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Chapter Eleven: "Wild"

"Don't you think it's time for you and me to make some history?"
-Wild, Royal Teeth

The next day at school felt awkward. There Riven was, flirting with Josie as if he hadn't sent five hundred jolts of electricity pulsing through my body the night before.

I felt gloomy with Ryan's arm slung over my shoulder. Raveena was talking animatedly to Madison, Carmella and I about a party her family was throwing.

"I think it would be a good idea," Raveena told us excitedly, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.

"Definitely," Carmella agreed.

Carmella never passed up a chance to party.

"I'm glad you agree," she smiled so widely, I was afraid her face would split in half.

"Siberia, what do you-" Raveena suddenly became very stiff.

I was about to ask if she was okay, when suddenly she looked over her shoulder.

The early morning crowd in the hallway parted, people shoving themselves against the lockers and staring at the boy strutting down the hallway.

He was tall with broad shoulders and a muscular body. His blonde hair was on the long side, falling hypnotically on his shoulder. He had cheekbones people contoured their faces for, a straight nose and a strong jaw.

He walked with a confidence that was intoxicating.

He flickered his eyes to Raveena and then to Riven. Both Riven and Raveena were so stiff, I wondered if they had turned to stone.

Then his eyes flickered away from them and he turned his gaze to me. His grey eyes met and held mine and my breath caught in my throat.

He smirked a little and disappeared.

Riven's jaw was tight and he walked off, leaving Josie confused. Raveena took off after her brother, sending a stiff smile our way before leaving.

"Wow," Carmella breathed, looking flustered. "He was gorgeous."

"Agreed," Josie said, rejoining the group now that Riven had left. "He seemed pretty into Siberia, though."

Ryan's arm tightened around me and I noticed for the first time, he was as stiff as Riven and Raveena had been.

"I'll see you later, okay," he said tightly, kissing me on the cheek before hurrying off.

The girls chatted about the new boy excitedly, Josie solemnly swearing she would find out his name before we met for lunch today.

I just nodded my head and laughed along like a robot as I thought of the new guy.

I'd seen those grey eyes before.

When he plunged the knife into my heart in my dreams.

Riven was moody. He showed up at lunch that day, but he was more brooding than usual.

"His name is Phillipe Morley and he's French," Josie filled us in, fanning herself as she told us about him being French.

"Wow." Carmella looked on the verge of drooling as she leaned forward.

"Yeah. He moved here last week, he's living with his grandparents."

I tried to pay attention to Josie, I really did, but the tension that was rolling off of Riven, Raveena and Ryan was uncomfortable.

The tension only thickened when Phillipe himself entered the cafeteria.

I held my breath, studying him.

He didn't look like the man from my dreams. Phillipe was a lot younger, his face less hard, less cruel.

As if he could feel me watching him, Phillipe snapped his head in my direction and locked eyes with me.

My heart sped up. Not because he was attractive-although he definitely was-but because I had looked into those same eyes in my nightmares.

He smiled slightly and started to make his way over, but Stacy Millian intercepted him and began flirting.

In the end, she pulled him away and had him sitting at her table. He looked over his shoulder at me and fixed me with his piercing grey eyes, before Stacy pulled his attention away.

"Ohmygawd," Josie shrieked, leaning in close to me. "Did you see that? He was checking you out, Siberia." She giggled, not seeming to care that my boyfriend was sitting right beside me.
"Ummm..." I shot a look at Ryan, hoping he wasn't mad.

"He's very cute," Carmella added, looking at me teasingly. "You've got competition, Ryan. Phillipe and Siberia would make cute babies."

Madison was stifling her laughter as I grew more embarrassed.

"You guys I don't-" I began but was immediately cut off by a loud crash.

We all jumped and turned around to see Riven. His tray of food was on the floor and his chair was knocked over. He was standing menacingly, his fists clenched and his teeth gnashed together before he stormed off.

We all looked at him in shock and Raveena sighed, getting up gracefully.
"Is Riven okay?" Josie asked worriedly before Raveena could leave.

"He'll be fine," Raveena answered calmly, though I didn't miss the way she glared at Phillipe's back. "Riven is a little temperamental and territorial when someone tries to go after what's his." She glanced at me pointedly, causing Ryan to stiffen.

Madison's eyebrows were in her hairline. Clearly she hadn't missed the way Raveena directed that comment at me.

Raveena was off without another word, leaving shock and confusion in her wake.

I was on my way to my car when I heard voices talking. I minded my business at first. Then I realized I knew those voices.

Raveena and Riven and a third person with a strong French accent-Phillipe.

I crouched behind a car, hiding myself from view as I eavesdropped.

"...touch a hair on her head I swear I'll kill you," Riven was saying, his voice low and dangerous.

Phillipe laughed. "Yeah, right. I'm supposed to be afraid of you. It's your fault she's in this predicament anyway. You and Johnathan Lane just had to put the Essence inside of her."

I started a little at the sound of my father's name and listened more closely.

"You couldn't honestly think we'd let you and your father get your hands on it, could you?" Raveena spoke up.

"It doesn't matter," Phillipe said, his voice growing smug. "Since the Essence has attached itself to her heart, I guess we'll have to cut it out of her."

I stilled at the coldness in his voice. He wasn't kidding around. He was planning on cutting out some poor girl's heart.

"You're not touching her," Riven said fiercely. I could imagine how threatening he looked now and I shivered. "I'll kill you if you do, Phillipe. I swear to God I will."

"God," Phillipe said, laughing. "Funny that you'd swear to the man who sent you packing and forced you to live among these pitiful mortals." I heard shuffling before Phillipe started talking again. "You're not going to kill me. You can't. The second you kill me, your soul belongs to my father. You know what happens to people like you in Hell, don't you? You become like me and I'm sure you don't want that."

I heard Phillipe walk away and I just stayed where I was. Frozen and more confused than ever.

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