Time Changes

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Part Seven

A/N - a bit of adult content, for those who need to be warned.

Lex scowled, but stepped back offering Peter into the room. He entered the room, but as he came level with her, he kicked the door shut, aggressively pulling her into his arms. Before she could protest, he'd fused his lips to hers once more.

Like a drowning woman, every few seconds she managed to snatch a breath, try to push him away, but he was like a man possessed.

"I was wrong!" He breathed against her neck, "there's nothing I want more than you, now, here." He lifted his head to smile into her eyes, "we'll deal with tomorrow tomorrow."

It was like music to her ears, she stopped the little protest she'd managed to offer and threw her arms around him. They fought now for dominance, with tongues clashing, hands ransacking, and teeth biting, bouncing off the walls with their lack of control. He finally managed to back her into the room, staggering towards the sofa. Peter dropped down, pulling her to sit astride his thighs, once again his mouth creating chaos in her mind as he covered her lips in the deepest most erotic kisses. As they panted, his mouth dropped to her neck, the sensitive spots he'd found earlier that night, she slid her hands under his coat, fingers splaying across his chest, her fingers seeking his hard flat nipples through the cotton of his shirt.

When she tweaked one nipple he lifted his head with an uncontrollable gasp, and she took that opportunity to fasten her lips to his cheek, then ear, then neck. His head lolled back against the sofa, but his hands, slid to her thighs, pushing her dress up over her knees, slowly higher and higher.

It was then that he broke away, pushing her back onto her feet, sliding his still wet coat from his shoulders, he looked at her, hair askew, lips swollen from his kisses, desire in her eyes, the dress was wrinkled up her legs, and more revealing than ever.

"Don't stop this Peter." It was a whisper.

He smiled, "I couldn't if I tried." He watched as she stood there biting her lip in that infuriatingly teasing way, watching him in torment and enjoying it. When she kicked off her shoes in what she hoped was an erotic way, he groaned.

Seeing her smile, her satisfaction in that little tease, he shook his head. "Witch!" When she chuckled he caught her gaze and demanded, "don't stop there, take off your clothes!" his voice disappeared into a croak as the words left his lips. His bow string tight body watched her digest his command. Could all his Christmases come at once?

Alexis's heart had began to race, take my clothes off here? In full light, where anyone can see? She took a breath, only he could see, and he was uncontrollable around her, he'd admitted as much. Looking at him she gulped, he was leaning back, his arms spread across the back of the sofa, and he was watching her.


She knew she wanted this to happen more than anything, but could she drop her clothes, here, whilst he watched? With his eyes taking in every single nuance? With him still fully dressed?

Looking at him she saw he was staring, eyes agog. She'd thought this was a submissive thing, she had almost felt threatened, but it wasn't. He was smitten, SHE was in control, and it was a powerful feeling. The paradox of her anxiety at undressing and the pleasure at his anticipation all but set her on fire.

Gathering bravado from an unknown source, she reached behind her to unzip her dress. Sliding it down to her waist, she felt the cool air hit her hot skin, and she sighed. She was bracing her thighs trying desperately to appease the feelings of longing that increased as more skin felt the cool air of the room, in contrast to the heat of his attentive gaze. What was meant to be an erotic show for his benefit, was turning her on more than she could ever imagine.

Turning her back to him, she slid the dress off her shoulders, nudging it down over her arms and hips. Standing there in lace briefs, a strapless bra and pull up stockings made her feel vulnerable, yet very, very sexy. When she finally built up the courage to turn in his gaze, she found him leaning forward, his elbows on his knees, watching her intently.

"Go on," he whispered as she hesitated in reaching for the rear clasp of her bra. "Don't stop now!"

As the lace and satin fell to the floor, revealing her perfect breasts, full, rounded and swollen with arousal, her dark, upturned and hard nipples, he felt like he'd been hit with a sledgehammer. His body literally thrummed with tension, he couldn't hear anything other than their breathing, couldn't see anything but her. As she reached down to lower the black lace thong, her breasts swung freely, and he moaned instinctively, his body taut, hard and at the point of no return, so he moved her hands, and slipped his own fingers around her thighs, and slowly pulled each stocking down her equally perfect long legs. His thumbs then hooked under the lace of her panties, and slid them off too.

