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Chapter Two: He's Hot

   "And then we looked up and the words 'we're watching you' were written in the clouds!" Madison exclaimed at lunch a few hours later.

   "Ohmigod, that's sooooooo weird," Josie shrieked loudly.

   "It's a doozy," Carmella exclaimed.

   Madison pushed her glasses further up the bridge of her nose, laughing.

   "You guys should've seen Siberia's face. She was freaked out."

   The girls laughed while I smiled thinly.

   "As interesting as the topic of your weird alien encounter is, it's nothing compared to the information I have for you," Josie sang, waggling her eyebrows.

   "Oooooooo, spill," I squealed, not really caring but willing to talk about anything that didn't involve the weird message I seemed to be getting all day.

   "So Craps High has gotten a new student. He's about 6'2, dark hair, dreamy eyes. I, Josie Lana Smith, am utterly smitten." She giggled.

   "Oh, you're talking about Riven Marx," Carmella chimed in. "He's not our only new student y'know. He's got two gorgeous older brothers and a sister." Carmella frowned, she had clearly placed the sister in the rival category.

   I rose an eyebrow. "Really? I didn't know."

   "What?" Josie shrieked, mouth agape. "You're the only one. The whole school is buzzing about them."

   "Well you know Siberia's always in her own little world," Madison joked.

   "Well Riven Marx is gorgeous," Josie exclaimed, putting her hand over her heart and leaning back in her seat. "I hope he's in one of my classes."

   "Me too," Carmella cried, giggling.

   I rolled my eyes. The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.

   "If any of us gets a class with Riven we'll let you know, okay, Josie." Madison winked at her.


   As soon as I stepped into class, I saw him. He was extremely handsome. He had thick, dark, wavy hair and heavy lidded crystalline blue eyes. His lips were full and sensuous.

   I walked over to my desk which happened to be next to Mr. Handsome himself.

   He's staring at me. Should I say something?
   "Um...hey," I greeted him.

   "Hay is for horses," he said in a deep, husky voice. He looked straight into my eyes with his beautifully intense ones.

   "I'm Siberia," I introduced myself, blushing.

   "Nice to meet you, Siberia," he said, looking at me broodingly.

   I waited for a few seconds, staring at him.

   "What?" he asked, sounding mildly amused.

   "Do you have a name?"

   He smiled and I trembled, butterflies dancing in my stomach.

   "Of course I do."

   "And it is...?"

   "My name is Riven." His voice indicated that he already knew I knew who he was.

   "Nice to meet you, Riven."

   As our eyes held, his smile slowly slipped from his face. Before I could say anything else, Mr. Mann started class.

   "Alright, guys, today we have a new student. Mr. Marx, why don't you come up and introduce yourself to the class."

   Riven stood gracefully and walked to the front of the class. He had a slow, confidant walk. All the girls were already drooling and they hadn't even heard him speak.

   He stood before the class and said, "Hello, I'm Riven and I'm new here," in his velvety voice, smiling a slight smile that made me wonder what his full smile would be like.

   "Does anyone have any questions for Mr. Marx?" Mr. Mann asked, looking around.

   A tiny girl with long blonde hair and big blue eyes-her name was Stacy Milian, the most popular girl in school-raised her hand, eyeing Riven the way I eye cake.

   "Okay Miss. Milian," Mr. Mann said, pointing to her.

   "Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked in a high, flirty voice.

   I gagged a little.

   "No, I don't." Did I imagine that glance he threw my way?

   All the girls giggled. I could almost hear their plans to get Riven alone and make him theirs.

   Mr. Mann shook his head, looking annoyed.

   "Okay, that's enough questions. Please have a seat, Mr. Marx."

   All the girls ogled Riven as he made his way back to his desk.

   Mr. Mann started his lecture, but every girl-including me-was distracted by Riven's presence.

   By the end of our class, Mr. Mann announced we had to choose a partner for our literary project. We were supposed to reinact a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

   All the girls immediately made a crowd around Riven.

   "You can work with me, Riven."

   "Nooo, I totally saw him first."

   "Hands off! I wanna work with him."

   "Actually, I think we should let Riven decide." Stacy said, stepping toward him, smiling and tossing her lustrous blonde hair over her shoulder. "So, Riven, I'm sure you'll wanna work with me." She ran her hand down his arm.

   "Actually, I already have a partner. Right, Siberia?" He looked at me.

   So did the entire class.

   "You're working with Siberia?" Stacy interrogated him, steam pretty much coming from her eyes.

   "Of course, if she'll have me." And then he smiled at me. His lips strong and perfect.

   "Yes," I blurted out.

   Every girl shot daggers at me. Their jealousy was obvious. Stacy was angrier than all of them, which made me slightly nervous. Stacy Milian was a very dangerous enemy to have.

   When the bell rang, I hurried out the door, ready to go to my last class of the day when a hand fell on my shoulder.

   I turned and met a pair of sexy, heavy lidded eyes set in a handsome face. My heart jumped into my throat.

   "So, partner, when do you wanna get together to discuss the project?"

   I cleared my throat. "Ummm...how about tomorrow after school?"

   "That sounds great," he flashed me his half smile. "See you then."

   He turned and walked away, heading to his class and I couldn't help but watch him go. I was lost yet again in that slow, confidant stride.

   He was sooooooo majorly hot!

   I could feel the beginning of a major crush forming in my chest.


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