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ch 01: Run

RUN ANNABEL, RUN” my eldest brother screamed at me. Without a second look back I sprinted towards the outskirts of my brothers kingdom, a place I once called home. The last image of my brothers wary face imprinted in my head.Tears streaming down my face as hate laced my heart with an iron grip, the ache in my chest growing as I ran away from my home, my brothers, my people.

I ran one thing kept replaying in my head: I was not a coward, I will take back what is mine.

Heart pounding, blood rushing through my ears, a moment of silence. Who knows how long I’ve been running for. Seconds, minutes, hours passed by until finally my body could not take it anymore. My legs aching to have a moment of rest, my footing gave out. The ache in my chest finally releasing it’s waters, screams of agony ripped out of my mouth as a lay on the ground.

Long gone from my ancestors land I wailed, clawing my chest, scratches forming on my skin.Holding myself was the only thing I could do.I lost it all in a blink of an eye, all of my family now dead or held captive at what cost? The people we ruled over, the harmony that was so hard to build now to the ground.

Luke, Xavier, Delic, Andrew my beloved brothers all sacrificed themselves to bring me to safety. All of them gone flashes of Andrew’s bloodied body flashed in my mind. Delic’s heart ripped out of his chest.Luke and Xavier where the last standing. I should’ve been there with them fighting, yet they chose my path, for they could not bear the thought of me dead.

Heavy rains covered the sky, were was the goddess? How much death could she allow? Was this the way of letting us know that her children are being killed without remorse. Was the goddess finally understanding that her innocent people blood has been shed by the diabolical bastard Alekai?

God the ambush, it wasn’t what we expected. Everything was going well until Alekai popped up and killed those in the kingdom.

Numb to the outside I rose to my feet, regaining my senses realization came that I had ran from the kingdom to the woods far to the east of the kingdom's land, limping around the woods looking for shelter a few meters away a cave came into view, 'Perfect for now' I muttered to myself. Rain droplets soaking my clothes up, walking with unsteady feet I collapsed at the entrance of the cave once I arrived. Crawling I moved towards the back of the cave hoping it would cover me from the assault of the rain at least for a few hours.Flashbacks of the attack plagued my mind as I lay on the floor curled up, letting the memories play as I fell asleep to the rain.

A warm atmosphere filled the air, laughter and smiles all around . My siblings all smothering me with hugs and kisses as they rejoiced the people that had come for the annual ball to celebrate the peace between each species.

Of course not everyone accepted it but most have lived in harmony ever since.

As I walked around greeting people at the ball one thought came up to me ‘They must really love embarrassing me’ I thought to myself.

The kingdom had everyone that you could imagine. Vampires, werewolves, angels, fairies, witches and those that we have yet to discover. Odd it may seem but a war had brought every angel, vampire , every supernatural creature that one could imagine together to defeat those that opposed the treaty .

The alliance is still frown upon those who want war, those of who have lost a beloved person to them. Some still believe in the old ways of the packs, clans, and tribes. Our kingdom became a sanctuary of those who seeked peace after the war.

One moment to the next everyone was full of glee and tranquility yet in a slip second the scream broke out as a fire began to rise.

Blood, so much blood among us. My brothers all around me protecting me yet shouting orders to the guards and warriors to protect mothers and kids. Vampires and werewolves trying their best to kill any enemy, Angels healing people with their abilities yet some who knew how to fight killed their aim to kill those who aimed to harm their people. Witches casting spells trying to protect the walls around us to prevent them from collapsing. Werewolves transforming into their animal helping each other.Yet we were outnumbered, brothers and sisters fell all around me.

Smoke filled the hall, glass shattered, food, wine all thrown around. Tables flipped over. Blood staining the walls. Yet we failed to protect one person who was right near us, Andrew my beloved brother the first one to fall, the first sibling to fall, blinded by horror we all looked at his body as he collapsed onto his knees and finally the floor as the blood pooled his body.

“ANDREW NO ” Luke screamed from the top of his lungs as Andrew’s bloodied body was tossed to the side.

In front of us Alekai stood with his twisted smile etched on his skin. Terror, hatred, shock ran through me. My brother, my brother dead in front of me. Thrown as if he was nothing.

Luke, Xavier, and Delic stood around me protecting me.

“Go, take Annabel with you I’ll do what I can to hold him back” Delic said with glint in his eye, his aura shifting into a dark amber glow as he ran to Alekai, Delic was awakening his powers. Yet he was not able to hold on for long.

“STOP STOP NO THIS IS SUICIDE DON’T DO THIS BROTHER PLEASE NO I CANT LEA-” I Cried out in disbelief, attempting to run towards Delic. Luke threw me over his shoulder while Xavier covered us.

“NO STOP PL-NO DELIC” my eyes widening as Alekai tore his hand through my brothers chest. His heart in hand.


Guards moving towards Alekai attempting to slow him down while he moved towards us.

Everything I loved, everything I cared for was crumbling all around me.

Luke had his mind set on getting me to safety. Luke was the king of this land but right now I was his sister who was in danger, his main priority his main concern me. Xavier let his powers come to life killing those that tried to come close to me. Bringing out his sword

“To the west wing Xavier we need to go NOW” Both Luke and Xavier fighting for me, both fighting to keeping me alive.

I was frozen, tears running down my face. I felt powerless as they ran with me. Once we entered the west wing Luke set me down.

“Annabel, I love you so much my precious wings” A wary look stained Luke’s face. “come on we don’t have much time”. I snapped out of my shock quickly barricading the entrance of the the door with the objects around us. Shelves, beds, cabinets all went onto the the door holding it as long as it could in our place.

We continued running until we came to a halt, the sounds of burnt wood crackling above us, smoke filling up the chambers.

I stared at the door with hatred, a scream bubbling in my chest.I wanted his blood, I want Alekai’s blood I want to watch him die. I want him to rot. All rational thoughts leaving my head as I faced Alekai.

"RUN ANNABEL, RUN” my eldest brother screamed at me.

I looked at Luke’s face memorizing every detail that I could. Xavier throwing kicks and punches holding him off as long as he could as Luke pushed me to run. The last image of both fought for their lives and mines.

‘I love you both’ I thought to myself as I ran. Running silently into the the woods pushing myself to the outskirts of my brothers land.

I’ll drag them all to hell, for you all brothers’ with my last thought. Darkness welcomed me with open arms.


please read:

Hello! I'm originally from Wattpad, i'm aware of the repetitive tones in the story but don't worry once i'm done with this story i will revise it! Please leave feedback to this story good or bad i dont really care! I accept both with welcoming arms.

Low key I think after not being in any English courses my writing skills have deteriorated just a tad bit. I do apologize for any grammar/punctuation mistakes that I've left behind. Being in college in an all male school does that to me aha. I'll be posting my social media soon! Pictures of the character are up on my Instagram that I will be releasing more info in!

Thank you for your time reading Run.

lots of love x- Standintherain

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