Peter had the driest throat and a shake in his hand that he was trying desperately to control. She had a gently rounded tummy, curvy hips and the most desirable backside, and now looking at her fully naked, he knew that he didn't want to kiss her, touch her, taste her, he HAD to.

Standing he took her hand and led her to the bed, lowering her gently on to the mattress, and he did just that, spending time exploring every perfect exotic inch of her, as she reached out to snatch at his clothes, free his skin to her equally inquisitive fingers. She was slick, ready, waiting for him, and the thought of that made him breathless. So he stood to shed the clothes she hadn't manage to rip off him, before she rose to her knee and studied him, her eyes and fingers touching his chest, shoulders and back. When she reached down to take him in her hand, the part of him she'd wanted to touch and taste since he'd started to kiss her, he took her hands away, pulling her down onto the mattress. All waiting over, he couldn't resist any longer; he wanted to be in her.

It was faster than he'd hoped, and despite the intense climax he'd experienced, he felt dreadful once his breath recovered and his body calmed. She hadn't said anything! Visions of Ollie invaded his head, and he looked down at Alexis with anger. She was lying beneath him, flushed and content, a smile on her face. Rolling off her, he sat on the bed, his back to her.

Alexis instantly felt a chill as he moved away from her, she'd been basking in the realisation that not only had she had sex with Peter Marlow, but that it was mindblowingly good. Not that she had a real reference point to compare him too. Drunken student fumbles were hardly a comparison to being worshipped by this God. It had hurt, but then he was so big, but that was only for a second. The only pain now was the ache in her hips, and the chill in her skin from the vacuum left where he'd lay. Reaching out she ran her fingers over his spine, his bottom, smiling when he flinched.

"Why didn't you tell me?" The last thing she'd expected had been animosity, anger.

"What?" she asked confused, wishing he'd turn to look at her.

He finally turned to look at her, anger and pain in his eyes, for Peter, he had to ignore how appealing the sight of her was all bed shaped and dishevelled on the pillows, this was serious. "Why didn't you tell me it was your first time? Shit Alexis...you were a virgin!"

Alexis felt heat flush her face, she'd hoped he wouldn't guess, she'd not complained, turning to kneel on the bed she squared up to him, not caring that she was completely naked.

"What the hell does that have to do with anything? Would you have changed your mind?"

Peter shrugged, "it deserved to be special. It should have been different!"

"It was special!" She couldn't' control the beaming smile that comment brought, because she wasn't lying. She'd never wanted her first time to be a drunk fumble with some inexperienced student, Steve had pressured her for ages, but she'd held back. It wasn't until now, this exact moment, that she realised why she'd waited. It was for Peter!

"I rushed you!" he turned to her, anger and devastation marring his face. "I should have taken my time, been gentle..."

"I enjoyed it!" she reached for his shoulder, but he shrugged her away.

Grabbing her chin, he pulled her face up to look at him, "your first time should have been with someone who loves you, Alexis, not something like this, casual, temporary, never with me! I am not that man! I made that clear before we started!"

She shrugged, hiding her hurt, she'd not considered that they'd made a bargain, she was so inexperienced in the world of sex, but she knew that she didn't regret a single thing, "I made a decision and did what I wanted. I wanted to make love to you Peter; I have for a long time." She bit her lip, realizing that she'd given far too much away, yet again.

Peter looked at her, so beautiful, trying to be strong, but he couldn't back down. "Alexis, this should never ever have happened!" Her shook his head, "why do you think I've been fighting this? I should have bloody known." He punched the mattress in frustration.

"It was never solely your decision!" she snapped, finally angry at his self pity and bullshit. "I'm not asking for lifelong commitment, I wanted you, here tonight! We agreed to that. And I'm GLAD that you were my first. Ok?"

He stared at her for a moment, then dropped his head into his hands; he had no idea how to manage this.

Looking up to her after what seemed like an age, he whispered, "did I hurt you?"

She sighed, "a tiny bit, not much, I presumed it would hurt. But it was amazing too."

Shaking his head, he got up and strolled across the room and entered the bathroom.

