Time Changes

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Part Twenty Six

Alexis had accrued so much stuff over the last seven months living in Rio that packing her bags was difficult. She ended up throwing away more clothes to bring home her mementos, so many things, from so many places. And nothing fitted well into her bags either.  She’d repacked so many times it was getting boring.

But it did distract from all that lay ahead. Since Peter’s confrontation with Megan, she had barely spoken more than occasional words to him. He was trying his best to do as much as he could without needing to return to Australia for a court case, as in theory he was the principle witness. And once she understood that, it didn’t help their fledgling relationship, at a time when she was doubting everything and everyone. Needless to say, she planned to return anyway, and was waiting to hear that Peter was home, safe, and waiting for her. She hoped that would signal the start of a normal relationship, dates, dinners, and lie-ins!

On her last night, Boris her boss, Paolo, Maria and Xavier the three support workers all took her out for a meal. They ate at a very touristy place right on the beach, but the food was good and the company amusing. They were entertained by dancers and sellers playing up to the tourists, and drank Cachaça from shot glasses. Boris was a quiet man, and this was the first time she’d seen him let down his hair, and three hours later they were all dancing in a nightclub, the alcohol still flowing.

She’d be sorry to leave here, but had already told Boris that she’d keep in touch, and didn’t rule out doing another episode of this in the future. She had really enjoyed her time in the City, but as the hours rolled on, she doubted her ability to make the flight if she didn’t get some sleep.

The journey was long and her dreadful hangover didn’t help. To get to Geneva she had to change planes in Charles de Gaulle, and the connecting flight was typically delayed. She had a small overnight bag that she was carrying as she wanted to arrive looking at her best, and had clean clothes and tiny bottles of products to help her freshen up so that she could actually carry it on board. But that was little help when she was delayed for eight hours.

Instead of landing in Switzerland at ten pm, after a lengthy trip, she emailed Peter from CDG to say she was due to arrive at six am, and she hated that as they landed, early morning autumn in Europe was dark...and far colder than she was used to!

It was many months since she’d landed in this airport last time, when she’d come there with her heart on her very inexperienced sleeve, it was amazing to think that it was only eight months earlier, SO much had happened in that time frame. And this time she was full of excitement rather than the nerves and apprehension of the unknown.

Before collecting her baggage, she headed into a bathroom and cleaned her face and teeth for the umpteenth time, then she stripped out of the shorts and strappy top that she’d travelled in, to a mid thigh length red dress, with a thick black wrap she’d bought in a Brazilian market around her shoulders. She knew it was going to be cold, but that was as prepared as she got...and then the nerves hit her. Part of her still wondered if he’d be there, despite everything she still wasn’t a hundred percent confident.

She found her rather large suitcase and managed to hump it on to a trolley, then push it through customs. As she stepped out into the arrivals hall, her eyes scanned the waiting crowds desperately, there was no sign of him anywhere...as her heart sank she wanted to cry, and it was then that she saw the smiling warm eyes of her lover, Peter Marlow, smiling at her manically.

Rushing now, she pushed through the crowds until she was near him, then abandoning her case, uncaring of the safety of her baggage, she flew into his arms. His mouth found hers, and she knew this was where she needed to be. This was perfect, and THIS was what she’d come home for.

"Everyone’s staring at us!" she whispered prising herself from his amorous embrace.

He laughed, kissing her again, “I don’t care, I’d drop and have my way with you here if I thought you’d be game," he leaned closer as he added, "because in every one of my dreams about this moment I make love to you before we leave this building!"

The words sent a jolt of lust through her body, and she leaned back in his arms to look at him, still whispering, "and in your dreams where did this take place?" She held her breath as she waited for him to answer.

But he said no words, instead, he took her hand, and with a smile, he led her across the airport hall, finally stopping in a corner of the room away from the crowds, he pulled open the door to the disabled access toilet.

"Get in there!" He demanded unable to hide his desire for her, the fact that she was playing along was like an instant aphrodisiac.

She chuckled as he dragged her trolley in behind them, and the smile was still on her lips when he pulled her into his arms, kissing her again, if she’d thought his welcome kiss was erotic, passionate, it was not even a warm up for all that this kiss was, and became.

