The Debt. ( A Criminal Love Story #1)

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No one had come to see Carina in the month she'd stayed in the boring estate.

One month since she lost her virginity.

She had been alone. At least she was allowed to leave her room, she was not kept as a prisoner but she knew to be in her room with the door bolted by seven.

She feared all the strange men in the house especially the one she met that night.

Carina sat in the garden quietly with her feet dipped into the lake. Hurt and shame. Those were the only emotions she felt since she woke up the next morning from that tragic event to find out that Ricardo had left the premises. She still didn't understand the point of him keeping her here if he wasn't going to be here. Was she just an object?

She had missed a month of work and she hasn't been able to contact her family or friends.

Her parents must be going out of their minds wondering where she is, she thought. She knew all too well that Marco wasn't going to say a word. He would probably be somewhere hallowing in his self pity.

Her shoulders slumped, at least she was treated nicely in this house. She was feed and clothed. That should be all that mattered but she was going crazy.

Nobody had spoken to her. It's like they were told not to speak to her.

She loved coming to this lake. She would love to swim here and she didn't have any swim suits her option left was to swim naked.

Carina wouldn't dare to try that because she feared being caught by those wicked looking men.

She wondered what really happened in this house during the night.

Carina put her slippers back on and made to the house it was just six and she was turning in.
In her old house she never turned in, she just slept whenever the sleep came. Her position reminded her of when she was a teenager under her parent's roof she had to follow their rules but at least in her parent's house she wasn't treated like an object.

Carina stepped into her room not bothering to have dinner. Breakfast was the only meal of the day she had. She couldn't be bothered to eat for the rest of the day. She also pretended she didn't see the look Paola gave her. Her eyes were full of worry but she couldn't voice out her concern.

She took her night dress into the bathroom and took a shower. That's how her life had been for a month.

Wake. Eat. Visit lake or read a book. Shower. Read Book. Sleep.
And the cycle repeats itself.

She released all her pent up anger and tears when she was in the shower.

That vile arrogant man just up and left her in this stupid house. How dare he? He just took her virginity, treated it like filth, treated her like filth and left. The worst was there was nothing she could do ,nothing. Nothing. She just hoped for everyday her brother was planning something to get her out.


Ricardo went to visit his family. it was tragic. His sister hadn't stop ringing in his ears and his father only made it worst. His father supported the annoying woman. He always wondered where she got her talkative nature from.

But the thing that irked him the most was the sexy raven haired leggy woman in his house. He had dreamt of her every night. Each dream with different fantasies. His sister's friends that were showed so much interest in him didn't hold any appeal to him, much to the fact most of them just gained legal adulthood.

Since when did he start to reject willing women?, was the question he asked himself.

He had been in London with his sister, who just turned eighteen and was leaving for college. Riccardo and his father, Victor made sure their little girl will never forget the day actually week she turned eighteen. They knew they went overboard but she was their little girl, an exact replica of his dead mother and she deserved the best.

His cousin, Marcus was even surprised at him. He had told him whatever woman that had taken over his mind was not worth it. He said to just fuck her and be done with it. In quote 'wham bam thank you ma'am' That had made him have a good laugh.

He hasn't had his fill in thirty days. Thirty fu.cking days. Un-fuc.king- believable.

His vacation was over when he woke up last night to a hard on.

The he wondered if he was a preteen going through puberty.

Right now he was heading back to hit, to her senseless until she couldn't walk for a week. He had had enough. He was done regretting his action, he had already done the deed and he could not regretting it for the rest of his life, especially when it bothered other parts of his anatomy he was proud of. In fact,he didn't feel in the least bit sorry for his action, to be honest he felt like a king with a crown because she had given him that irreplaceable gift even if he had ruined.

Ricardo wondered if she would let him touch her again. He answered his own question, with the way she responded when we were only an inch apart of course. He knew he still had a chance. He just loved how passionate and responding her body was to his touch.

He hoped that everyone had followed his rule by not speaking to her so she will feel totally depressed for not telling him about her virginity. That would be enough punishment for her.

His private jet had landed and now he was stuck in traffic on his way home.


Carina jolted awake and stared into the darkness. She could swear she heard a sound that woke her up. She clutched the sheets tightly to her body and leaned over to switch on the lights.

