The Debt. ( A Criminal Love Story #1)

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Carina was going crazy. She had been locked in this room for seven days. One week. She has seen nothing but these four walls. The man didn't even let her go to work. She had not even seen him. She only saw Paola who would come and bring her clothes and food. She tried talking to her but she would not respond. She felt like killing herself. Marco had not even come to see her. He had not bothered about her and that is what hurt her the most. She was sure her parents would be going out of their minds wondering where she is. She knew Marco wouldn't tell them anything and going to the police would just be a waste of time because Ricardo was in cahoots with them.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she began to feel this  feeling of hate for this man. He humiliated her last week and now she had not seen him.

Paola walked into the room and brought her lunch. Grilled prawns and spicy rice. Carina murmured a low thank you and began to eat. She could positively confess that the only good thing about this house was their food. They made really delicacies and she's sure she had gained a few pounds.

By the time she finished eating, she felt so relaxed. Food was the place she found solace.

Ricardo had traveled to the United States for a very important meeting with the rest of the crew.

He had not stopped thinking about that siren in his house. That's why he left because he was sure he would not be able to control himself. With her long raven hair, that flowed down her stopping just before her lush bottom, that he wanted to caress. Ricardo liked the way her skinny waist curved down to meet her rounded hips and he had never seen a woman with Carina's never ending shapely legs. He just wanted to fuck her so hard that she would not be able to walk for a week. He needed his release and he was tired of letting Cindy suck him off every time. He would never fuck her again, it held no appetite for him but her hot mouth had certain skills.

He wondered how his cock will feel in Carina's mouth, as he was driving home.

He had commanded everyone not to let her out of the room and he told Paola not to speak to her.

He knew Marco wasn't going to pay the money within twelve weeks and only ten weeks were left now. He was going to have Carina to his fullest.

Right now, he was thinking about fucking her when he got home.


Carina woke up panting from the dream she had been having. She was all wet and sweaty. Ricardo had been massaging her breasts roughly and licking her pussy. It had felt so real. Now her body was on fire. She needed a shower as she stood up from her bed she noticed she was only wearing her panties. Wet panties. She had slept off before paola came with her night clothes. Where in the hell was Ricardo?

Just as Carina was walking to the bathroom, Ricardo entered. His eyes almost popped. He didn't expect to see a naked Carina. Oh fuck, he was happy. His pants felt too tight as he saw her chest rise slowly. At his look, her nipples tightened and pointed to him, begging for attention.

He walked slowly to Carina and she backed away each step, until her back hit the wall.

Ricardo took off his jacket and tie as he walked to her.

"No, don't come near me. " Carina said, crossing her arms over her petit breasts.

Ricardo ignored her statement and began to give Carina a display of his muscular chest and broad shoulders. Carina was in a haze when she saw his manly body. She had never seen one other than her brother and father but she never felt like this.
She could feel heat between her legs and she felt herself getting wet again.

When Ricardo reached her, he was only wearing his silk boxer briefs which did nothing to hide his engorged member.

"If you come near me I'll scream. " Carina stuttered out. She was trying her hardest to think but she couldn't.

"Scream your loudest Bonita. I love a passionate woman. " ricardo said once he reached her.

Carina placed her hand on his chest to push him away and he groaned.

"I have not stopped dreaming about your body all week. " He said and then crashed his lips to hers. Carina fought her hardest, pushing him away. Her head was telling her not to do this but this is just what her body craved.

When Carina finally bit his tongue that has slipped into her mouth, he cursed. Ricardo grabbed her by the neck and flung her into the bed. She was crawling away from him when he gripped her ankle.

"Carina don't and I mean don't ever try that with me again. " He said, his voice cold.

He pulled his body over hers as he began to trace her pussy lips over her panties. She shivered. He didn't know she was this wet before.

What had she been doing before he came, he thought.

"Carina what were you doing before I came in?" He asked lightly tapping her hard nub of flesh. She was already breathing harshly.

"S-s-sleeping." She stammered, her eyes closed. Carina was in a haze she had never felt this amount of pleasure before. No one had ever touched her there.

"And what happened in your sleep?" He asked applying pressure to her clit.

"Ahhh." Carina moaned. "I was dreaming. " She said, breathy.

"About?" He asked as he slowly began to remove her panties.

"You. you were touching me. " She said her eyes closed.

He blew air onto her glistening as he removed her panties.

"Where?" He asked. Fuck, he thought as he came in contact with her pink pussy he could already see her clot throbbing. He rose her legs up and let her for lie flat on the bed with her knee up.

"You were licking me there and massaging my breasts. " Carina said as she felt the cold air hit her there.

"Like this?" Ricardo asked as he wrapped his arms around her thighs and buried his head in her pussy. He began to pick up her slit slowly at first, which had Carina in a puddle. He then separated her pussy lips and began to suck directly on her sensitive nub.

