her and wiped away all her tears.

“Are you going to be okay now?” David asked with a smile and a little worry.

“I think so,” Tracy wiped tears that formed under her eyes. She smiled back at him. He brought his hand to her face and wiped away the rest of the tears. His hand lingered on her face and he traced his fingers slowly down her face. He brought his lips to hers wanting everything to be okay.

“Come on, let’s go back.” He took her hand and led her back. When she didn’t move he turned to her.

“What’s wrong?” His smile withered away when she didn’t want to go back.

“I don’t want to go back.”

“Why not?” Tracy gave him a look that said she didn’t want anything else to happen.

“Come on. I got a better idea.” David smiled once again and they went their own way. He wrapped his arms tight around her not wanting anything else happening to her. They didn’t care what any of them thought, just as long as they were gone from Sarah and the look on her face.

Heather had nothing to say. If only she stood up for her, but she knew that Sarah would ignore her if she did. Josh made his own decision and jumped out of the car. Billy, Sarah, and Heather were the only ones left. They had no clue what was going to happen next, they could just only pray for something good to happen.

“So now what are we gonna do?” Sarah heaved. Billy turned to face her.

“I don’t want to hear you talking right now. You ruined enough by whining and complaining. I’m sick and tired of your complaining. Try and do something productive with yourself other than thinking about yourself. You ruined everything from here,” Billy had to get it out on the open. He couldn’t take it anymore.

He couldn’t stand her anymore. Sarah was getting on Billy’s nerves. He could feel his temples beating harder by the second and his heart beating faster than the speed of light. He turned back to face the front and tried to forget what just happened in the last hour.

“Where do you think Josh, Tracy, David and Sean are?” Heather asked. Billy was thinking about the same thing.

“I have no clue.” There was dead silence in the car. Without Tracy, Heather had no one to talk to. Billy put his hands on the ignition and started the car and waited for the car to take them back on the right road.

* * *

Sean walked for a while and took a breath. His breathing was becoming labored and it was hard for him to breath. He stopped short in his tracks and took out his inhaler and breathed slowly and gradually. Just as his breathing returned, he heard footsteps behind him. They walked at the same pace as he did. When he stopped, they stopped. His feet pounded hard on the gravel road as he ran. The footsteps also ran at the same pace.

The running made him stop. He took out his inhaler again and breathed slowly. He caught his breath when he thought he heard the footsteps. He stayed quiet making sure that they were gone. There was nothing. He breathed in a sigh of relief and got himself to stand up after he fell. He continued walking again. When he stopped, he knew for sure that there was someone behind him. When he turned around, everything turned black.

“Are you okay buddy?” Josh lightly slapped his face. Sean woke up dizzy and lightheaded from what happened. He groaned and sat up quickly which only made the dizziness worse and he felt like someone was pushing him back into the darkness.

“What happened?” He looked around him. Not sure if he was in the same spot he was from before. It was dark and it was hard to make out where any of them were.

“I don’t know. All I know is that someone was following me and I blacked out.” They all stared at each other and wondered who would be following them. David and Tracy sat next to Sean. It all got quiet.

“What about Billy, Sarah, and Heather? Where do you suppose they are?” Tracy wondered she didn’t even care about Sarah and Billy, but she was worried about Heather, not as if she was trying to feign interest at all in Sarah and Billy.

“I don’t know. But I’m sure Sarah’s at it again,” Josh replied. They didn’t even want to think about it. They were sick and tired of talking about them.

“At least I managed to save eight bottles though,” Josh held up the bottles quickly changing the subject and the silence.

“So we got two bottles each,” Sean laughed finishing off Josh’s sentence.

“All right, all right. Enough bottle talk. Now would be a good time to get out of here rather than sitting here and talking with no purpose,” David came in.

“Okay then, where shall we start from? I’m pretty sure you can lead us the way out of here, since you were the one who brought up the idea of leaving.”

“I didn’t come up with the idea of leaving. I just thought that it would be better to start walking our way the fuck out of here.”

“All right then, lead the way.” They all laughed at what Sean had said. In less than five minutes, they started walking and tried to find where freedom was.

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