As she turned she was faced with two lanky dirty-looking men.

She was confused at them but when she saw the way their eyes shined with appreciation. She shuddered.

"She's awake. We have to be fast. Paola could wake up anytime. " The one to her right said. The men had injected Paola with a very strong drug. They were working the warehouse and wondered why this beauty was left in this house. Jose had told them the boss brought her and said no one should disturb her, but they didn't care. They then set their plan into motion.

He looked like he hadn't slept in days and his beard was long.

They murmured hushing sounds at her as they drew nearer.

Carina shrieked for her dear life once she felt the bed dip. Her screams could rupture eardrums. A blow landed on her face that sent her of lying flat on the bed.

"Paola!!! Help!! Help!!" She screamed her loudest as she felt the pounding headache build up, trying to gain her vision.

"You better shut up and stay still or we'll be here all night. " His breath reeked from lack of wash. His body odor almost sent her into unconsciousness but she couldn't give up.

His mouth closed over hers and she banged at his chest, pushing him off her but her attempts failed. She was no match for the male body atop her. She winced and tears ran down her cheeks as he bit her lip hard and she tasted blood.

Carina was in a fit of tears when she was being stripped. One of them held her hands while the other tore her clothes. She had been beaten badly. Her face and stomach would have probably already started bruising.

She let out her last loudest scream when she felt a cold hand grab her breast so harshly while the other bit her nipple.

"Marco!! Ricardo!! Somebody help me!!" Another blow to the face had her screaming.

Carina wondered if she was going to end this way. She would kill herself if they got away with this. She did not want to live anymore.


Ricardo shut the door of the house. He had wanted to here an update from Jose or the warehouse men but no one was there.

Now he would enjoy a night with the beautiful Carina in his arms, he thought.

He heard an ear splitting scream and he ran to check where the sound came from. He opened the first door to his right and saw Paola on the floor, unconscious.

Different things started going through his mind as he began to walk in the other direction to Carina's room.

"Marco!! Ricardo!! Somebody help me!!" He didn't wait, he raced to her room and burst the door open.

What he saw destroyed him? He saw red. How could anyone under his control try this?

He hauled out his gun putting a bullet in the back of each ones head. He rolled them off her.

Carina flinched when she heard the gunshot. Just from the atmosphere, she knew it was Riccardo.

She drew her night gown torn in half to cover self and she curled into a ball on the bed.

Ricardo did not know what to do. He wished he could wake those men and torture them to death. But they were already dead as of now.

"Carina." He whispered her name and watched her plead with him to leave her alone. She was hysterical.

She continued pleading with him not to touch her, calling for Marco and Ricardo. He was even shocked that she was calling for him maybe its because it's his house. Even if he wanted to get Marco for her. He had no idea where he was. When he was done sulking, he would come back and resume his job as his best man.

He knew that Marco would do well in taking care of his estate, the warehouse and its transactions.

"Shh. It's me,bonita. You're safe now." He said moving closer to the bed and sitting beside her.

Once Carina heard the word beautiful in her native language she turned around and began to sob resting her head on his shirt, clutching it.

She didn't even care what had happened before he left. She was just grateful and happy he had come when she needs him the most.

Ricardo just sat there patting her back, holding her to him.

When she had calmed down and loosened her grip on him, he decided to make a phone call to clear away this mess.

Once he was done he carried her to his room, on the top floor while she was shivering.

He noticed how light she was. Had she been eating?, Ricardo wondered.

He looked down at her marred face and bruised lips.

How the could someone do this?

He placed her on his bed and made a quick phone call.

"Jose you better get your fucking ass back to the estate with Pancho and Lucas in the next ten minutes." That was he said.

Carina felt disgusted with herself that Ricardo had seen her that way. She felt so vulnerable now all she wanted to was scrub off every trace and smell those men left on her body.

How could they be so evil? She was sure they had destroyed her face and now Ricardo could not look at her anymore. In fact, she was sure he would return her back.

He walked slowly to her and she watched him. It strained to keep her eye open her cheeks were hurting her so were her breasts and arms, they had been up too long. She made to stand up.

Ricardo thought what she might want to do. He was not sure she will be able to stand in the shower by herself.

"What do you need, Carina?" He asked her as he made her sit down again.