Alexis was still kneeling on the bed where he'd left her, stunned at his desertion a few minutes later when he finally emerged, his body wet, a towel slung around his waist.

For her this was the final straw, maybe he felt she'd tricked him, maybe he was thinking that this would end in disaster, but he'd enjoyed it, she wasn't that naive, and she deserved to be treated better than this.

"Don't you think I might've liked a shower too?"

With a huff of disgust, she grabbed his towel from around his waist and used it to cover herself, heading for the bathroom herself. At the door, she turned and looked down her nose at the man stood there naked, head hung. "Go! Leave. I don't care!" Then she slammed the door closed behind her.

Peter sighed, it wasn't a request it was a command. He looked around the room, her discarded clothes, the bed, with the signs of not just sex, but her virginity there for all to see. He hadn't even anticipated it, didn't imagine that she'd never slept with anyone else, and once he did, he hadn't thought about how awful she'd feel, how uncomfortable and messy. He'd thought of himself, tried to cleanse himself first, get himself free of this, with no regard for her.

He opened the bathroom door, seeing her silhouetted in the shower door. His body was hard at the mere sight of her, inappropriately as he was here to try and make things better for her. It was then that he realised that something this right couldn't be wrong. As he stepped into the shower, she tensed sensing him behind her, and he could see her shoulders rise to fight him.

"I told you to go!" she breathed, then turned her face up into the powerful spray.

He watched the water cascade down her perfect body, and for a moment wondered how it would be if he could be what she wanted, if she could possibly be his. Shaking his head, trying to ignore the wiles of her body, he grabbed the sponge and shower gel.

"I shouldn't have reacted like that Alexis," he mumbled as he started to clean her. "I'm a selfish prick, all the more reason why you deserve someone better than me, why we can't carry this on."

She turned and faced up to him, "and who the hell are you to decide who or what I should have in my life?"

Something nudged her stomach, and slowly looking down she smiled seeing him hard, excited, "your words may say one thing, but your body is definitely saying something else! You can't deny that evidence Mr Marlow!"

He paused in his attempts to clean her, "You are beautiful, I'm sexually attracted to you! That is obvious. But that doesn't mean that this is the right thing to do." He sighed, "have you any idea what happened in there?"

She smirked, "Uh? Yup!"

He shook his head, "I don't just mean the sex, though that was great. It was your first time, and after that you should be lying in bed, with your first partner reassuring you, loving you, caring for you."

rolling her eyes she took the sponge from him and started to soap her body, in what she knew was a provocative manner, his obvious excitement had given her confidence, she wasn't about to make this easy for him, "I'm twenty three Peter, you talk as though I'm a teenager. I have had boyfriends, I have sexual encounters before!"

He took her face between his hands and hissed at her, "you were a virgin Alexis, I feel like the biggest heel here!"

She reached to slide her arms around his neck, "so why don't you quit being such a moron, and start making good?"

As she rubbed herself against his body, he was lost, the intoxicating combination of her wet hair, stuck to his hands, still cupping her face, the lemony smell of her shower gel, and the erotic sensation of her nipples teasing his bare wet chest, sent him over the edge. With a hand at the back of her head, he drew her mouth to his, his lips devouring hers, tongue sliding into her mouth.

Sighing with satisfaction, she slid her hands down his slippery body and circled him with them both. He threw back his head and an almost primeval sound escaped his lips. When he could bear no more, he lifted her, wrapping her legs around him, his mouth on hers, then took her with the water still pouring over the two of them.

"Don't run away Peter, please stay with me?" she breathed into his neck. He was still inside her, but they were both exhausted, spent, and getting colder by the minute now that the shower had stopped.

He nodded, "I don't think I could make it back to mine!"

Within a few minutes they were drying themselves back in her bedroom. Peter, who was in turmoil, slipped between the sheets first. When she'd sufficiently towel dried her hair, he stretched out an arm, offering the safety of his embrace, and she moved to curl up next to him. He tried to sleep, but her soft breath on his shoulder, the slender thigh tossed over his, and the constantly moving hand on his stomach were all driving him wild.

It was going to be a long night! But a great one!

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