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Dolores Giovanni is just a maid in the King Mansion but what happens when Rafael King finally decides to return from his long trip? Secrets will be discovered. Secrets that were meant to be carried to graves. Secrets and Actions that caused a tragedy in the King Mansion. Will they be able to stand with each other as they unleash the secrets? Read on to find out. ;) This book should not be copied or translated. Do not ask as I will not take any requests. This book will contain scenes with violence and strong language. Also a tinge of sexual content so be warned. ;)

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The Right Song- Tiesto, Oliver Heldens ft. Natalie La Rose

Waking up at 5am to the cool crisp air, the morning dew and chirping birds.

I had just taken my shower, brushed my teeth and put on my uniform, a black, mid-thigh satin dress, and the black six inch pumps gotten for me by Mrs King, my bosses' boss.

I head to the kitchen to ask Marie, my boss what I'm meant to do.

"Good Morning Marie," I say, and she smiles when she sees me.

"Ahh Dolores, you're up. Very good, because Rafael is coming in today."

"Who?" I ask confused.

"Rafael. Mr King's youngest son. He was learning how to manage the company in the States under Fernando, but he is finally coming here to take over the company from Mr King."

Ohh, so that's the boy they always talk about.

Fernando is the first son of the King's family, and he's happily married with a little girl and boy that live in the States with him, I heard all this from Marie.

I've just been hired here and have worked here for two weeks; they laid off the other maid because she stole from them. At least that's what Marie told me.

"Okay. What should I do?"

"Firstly, go and give Mrs King this," she said as she handed me a tray with a pitcher of water on it.

I quickly walked to the master bedroom in the east quarter.

In this house they have about three quarters, one for the family another for guests and the last for the workers.

I walked into the room and placed the pitcher of water on the table. As I'm about to exit, Mrs King stirs and sits up.

"What did I tell you about entering my room? I thought I warned you enough. All of you are just so disobedient. I will see Marie about this, bambino insolente," I just rushed out of the room as tears fell from my eyes.

"Dolores, what's wrong?" Marie asked as I entered the kitchen she had probably noticed my puffy eyes and flushed face.

"Nothing," I managed to say as the lump in my throat was still burning inside.

"If it's Mrs King, don't let her see your weakness. She's very cold hearted even to her children. Just wait and see what happens when Rafael comes. I'll be leaving to the airport in an hour to pick him up with Paul. Just make sure the third room to the left in the east quarter is ready when he arrives," I nodded and went to set the table for breakfast for when the family wakes up.

Later, I take a pair of new towels to Solana's room.

She is the second child of the Kings and is engaged soon to be married to Vincent Rostolaza, the famous Spanish Prince.

I enter her room and meet her getting ready to go out. At five thirty, really?

The people in this house are really crazy. Where I worked before, the family was so kind and loving.

Only Marie, Mr King and Paul have been kind to me so far.

"What are you doing in here?" I was about to answer but she beat me by saying,"I don't even want to hear your stupid explanations. Tell Paul to get my car ready at the entrance for me. Okay?" I nodded.

I stood wanting for her to say something.

"What are you waiting there for? Do you think I'm going to thank you, sciocca ragazza."

With that I headed out of her room and went to meet Paul.

"Good MorningPaul," I said as I got to the west quarter, seeing him coming out of his room.

He is wearing a white dress shirt tucked into black slacks.

I couldn't deny the fact that Paul is a cute guy but he is not muscular in any way.

I liked my men very manly and muscular. Not that I've ever been intimate. I plan on keeping my virginity for my husband. A man who will love me.

Not that I'll ever find one with this raven black hair that falls to my waist and my 5'6 size. But I knew Paul liked me.

"Ahh. The beautiful Dolores. How are you?"

He said as he pulled me flushagainst his body. I pushed him to get out of his grip.

"Paul, don't ever try that," I warned him. He just gave me a sad face his lips tugging into a smile.

"Miss Solana said you should get her car ready at the porch way now."

"Okay, bella."

He kissed my cheek and ran away.

It was just now that I noticed he acts like a school boy, and he's like 23, a year older than me.

I headed out to the room that needed to be ready for Rafael, as Marie was about to head to the airport.

I cleaned the bathroom, made the bed with new sheets and dusted the whole room.

When I was done I headed to my room to have a shower because Mrs King hates anyone smelling bad.

I stripped out of my dress and put it in the hamper.

I took a cold shower, brushed my hair, packed it up in a bun, put on a new dress and slid my shoes back on. Mrs King gave me ten dresses saying, and I quote, 'This uniform is for the maids. Like yourself.'

Where I worked before I was allowed to wear my own clothes.

I have been a maid since I graduated from high school, my dad left us and my mom didn't have enough money to send me to college, so I planned to work so I could earn some money but for the past two years all the money I saved have gone to my mom's hospital bills, until Mr King stepped in.

I called my mother to let her know I'm doing fine.

She's been in the hospital for weeks and I haven't visited her. I'm not sure how she's feeling about it but I don't want her to feel alone.

Her cholesterol levels are high and she's liable to a heart attack. I just hope it does not happen anytime soon. I won't be able to stand losing her. The last time she had one was when my father died and her levels are currently increasing.

I got up from the bed and went to the kitchen putting food in their expensive ceramic bowls.

I heard the car come in and Mr King's voice welcoming his son.

Mr King was a nice man; he is taking full responsibility for my mother's medical bills even if she is still going to die as her cholesterol levels are extremely high. The doctor predicted her death for a month away and Mr King was always there to support me, him and Marie.

I heard a deep voice, very sensual saying,

" Mi sei mancato così tanto padre"

It sent shivers down my spine as my knees weakened.

Marie came into the kitchen laughing.

"Ahh. Good job Dolores, take the food to the diningroom they are waiting," she said, sitting down.

She seemed exhausted and I couldn't blame her, she is probably in her late forties and all this stress is too much for her.

I carried the dishes to the dining room and placed them on the table. Mrs King,Angela, was talking to her son.

"We'll be going to the Valdez's house on Saturday and you'll meet Ariel. Your soon to be wife, she is just lovely."

What kind of mother plans their son's wife? I didn't even hear her welcoming him. I thought to myself.

"Ma, I'm not marrying Ariel, period. I'm not even getting married ever. There's already Solana and Fernando who are married or getting married, in don't need to get married too," I headed out of the dining room and went to get their orange juices.

I placed Mr King's juice by his side also Mrs King's as I was about to place Rafael's, my hands began to shake and I got all nervous.

The juice poured all over his white shirt.

"What the hell?" he shouted, with an angry look on his face.

"Mio dio! se favoure. Mi dispiace. I'm so sorry. I swear I didn't do it on purpose." I said as I walked back with fear.

"Ti ragazza goffa. quando si impara come comportarsi?" Mrs King shouted.

"I'm sorry." I said once again.

"Ingrato," I felt the familiar lump forming in my throat. I held myself together and tried not to let my tears fall but they betrayed me.

A tear slid down my cheek and I ran out of the dining, crying like the shy, low self-esteemed girl I am.

I heard the distant voice of Mr King and Rafael telling her there was no need for that.

I headed to my room and locked myself in.

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