Carina looked the floor as she answered him,
"I need to use the bathroom. Please can I use the shower in this room." She asked her voice so small that he strained his ear to hear her.

He pulled her chin up and examined her face. Those men had done a great deal on her but he would not say that out loud. No man was aloud to touch her in this way or any other.


He walked into the bathroom and began to run the golden bath, pouring in some scents and bath foam.

He knew her eyes were strained and she couldn't see properly. Fucking hell, he wondered how hopeless she must have felt. He didn't find this funny in any way and José and his team were going to pay.

Once the bath was filled he just slipped the sleeves off her shoulders and with all the control he mustered up he carried her to the bath and placed her in it.

He couldn't stay and watch her bath. He wasn't made of rock, he had blood running through his veins. He was all male.

"I'll come to get you in twenty minutes. " He told her and just placed a kiss on her forehead hoping to calm her down he said "You're safe now"

Carina felt her shivering cease. She wished she could erase that horrible moment from her head and now Ricardo had seen her in the worst state possible. He was feeling sorry for her, taking care of her. What a joke! Carina scrubed every inch of those men off her body. She scrubbed herself raw until her skin burned. She began to sob quietly in the bathroom at her misfortune. She wished she was never brought here. One thing she knew for sure was Riccardo wasn't going to release her just yet. Especially like this. He was going to get to the bottom of this.


As Ricardo came in contact with Jose he landed a punch on his face and he was satisfied when he heard his nose break.

"What was_" When Jose saw the deadly look his boss was going him all the blood in his face drained he became as white as a sheet.

"Where the fuck were you?" Ricardo asked.

"We were in the__?" His boss did not let him finish before he landed a punch on his face again.
"Who the fuck did I leave in charge?" Jose didn't bother to answer again as his boss questioned. He knew something terrible had happened for his boss to be spitting mad. He was in rage.

"Do you know what has fucking happened? Do you have an idea?" Ricardo questioned again and with each question he landed a punch on José body until he fell to the floor.

"Pick him up" he commanded Pancho and Lucas. They were quite happy that they weren't on the receiving end of their boss.

Ricardo continued to beat him until he thought he had had enough. He knew if he had Marco in charge on any situation ,nothing would go wrong and now see what was happening.

"Follow me." Ricardo commanded.

Jose shrug out of the hands that were holding him and spat blood out. He tried to ignore the pain as he followed.

He liked when Marco was in charge, things went smoothly.

They walked into the room to see the sheets soaked with blood.

"Do you know who's room this is?"

Jose nodded his head. What had happened to Carina?, he thought.

"I left her in your protection and I find her being abused and assaulted by two men. What if I was delayed? You think because I'm not here you can skip your duties. You are going to return their bodies to Don-fucking-Leo and tell him what they did personally. " Ricardo said and was satisfied when he saw his deathly pale colour. Serves him right.

Jose knew Don Leo was not one to try. He would skin him alive.

" Boss. I'm sorry. I didn't even know these men were still here. "

"I would have accepted your apology if I know there was nothing you could do. But there was. "

Before he left to see Carina he said, " Don't worry I will specifically tell him not to kill you. You have a lot more spine than these two and you're useful to me."

He looked at the other two. "Clean this mess. "


Carina had finished bathing and now she was enjoying the feel of the hot water on her skin.

She wondered where Ricardo was.

"Are you done?" Ricardo asked, walking into the bathroom. The sight of her dark hair drawn to her back made him do a double take. Even if her face was marred she still looked beautiful but he didn't stand a chance with her now at least till she recovered from this night all because of José carelessness. He had to keep all his erotic thoughts at bay.

"Umm yes." She said, her eyes moving south to his blooded knuckles. He went to the sink and washed his hands.

He got a towel from the towel warmer and wrapped it around her as he helped her stand.

Carina felt her cheeks color as she was exposed before him. He acted neutral. In fact he was acting like a gentleman this night. Something she had never seen before.

He carried her and placed on the bed. He tossed her a white T-shirt from his closet and pointed to a new pair of underwear on the bed before he left her to get dressed. He murmured a good night to her before leaving.

She was the first woman to enter his bedroom that he had an interest in and he hasn't even slept with her yet.

He had to go take care of Paola before coming to bed.

Ricardo mood rose at the fact he had come home this night. If he hadn't he would be damned.


Ricardo returns.

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