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Chapter Six: Into Your Arms

"I'm falling in love, but it's falling apart

I need to find my way back to the start"

Into Your Arms, The Maine

   "Honestly, Ryan, I'm okay,'' I tried to convince him the next evening at lunch. The cafeteria was crowded even more than usual. Everyone loved pizza day.

   "Are you sure? You look a little...'' he trailed off, looking at me.

   "Pale?'' Josie offered.

   "Yeah, pale, that's it,'' Ryan said, nodding. "Thanks, Jo.''

   "Yeah, thanks, Jo,'' I muttered sarcastically.

   Josie just smiled at me. Seriously, the girl was a nightmare.

   "Well, to answer your question, I'm fine.''

   Madison looked at me, seeming to assume Riven was the cause of my problems. In all honesty, Riven was obviously part of it. That note still brought a chill to my bones whenever I remembered it.

   "Mind if we sit here?''

   I looked up to see Raveena and Riven standing side by side. They vaguely reminded me of models slumming a high school picnic. They were both incredibly beautiful and everyone gaped at them as they took their seats at our table.

   Ryan was openly gaping at Raveena, but I didn't care. I was too busy avoiding eye contact with Riven, who was staring at me.

   Josie grinned as she took in all the eyes on us. She obviously felt like a celebrity.

   "Hey, you guys,'' she greeted them as if they were old friends of ours. Her eyes, however, were locked on Riven.

   A pang of jealousy shot through me as Riven's eyes met hers. It was weird how I didn't care that my boyfriend of five years was drooling all over another girl, but I was bothered by Josie flirting with a guy I'd only known a few days.

   Raveena looked disgusted with Josie's flirting with her twin brother. She didn't seem to notice Ryan, who was practically salivating over her.

   "We're doing well,'' Riven responded with a blinding smile.

   Josie blushed, twirled her luscious blonde hair around her finger and stared at him with her deep blue eyes.

   "That's good to hear,'' she breathed.

   To my extreme horror, Riven looked smitten.

   Of course, I thought to myself, crestfallen. Of course he liked Josie better than me. Her blonde hair and blue eyes and All-American girl good looks, she was easily desirable. I didn't stand a chance.

   Madison looked at me, while Carmella stared between Riven and Josie. Needless to say we all sat in an uncomfortable silence for a while. Well, everyone except Josie and Riven who were still flirting.

   It was all slowly driving me insane. Ryan staring at Raveena. Raveena looking at Riven in disbelief, then looking at me. Madison just looking extremely uncomfortable and sending me pitying glances. Carmella still gaping open-mouthed at Riven and Josie's flirting. And that was what was bothering me the most: Riven and Josie's flirting.

   Why did it matter? I couldn't possibly have a crush on Riven...could I?

   I had to leave before I went insane.

   I jumped up and everyone looked at me in shock. I was obviously embarrassed to say the least, but I had to get out.

   I left without offering an explanation. I heard a few voices call out behind me, but I didn't stop. I just kept walking.

   And once I was out of the cafeteria, I jogged.

   Then I ran.

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