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The Emperor's Wife✓

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O N E | 一

I smile into my cup, sipping my Jasmine tea.

"Fourth Princess is feeling better then?"

The Fourth Princess, Jing Yue bows. "I am, Empress. It was nothing a little Jade couldn't fix, thank you."

Jing Yue does not fool me. She was never sick, but Jade, the most prestigious, and most sought after precious stone, can heal most anything.

Especially greed, if, but for a time.

The politics of the Royal court do not interest the Emperor, but Empress and head of his...extensive royal concubine collection, it is my duty to understand and master the nuiances of court life.

"Has the Emperor come to see you," Now Jing Yue smiles into her cup knowingly.

Of course he has not. Since the day I arrived, adorned in Jade, his name tattooed on my shoulder, a present to him, he has disowned me, ever so publicly, shaming me.

He does not believe my lore, even less than I do.

He believes I am trap.

He may be right.

Perhaps I am a trap. He has taken care to avoid me. Thankfully, I am patient.

"Jing Yue, have you forgotten your manners? Such shameful questions, from a woman who has bestowed with Jade."

Jing Yue, is a greedy girl, with a tempting body of a woman. The Emperor has no problems falling into her trap-simply material, something he has to spare.

He flings gold at her, takes satisfaction from her body. They are both content with this arrangement.

In fact, most of the concubines lobe their position. Power. Authority. And connections with Tsundere Emperor. And yet...

I, the Empress, he shamelessly avoids.

Perhaps, he knows.what I truly want from him. I don't, but perhaps he does. Otherwise, I dare say he hates me, for no reason at all.

Although I nursed him back to health, more times than I can count. Although my very presence protects his nation from the Dragon Lord.

Although I have given everything to him, and asked nothing in return.



I startle slightly. "Pardon me, Fourth Princess. My mind wandered. What did you say?"

"Oh, I was merely inquiring as to your health. You seem down. Shall I call the Emperor?"

I maintain my composure. Even if he'd gotten the message that I had perished, he would simply smile and say:


If I were one to cry, that knowledge would make me break down. But in this palace, I have learned to conceal my emotions.

No good comes from wearing your heart on your sleeve. Or the Emperor's name.

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