The Debt. ( A Criminal Love Story #1)

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Marco pulled into the estate after dishing two officers. He was sure the license number was picked up by cameras but he didn't give a flying fuck because the car wasn't registered under his name.

He got down from the BMW i8 and made his way to the front door. The house was surrounded by gun men. Was Ricardo going to really keep his sister away from him? He knew they wouldn't dare pull the trigger. In fact he knew he had told them that anyone would shot him would pay darely.

Surely he thought Ricardo knew him better. He was a dangerous and very reseved man. No one dared Ricardo Silverio. Over the five years he had worked for Ricardo, he always hid his sister from this world he didn't want dangerous men like Ricardo to know his weakness. Marco just wondered why Ricardo decided to take his sister.

He barged into the house he had gotten accoustumed to. Paola. That was the first person he thought to look for. He knew he could coerce her into telling him where his sister was. He just hoped he wasn't too late.

"Paola." He said entering into the kitchen to see her clearing up.

"Como estás, Marco " How are you, Marco? She asked in her native language, smiling when she saw Marco. She knew what they were into but never judged them. She was like a mother to all.

"Where is Ricardo?" Marco asked ,he was the only one who called Ricardo by his name.

"He is in the main room. Having dinner with someone. " She says, not bothering to look at him.

Without saying a goodbye to Paola, Marco left for the main room. He busted through the doors. When he saw Ricardo hand over Carina's while she was a deep shade of red, he scowled at their hands.

He walked over to them and pulled his sister up none too gently. Which made Carina gasp and struggle from his hold.

Ricardo glared at Marco. "You shouldn't treat a lady like that, Marco. You don't have any right to barge into my house like that. Do not tempt me. " He said downing the remaining of his drink.

You tell him! Carina thought. She was boiling with anger. This was how he always treated her when he caught her on a date, he would scare her date off with his ugly scowl but that didn't work for Ricardo. Ricardo was just telling her that she isn't meant to wear a camisole under the dress. He said in quote, that the low neckline is there for a reason and he knew why he picked the dress.

That had made her blush.

"Ricardo, what is the meaning of this?" Marco asked suppressing the rage he was feeling.

"I am taking what is rightfully mine. " Ricardo said which earned a gasp from Carina.

"Ricardo, my sister isn't yours. You have no right to abduct her from her house. I told you I would pay and I will but I don't just have the money now. " Marco said.

So he is owing a debt Carina thought. Oh fuc.k, her breath caught in her throat when she put two and two together, she was going to serve payment for the debt.

Was this man a monster?, she wondered. What horrendous thing is he going to make me do in this house?

"I don't have a problem with that. But she will be here till you pay up. Do not tempt me" He said those four words again. Ricardo said opening the window and pulling out a stick of cigarette, he lit it and began to smoke.

Taking long drags of it, making him look so appealing. Carina memotarily began to cream her panties. She didn't notice how sexy he was before.

"She can't stay here." Marco's voice pulled Carina out from her naughty thoughts about a certain criminal. Yes that's what he is, Carina subconscious told her, confirming her thoughts.

She wasn't staying here.

"I'm not staying here." Carina said trying to sound strong but failing terribly.

"Yes you are, Bonita." Ricardo turned only to smirk at Carina, eyeing her up and down.

"Don't call me that." Carina said, crossing her arms over her chest she was glad that she had worn the camisole.

"Marco you do know that she is not leaving the premises right? Or do you wish to challenge me?" Ricardo said. He was daring Marco to go aganist his judgment even if he was just a year older than Marco, he still demanded respect from everyone that worked under him.

"Ricardo...." Marco didn't know what to say. He had never gone against Ricardo's word and he didn't want to. He still had an ounce of respect for him.

Ricardo looked at Marco expectantly.

If Marco didn't leave now he would do something he would surely regret.

He slammed the door on his way out, making the walls vibrate.

Carina made to follow him when Ricardo gripped her wrist. He pulled her into his solid rock chest. Even though she was given seven inches hells, she had to crank her neck up to look at him.

He lowered his head so his hot breath could reach her face and she panicked immediately knowing that if he kissed there was no way she would resist.

She had been kissed before but before the boy's tongue entered her mouth, her brother had beat him to pulp.

She pushed on his chest but he was way stronger than her. He didn't even budge.

"You stay right here. If you so much as go aganist my word, I will kill him. " He said his mouth hovering over her lips, like he didn't talk about killing someone.
She felt his erection against her belly.

Oh Good God! Carina thought. It looks like this criminal is hell bent on doing intimate things with her and she didn't just want to be a quick Carind knew then that he wanted her and she was thinking about the duty she came to fulfill.

She thanked heavens when he released her abruptly. He straightened up and said.

"Someone will be here to take you to your room in ten minutes, finish your food. " Ricardo said looking to the door, table with food and back to her.

With that he left the room and that was when she saw her brother speeding out.

He had abandoned her, she thought. He left her with this horny vile man.


Truly a man had come and taken Carina to her room as the Ricardo has promised, she had showered now just to explore the luxurious bathroom again, she would never get tired of it and she put on the inappropriate negligee Paola brought.

Carina wondered if it was Ricardo giving these clothes to Paola and she knew that he was the one.

Carina stood in front of the mirror and she could see the shape of her petit breats through the negligee, the slim curve of her waist and the triangle of hairs that rested between her legs.

She went to the wardrobe and tied a blanket under her armpits.

That will serve the pig right for wanting to see her lady parts.

She climbed onto the bed and then she remembered she hasn't call Paris. She slowly slid out of her room and made her way around the strange house she was hoping to find the kitchen, maybe Paola would be there.

