Time Changes

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Part Twenty Seven

It was wonderful to fall asleep in Peter’s arms, satiated, replete and exquisitely happy, then wake up there too still feeling the same way. Alexis stretched luxuriously, loving the roughness of his stubble against her cheek, the coarse hair of his chest and thigh against the softness of her. As she moved, stretched and savoured every sensation, he stirred. Alexis held her breath as she watched him nuzzle into her neck and settle back to sleep, then lay there for an age just watching him breathe, sigh, there was something voyeuristic in secretly watching him.

It was all still surreal, for so many years this had been her fantasy and now, it was real, Peter wanted her as much as she wanted him, and the thought made her toes tingle. If she’d fallen into a relationship with Brad Pitt or Matt Damon she’d be no more delirious, as to her, Peter had always been a greater fantasy than her friend’s ultimate schoolgirl crushes.

And he delivered...on every level.

Peter smiled in his sleep, she wasn’t sure why, but at the same time his arms tightening around her. With a grin she wriggled against him, pressing her chest into his, her pelvis against his. When there was no response, she wrapped her leg around his, pulling his thigh between hers, writhing against him in the hope that it would wake him up. She’d watched him sleeping for ten minutes and suddenly it wasn’t enough.

With a sudden movement, completely unexpected, Peter rolled over, dominating her until she was exactly where he wanted her, flat on her back, his mouth pressing to her ear.

"You tease you!” He licked at her ear lobe, as his husky words washed over her. “I was enjoying you watching me, it was quite the turn on, but the wriggling was far too much to tolerate, even for a saint like me!"

Her laugher dissolved against his lips as he overwhelmed her every sense.

Later she was reluctant to leave the bed, but was eventually tempted into the shower with him, then they ate another meal before returning to bed, Alexis found it hard to believe they’d spent so long in bed, not that they weren’t playing catch up, that they’d waited months for this moment, but it still seemed rather indulgent.

Peter was a great cook, and she enjoyed tasting the wonderful food he lovingly prepared. The next morning he wanted to take her out, show her the area, but she was cold, it was cold. She’d spent almost eight months in the sultry heat of Rio de Janeiro; this seemed too savage an extreme for her. Peter had smiled, then took her out to buy her a thick winter coat, gloves and a hat.

After coffee at a small cafe in Geneva, he bundled her back into the car, and in more appropriate gear, took her on a walk to his favourite point, high up on the mountain with a fantastic view of the deep valleys and the city sprawled in the distance alongside the huge lake.

                “You like?”

She sat on a rock, feeling as though she was above the world and smiled at him, “it’s amazing up here!”

He laughed, “I love it, and it’s even better when it’s snowed and you can snowboard almost to the front door of the cabin. I love it here.” He repeated a wistful look in his eyes.

Alexis did love it too, though it wasn’t her home, and she couldn’t imagine living here, and she couldn’t imagine Peter inviting her to live here. They’d still not discussed what happened once she returned to London. So far their relationship had been on such a temporary basis. Him in Australia, her in Brazil, and now both here in his holiday home. Reality would be them both working, juggling family and friend commitments, managing to live in different countries. She couldn’t work in Switzerland, she spoke only pigeon French, and even less German, plus she’d not gained any formal experience as  doctor, she needed to spend time as a junior, learning the ropes. And that would mean long hours, weekends, on call shifts. None of which was conducive to having a lover a two hour flight away.

As much as it scared her, she also didn’t want to confront it, not yet, not whilst they were having such fun. And it was fun, just being with Peter was great, he was attentive yet funny, passionate about EVERYTHING and that was SO infectious. And as she’d found out, he as a great chef, an even better host, and the ultimate lover. She was spoilt on every level, and the reality that awaited her was bound to be a disappointment.

Taking his hand, she jumped to her feet, not wanting to voice her fears, not whilst they were enjoying herself like this. Instead, she turned to him, “last one back gives the foot massage!” With that she started to bound down the mountain in the direction tossing the words, “with their mouth!” as an addendum over her shoulder.