Backed up against the wall, she sighed as he slid his hands down her body, she helped him lift herself, wrapping her legs around him, and after a fumble with his jeans and a tug at her knickers, he was inside her, his face buried in her neck, teeth biting as she gasped with pleasure, shock and satisfaction.

"Let’s get you home!" he finally offered when he had enough energy. "It’s a reasonable drive, and you must be shattered. I know I am and I haven’t travelled like you!”

"I was doing ok, but I am tired now," she smiled coyly, and he laughed heartily.

"You make me do the most risqué things! I’m usually so conservative!"

She nodded knowingly, "yeah right! That was ALL your idea."

His car was a black sporty Mercedes, and her huge bag barely fitted in the boot. But somehow it did, it had to! And within moments, she was settled in the bucket seat next to him, watching the sun finally rise over Geneva as the car ate through the roads.

Peter guided the car through the busy traffic with ease; he’d lived in this City for five years and knew it well. He had never and couldn’t quite believe he’d just had sex in the airport toilet with Alexis! As he negotiated the roads that led out of the City, he could barely comprehend that it had happened. He was such a gentleman usually. Yet thinking about it still turned him on, it was the most exciting and erotic thing he’d ever done, and so it was worth it, the memories would warm many a cold lonely night!

He glanced over at Alexis, perfect Alexis, to see her fighting the desire to sleep, her eyes were busily scanning the view, but each blink got longer and more sleepy.

"Close your eyes darling, I don’t mind if you sleep. We’re going out of the City anyway; the drive will take about an hour. You should rest, this is just dead time.”

"I want to see things. I want to remember everything."

He smiled, “there’ll be plenty to remember later, and anything you forget, well I’ll bring you back to see again. Rest you look bushed!"

By the time he reached the next set of traffic lights, she was asleep.

Peter loved Geneva, it was a great city, seeped in history, traditional, less vulgar than others, and filled with wonderful people. But he also loved his cabin, set high up in the Alps, in winter it was almost buried in white crisp snow, and the perfect place to launch himself into skiing and boarding, and in summer it was a base for walking, cycling and time out from the cutthroat pace of work.

The cabin was far enough away to maintain some isolation, but close enough to a ski resort that he could walk to a shop or a bar if he needed to. The hermit in him loved it.

With the rush hour traffic it had taken well over an hour to get there and Alexis was fast asleep. She had been for the majority. She looked so comfortable, so peaceful that he hated the thought of disturbing her. Pulling the car as close to the cabin as he could, he unlocked the front door, then scooped her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

He’d stayed in the cabin for the last few days, preparing for her, and making sure it was clean, well stocked and everything worked. He had no intention of leaving the four walls for days, now that she was finally there, in his home.

Peter wasn’t sure how long to let her sleep, she’d travelled for the best part of the last twenty four hours, but also if she slept too much now, then she may not sleep at night. Jetlag needed to be respected, but it couldn’t rule life.

He was making lunch several hours later when she emerged from the bedroom rubbing her eyes. He looked up and smiled, she was adorable with her cheek creased from the pillow, her eyes still puffy from sleep, and her hair trying to escape from the band she’d tied it back with.

"Hey!" he dried his hands with a towel before walking towards her. "How do you feel?"

She laughed, "I’ve felt better! I woke up and had no idea where I was!"

He pulled her into his arms, "you fell asleep a mile from the airport! I was about to wake you as you’ll never sleep tonight if you sleep too long now."

She swung her arms around his neck to give him a hug, "and there was me thinking if nothing else you’d wear me out!”

He laughed, "Alexis you have absolutely NO idea!"

He’d made them a meal of spaghetti and meatballs, and opening a bottle of red wine, he served both on the small table in the corner of the lounge overlooking a spectacular alpine view.  The tension between them both continued to rise as they ate and drank and made small talk.

"So!" she breathed as she sat back, full from the pasta. "What did you have in mind for the rest of the evening?"

He blushed having done little more than provide the food he envisaged they’d need between the marathon sessions of sex he’d anticipated, and it all sounded too sordid to vocalise.

She smiled, "Oh Peter! Did you think we’d survive on love alone?"

"It works for me!" he grinned nervously.

Alexis’ heart burst with emotion, "Give me half an hour for my food to settles, and it’ll work for me too!"

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