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Um, this is just a little bit about me. I know that readers connect more when they know about their authors. As you know Love Is a Mystery also has some things about my life though. Read it if you'd like, any questions just comment them and I'll answer.

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Chapter 1

If you have any questions about me, please comment and I will try to answer them in each chapter, and I will put your name up, if you want. If you don’t want to just tell me. You can comment to me with questions. I knew lots of people had books about themselves, so I decided I should at least try. It might be kinda crappy, cause I hate talking about myself, but Enjoy!

Chapter One

Name: DJ

Gender: Female or nonbinary (questioning)

Sexuality: Pansexual, I think

Relationship status: Taken <3

Fav. Color: Teal, Black, and Cyan

Friends: I have a few

School: Middle School

Age: 13

Fav. Food: don’t have one

Hobby: reading, anime, youtube

Other hobby: Wattpad!!!! KC (maybe u know it maybe u don't), disc

Fav. Word: OKIE!!! (If u talk with me, u should know I use it A LOT!) You also like to say dimwit (that was my friend lol)

Likes: Anime, Music, Nightcore, Vampire Knight, unreturned love quotes. Reading, TV, Wattpad, YouTube, Food, Pain?!!, and Cussing!!!!!! lol

Dislikes: homophobes/transphobes, Bullies, Peas, Corn, Homework, School, Alarms for the morning (lol), fake people, smoke, the feeling of styrofoam, and hearing the same song on the radio over and over.

Y'all my Wattpad is DJPanda107 but I don't update on there anymore for now and all my books are the same on here and there soooo-

That's it. Well any questions?? Comment and I'll answer them in each chapter this was just a lil something to get to know me a bit better because the better you know the author the better you can relate to them. Have a good day!

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