The Angel's Devil

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Love is a strong word. It can stitched two broken people together, despite their circumstances. But can two totally opossite people actually fall in love? Fall deep into the story about a man, who is loved by everybody, try to make a man, who hasn't been in love, fall in love with him. Is it impossible or an illusion? Or could it ever be possible?

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The Angel's Devil

"I am not some object of yours Jay! I don't give a fuck if you've know me for more than 10 years!"

"Damien please... Calm down... Let me explain..."

Damien was getting closer and closer to the edge. Just an inch a way. How did I let it get to this? How do I make him listen that it was a mistake!

"NO! Everyone.... Everyone just wants to hurt me... I can't take this anymore..."

"Wait... Please... Dami... What are... You... Nooo!!!"

A story where personality, words and actions have a role play. Even the person you know the most can hurt you. It can even be the only family you have. Damien has understood this. Heck, he's known it ever since he was small. But can it really change? Does some things really not last forever?

**Gay and 18+** don't like it, don't read it~
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