She turned on the lights so she could see her way. Had everyone already gone to bed, she wondered.

"Looking for something," she gasped when she saw a strange man standing there he was slouched and she guessed he was drunk. He eyed her up amd down before opening his mouth.
"You are Marco's sister. " He said coming closer to her. "Why don't you take off that blanket and I'll surly give what you're looking for, walking around in the night." The man Said and in the blink of an eye he caught her wrist in a tight grip.

Fear gripped Carina that she wasn't able to breath as the man's hand connect with the blanket she ran away from him.

When she got to her room she locked the door from inside. There was no way she was going out of this room again. Paris could wait till morning.

She would ask Ricardo if she could borrow his phone in the morning.

She climbed into bed and wrapped herself into the warm soft sheets. When she rested her head, sleep took her immediately.


Blinking her eyes open. She sat up on the bed and wondered what woke her up. Carina then recognized an image standing at the foot of the bed. Ricardo. What was he doing here?

She forgot all about her appearance but when she noticed how his eyes never strayed from her chest she looked down.

Gasping, Carina covered herself up with the sheets.

Before she could open her mouth to speak, he beat her to it.

"That is the way I like to be greeted in the morning." He said, his eyes straying to chest and back to her face. His pupils were dilated and she knew the very reason why.

"You are disgusting," she said out loud, irritated that he had disturbed her sleep and said those stupid words.

"Trust me. I am many things but disgusting " Ricardo winked at Carina showing his pearly whites.

Why was he so beautiful? I mean who looks this good in the morning. Carina asked her subconscious all these questions but she was met with loud snores.

"Leave me alone. " She said, ignoring his previous statement.

"I take it you are enjoying your stay," Ricardo said looking around the room.

"I will never enjoy my time here. I'm being kept as a prisoner. " Carina was seething in anger as she made this statement.

"Ahh, feisty are we? I love a challenge. " Ricardo said.

"You are such a pig!" Carina all but exclaimed, exasperated.

"Take off the blanket and let me see what I've bargained for." What? He said and all of a sudden the playful Ricardo was gone and his eyes had darkened.

I sat there just starting at him, maybe he was joking.

"Do not make me repeat myself. Take. It. Off." He said again.

"If I do come there and do it myself, it will not be nice. Bonita, take it off." His tone instilled a level of fear in Carina making her let go of the sheets.

"Stand." He said as he moved his hand and began to stroke himself through his trousers. Oh my God, Carina thought, this was disgusting. She could physically see him grow as he stroked himself standing.

"Fucking stand." He shouted as she didn't make a move.

Reluctantly Carina stood up, he groaned out loud.

"Fuc.k me." He called out as he began to take his cock out of his pants.

He continued to stroke himself only blinking his eyes open to look at me. Soon he shot of his seed on the floor. She didn't even have the grace to blush. She was speechless.

When Ricardo regained himself ,he went into the bathroom to clean up. He didn't know what came over him but he just had to do that. She was too fucking sexy.

"Join me for breakfast in thirty minutes. I will be waiting in the garden. Paola will show you. " Ricardo returned to Carina saying it like nothing just happened.

She narrowed her eyes at him, not saying anything.

"That is an order, or else you would not like the way I would punish you." Ricardo's voice sounded so smooth and it was laced with authority.

Carina clenched her thighs to as she felt her sex moisten. She knew she was attracted to him and she kind of looked forward to the punishment, he would want to give her.

Go fuc.k yourself, is what her subconscious was saying but when she opened her mouth she breathed out
"I'll be right there."

At her statement Ricardo left the room not before smirking and winking at her.

Ricardo knew he could get this girl just where he wanted her.

Never in his life would he have imagined Marco, his boy, having a sister, abeautiful one at that. He would praise him that he was smart enough to his her but not enough. When he had first seen her with Marco he thought she was one of his girls but when he investigated he found out that it was his sister.

Marco sure had a very sexy one at that. He wasn't sure if he was going to be keeping his hands or to himself, when he knew she was attracted to him too.

When he gave Paola those clothes for her to where, it had earned him a nasty look and a cursing in his language but still she knew she couldn't do anything about it. Today he wants to admire her long sexy legs in the skinny jeans and heels. He also complemented it with a tank top that would emphasize on the curve of her breast, he just hoped she didn't wear a bra today. Ricardo already felt the stirring in his loins when he saw her nipples peeking out of her dress.

Ricardo was a drug lord in fact he was the most respected one but he also had a legal occupation. He owned a chain of lingerie stores spread over the surface of the earth. He also owned a few hotels but he never really paid interest into all of this. He had people working under him. And one thing you could say he also owned was Spanish Police. Every operation his people carried out always got passed.

Ricardo almost lost his mind when Carina came in. Her legs were never ending. Damn, he loved a woman with long legs and slim waist but carina didn't just have a slim waist, she had one that enhanced her curvy hips. He also liked that her breast weren't so large, they were below average but he still liked it anyway.

"Come on. Join me. You've kept me waiting too long." He said, eyeing her up and down.

Carina made up her mind to forget his outrageous behavior.
She was a lot happier that this man had given her a pair of jeans but she never really knew his true intentions.

She took her sit opposite and tuck a hair behind her head as the wind hit her face. She made to pack it in a ponytail when he stopped her.

"I like your hair down." Carina didn't question his statement. She just began to eat when Paola brought the food she smiled her thank you.

After eating Carina asked Ricardo if she could borrow his phone and he told her no ,telling her to get hers.

She sulked the rest of the morning in her room which she had been locked in for putting up a show by shouting and insulting Ricardo. She knew she was going to get punished for this but who cares.

Not her at least.

Her thoughts lurked around a certain monster as she slept away her boredom.


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