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Meet Zoeysha Brookes, 16yr old high school junior. Super smart and cute. Meet Zeeda Linton, 16yr old high school junior. Super snobby and beautiful. Two girls with barely anything in common meet each other in a strange way. Zoeysha moves to town to stay with her dad as her mom is away on business. Transferring to a new school is weird is totally weird especially when what's in store for you isn't going to be pleasant.

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Chapter 1

Zoeysha Pov

"Yes dad. I promise I'll actually interact with humans this time." I say chuckling. "Eysha love I'm not kidding you need to enjoy high school while it lasts." says Mr Brookes. "Oh daddy you are the only one who calls me eysha, everyone calls me Zee. I really promise dear daddy." I reply. "See you at four. Bye." I say waving to my dad as he drives away.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Zoeysha Brookes but everyone calls me Zee. Except my dad that is. I'm slightly more than averagely tall. I'm a brunette. According to my friends I'm ridiculously smart. I don't believe them. Anyway mom is on a business trip so I'm in a new school for about 3 months because unfortunately I'm still a minor. Why a new school you ask? Well my parents are separated. Not divorced. So my dad lives in this town. Well he moved only a couple of days before I arrived so I'm helping him set up everything.

I turn around and adjust my high waisted, midi skirt and adjusted the collar of my jacket before walking in the direction of the school building. I walked straight to the Secretary's office to collect my ID, class schedule, locker number and key etc. As I got there, I heard a heated discussion going on inside so I knocked on the door. A lady's voice told me to come in. I stepped into the office where I met I kind looking lady giving me a puzzled look. I turned around to see the commotion and suddenly there was high pitched screaming. I didn't realize when I started screaming too. After a while we both stopped to catch our breaths. I was looking at a girl wearing a pastel pink dress that was like a second skin. Her hair was curly and brown. She had lovely hazel eyes. But something was abnormal about her apart from her strangely short dress. She had my face. My eyes, lips, nose even hair except that mine's longer, packed in a bun and I had bangs. "Who are you?" my look-alike asks. "My name is Zoeysha Brookes and who are you?" I replied. "None of your business, copycat." She replies with a catty tone. "Um, okay." I reply. Suddenly a boy I didn't notice in the room says " Don't mind Zeeda. She's not a morning person." "And who might you be?" I ask. " I'm Kamil. She's Zeeda. Believe it or not, I'm her best friend and as much as I'd love to resolve this we are getting late for class. Mrs Judy if you don't mind where is Zoeysha's first class?" Says Kamil. "She's got same classes as you." replies Mrs Judy. "Thanks Mrs Judy." he says then grabs my arm and pulls Zeeda along. "Zeeda" he starts "we meet after school and we resolve this ok?". "Sure" she says as she moves along to get to her class. "Now as for you Eysha.." he starts. " Nope. Zoeysha is my name. If you feel otherwise call me Zee" I reply. "Human listen to me. I'm calling you Eysha whether you like it or not." he replies. "Aggressive, aren't we today?" I say. "Not aggressive, just stubborn." He says shrugging. "We'll see..." I reply....
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