"Yes. Yes. Like that. Ohh...Ric. " Carina moaned and ground her pussy into his face. She had formed a nickname for him.

Ricardo smirked, he liked how responsive she was. He pulled one of his hands out to her breasts and began to massage it. He tweaked her pink nipple up to attention as his tongue fiddled and played with her clit. He was enjoying this just as she was. He felt himself growing.

"Ohhh. Ric. I...don't know. There's something. " Carina said as she felt this heavy feeling in her abdomen. Her clit was throbbing from the feeling.

"Let go, Bonita. Let go. " And she did. She screamed out loud as her orgasn ripped through her. Leaving her motionless.

Ricardo took off his briefs and lay back on the bed. Carina didn't know what made her move and touch the flesh that was lying on Ricardo's belly. He was very large and it looked like monster that was going to tear her apart. As she stroked him, he groaned and rolled his eyes back. She used her thumb to remove the liquid oozing out of the tip. She rubbed it all over his tip, rolling her thumb on it.

"Suck it. " Ricardo said his voice full of authority and Carina found herself obeying him. She put his tip in her mouth and sucked on it, rolling her tongue around him.

Ricardo flexed his hips pushing his cock into her wet mouth.

"Oh Fuck. That's it, baby. Put your tongue, move your head," Ricardo said as he placed his hand over Carina's head, moving it. He moved her dark hair covering her face out of the way because he wanted to see her. She continued doing this until he was satisfied.

He pulled her off him and groaned painfully as her mouth left him. He wanted to come inside her. He got a condom from trouser and thought about getting her birth control he wanted to feel her pussy against his flesh with out any covering.

He sheathed himself and opened her legs. Carina was looking up at him with vulnerability. This was going to be her first time and she felt nervous.

When she felt him rub his sheathed cock over her clit, her eyes shut as she shivered. He came down on her as he placed his cock at her entrance. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held tightly into him.

He pushed into her opening and thrusted in deeply. She was so tight, he thought. When he heard her gasp, he stilled.

Fuck, he had just taken her virginity. Why hadn't she told him? How in this world could this siren be a virgin? How old was she? He could not do this relationship thing with her if that's what she thought.

Tears flowed down her eyes as she gripped him tightly. It had been painful when he thrusted sharply into her and now when she moved, grinding her hips into his.

Immediately, Ricardo pulled out of her and moved out of her grip like lightening.

He had just rejected her.

"Why the fuc.k did you not say anything?" He asked, as he removed the condom. He quickly wore his briefs again and pants. He grabbed his phone and called Janice to meet him in his house in ten minutes right in front of her.

He didn't plan on fucking a virgin ever.

Carina couldn't speak. He treated her virginity like dirt and the pain between her legs was stinging. He pulled on his shirt.

"What was the point?" She asked quietly.

"I don't fuck virgins. " He said coldly, his back to her, and it was like a sword pressed into Carina's heart. This man was a monster.

He turned to her and it was like his heart softened when he saw the tears in her eyes.

Why was he feeling things for this siren? He doesn't do relationships.

"Sorry, Carina. Paola will get you something for the pain and a hot bath will help." He apologized softly.

With that he left and she cried into her pillow. The pain of rejection was more than the pain between her legs. She felt like a slut. Used and wasted. Now she wasn't of any value. As she stood up from the bed and tied the robe around herself, she saw the blood stains on the bed and at that moment Paola walked in.

She spotted the blood and her face looked full of sympathy.

She dropped the paracetamol and a glass of water.

She left quietly.

Carina went and sat in the hot bath and it helped drive the stinging between her thighs away. Ricardo was right about that. She hated the way she gave herself willingly to him. Her brother would be disappointed in her. She came out of the bath and put on the robe she took the paracetamol and went to bed. She couldn't sleep though all she could think about were Ricardo's words. I don't fuck virgins.


As Ricardo walked to the guest room, where he knew Janice was waiting, he knew he didn't fuck virgins but he felt like a king now that he knew he had taken her virginity.

His cock was still painfully throbbing because of that dangerous siren. He walked into his room to see Janice with her legs separated touching herself and he just imagined his siren doing this.

He quietly undressed himself. Her eyes were closed tightly because of the amount of pleasure she was giving herself.

He sheathed himself and climbed the bed over to her.

He grabbed her roughly and fucked her hard. She was screaming and grunting. Giving him as much as he was giving her.

He released himself into her and immediately pulled out of her walking to the bathroom. He was still not satisfied but Janice was.

"Be out when I'm out. " Ricardo called out as he walked into the bathroom to clean up.

Janice was more than happy to leave. She always loved his big cock inside any hole in her body.

Ricardo touched himself in his own bathroom when he finally reached his room he came but he was still not satisfied what he needed was Carina's pink pussy but he couldn't go back. He had hurt her and it pained him.

He had to sleep with a hard-on. That was his punishment.


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