Peter could have easily beaten her, they both knew that, but he was happy watching her try desperately to beat her, cheeks flushed, chest heaving as she fought both the altitude and the cold, along with her own adrenaline. As she reached the veranda of the cabin, she stooped down to untie her boots, then threw them both in his direction before bursting through the door.

Laughing Peter retrieved the boots, then slipped off his own, placing them inside the porch. As he opened the door to the lounge he burst into laughter. Alexis was lying on the sofa, her bare feet hanging over the one arm, and he could see she intended on him kneeling to adore her feet.

                “Hmmm, I think I’ll decide on the details of HOW I get those delectable toes in my mouth!”

For Alexis that comment, that confidence, and the fact that he was about to comply with her wishes send a flood of desire through her. She couldn’t get enough of Peter Marlow. He reached for one of her ankles, and his touch was like an electric shock, and that only increased as he tugged at her tracksuit trouser leg, pulling the light fabric down. Within a second she was bare from the waist other than the lacy knickers that did little to cover her dignity. But she trusted Peter, more than anyone else, and she remained relaxed on the sofa, watching him as he took her foot and ran his thumb over her instep, smiling when she gasped. He then began rubbing his thumb slowly up her leg, following it intently with his tongue, licking and biting his way purposefully to her knee. Once he reached it, he started the same procedure on the other foot and leg.

Alexis was a mass of pulsating jelly, her bones ceased to function, other than to writhe in exquisite pleasure. Peter was a master, and all she could do was wait, feel.

Peter had moved to kneel on the sofa, her legs splayed either side of him, and he could see she was primed, on the brink of pleasure, but also that she was extremely relaxed. He loved that she was so transparent, so open, so ready to hand control over to him, and it was having a raging effect on his body. Reaching out he ran a thumb over her lips, and her eyes opened wide, startled. When he smiled she parted her lips and sucked on his thumb keenly, and very seductively. It was his turn to gasp and it was rewarded with a smile.

Peter could only watch as she shrugged out of her t-shirt, then displayed herself across the cushions, in just her underwear. Peter dragged himself to his feet and threw off his own clothes, all plans for a long and erotic seduction gone, as completely naked he reached for her, but she had other ideas, and rolling on to her knees she reached for him, pulling him close. And all Peter could do was hold his breath as she took him in her mouth.  

Three days had passed in a blur of walks, food and unbelievable times on the bedroom...or lounge...or kitchen. The most they’d argued about was if white or red wine was the best accompaniment to a meal. It was better than good, it was perfect. They were compatible in every way...in this rather false environment.

Alexis knew she’d have to go home soon, her family were desperate to see her, and she had to make peace with her dad, they’d not spoken since she’d left him in anger a few months earlier, plus there was her beautiful and ever growing nephew to cuddle and play with. But thoughts of leaving this paradise were painful, and she just pretended that this was it, that there was no other world where people worked, got ill...needed doctors. It was easy for her to imagine this cocoon was all that there was to worry about.

But Peter was infinitely more realistic, he’d served a fantastic breakfast on the veranda overlooking the spectacular view of the Alps, and Alexis was sat back full, replete, arms folded across her full stomach. He’d watched the pretend, ignore, do everything possible to avoid any talk of the future, and he knew it was because there was no easy answer, and that any plan would involve them spending a lot of time apart.

He felt like they needed to date properly, get to know each other properly, in great detail. Since Stockholm all their time together had been false, without any pressures of normal life, and they had to see if they could make this work. A huge part of him wanted to move her into his life, into his house, lock, stock and barrel. But she was young, just out of Uni, they needed time to get used to each other, moving in could be the worst decision that they made, could ruin this fledgling relationship. Yet he knew that Alexis wanted, possibly needed a gesture, a commitment from him. He was the older one here, he had to deal with this situation.

Alexis nipped inside to the bathroom, when she re-emerged to join him outside, he patted his lap, and she came and curled up into his chest. They sat together for an age, before he kissed the top of her head he said, "Lex, we need to talk about the future."

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