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Chapter Seven: I Am Only One

Ever after never came
and I'm still waiting
For a love I'll never have
-I Am Only One, We Are The Fallen

   Are you sure you're okay, sweetie?" Mom asked sometime later and that night. After my dramatic exit earlier, I had received a ton of calls and texts from all my friends.

   “Yes, Mom, I'm fine," I grumbled, feeling slightly annoyed. I know I shouldn't be taking my anger out on her, but I couldn't help it. I felt so angry.

   George came bursting into my room, looking peeved.

   “Siberia, there's some creepy guy looking for you."

   I just looked at him and blinked.

   He sighed, getting irritated. “He left this for you." He handed me a sharp, rectangular piece of paper.

   My chest got tight and then it broke into a cold sprint. I just barely heard my mom say, “Siberia, it looks like you've got yourself a secret admirer."

   I took the note from George and smiled thinly. "Thanks,'' I said halfheartedly.

   “Well are you gonna open it?" Mom asked eagerly.

   “Actually I'm not feeling well. I really just wanna go to bed."

   Mom nodded and stood to leave. I didn't miss the look she and George shared. As soon as they were gone, I read the note.

   Jealous over a boy you've only known a few months. Could there be a connection? Perhaps there's a secret you've yet to uncover. Oh, my, what could it be? We'll be watching until you see...


   “I really think something's wrong with her, Johnathan,” I heard Mom whispering to Dad later on that night.

   “Are you sure you're not over thinking things?" Dad asked, seemingly thinking Mom was nuts.

   “I think I'd know when something was wrong with my own daughter,” Mom hissed.

   Dad made a sound that was a half sigh, half groan and all irritation.

   “Fine, I'll talk to her tomorrow, okay?”

   Mom let out a sigh of relief.

   “Thank you, Johnathan. I really appreciate this."

   I heard the sound of the door to my dad's study open and close.

   I fell back against the pillows on my bed. I felt so drained already. My weekend is going to be so dreadful. I can feel it already. My parents think I'm crazy and worst of all, I was afraid. I knew I should tell my parents about the letters, but at the same time part of me knew that thought was a bad idea.

   And now they were targeting Riven, telling me I shouldn't develop feelings for him. As I remembered how he'd flirted with Josie and how that had made me feel I decided that, even though I didn't know this mystery person, they were right. Riven Marx was like the sun, so beautiful to look at but if you fell in love and looked for too long, you'd go blind.

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