The Debt. ( A Criminal Love Story #1)

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Sylvia and Antonio had been searching for their daughter for the past two months. They had been to the local and state police department in hope of getting results but nothing. After the first two visits, the police had began to ignore.

They basically showed no interest in searching for Carina again.

They were starting to think their daughter was dead. She had just disappeared into thin air.

Antonio Rodriguez knew it was bad news when his little girl decided to move out of the family house. His wife, Sylvia, didn't get a wink of sleep anymore. All she did was cry at night for her daughter to return.

Sylvia sat on the couch in the living room blowing her nose as she was wrapped in the blanket to keep her warm. Her throat was dry from all the crying she had done. Antonio walked in with a hot bowl of soup for his wife. He didn't like to see her this way.

"Here you go, amorcito. " Antonio said as he handed the bowl to his wife.

She took a spoon and began to feel its soothing effects. It was a recipe she learnt from her mother in law, who was now dead.

"What are we going to do? We can't find our daughter and we are just sitting here." Sylvia asked frantically. Antonio just wrapped his arm around his wife and kissed her template.

He knew something was wrong somewhere. He was going to wait for his son to show up before he began asking any questions. He had warned him not to get involved with these bad men again but he never listened. Only God knows the secret his son,Marco, always kept.

Sylvia finished the soup and placed it on the table noisily.
"Antonio , you just sit there silently and do nothing!" She exclaimed in her mother tongue.

"Amorcito, calm down. We will find her. " He said standing up to met her but rather she walked away from him into their room.

He didn't know what to do. His little girl was nowhere to be found. She could be scared. He promised he would always protect her.

He was about to go in and join his wife when he heard her lock the door. Hell, this was going to be a long night!

He was worried about his daughter and now his wife has decided not to speak to him,putting all her frustration on him.

He had to find his son quick!


It was two months since Carina had been living in this house.

Carina sat in the patio, quietly. She was thinking about how her life had drastically changed in the past two months.

She lost her job.

She lost her best friend.

She lost her house.

Most of all, she lost her family. She missed her father a lot. She knew he would've already started searching for her and she hoped he found her.

Marco, her brother, had not shown up since the first time she was here. Ricardo was always around but he had never spoken to her since that night, not that she had given him the opportunity to. She always walked away when she saw him heading her way in the house.

She was a coward!

Carina took herself to the kitchen and helped Paola do little work, even if Paola had always told her she did not need any help.

After helping out, she had her dinner and was heading to her room when she saw Ricardo coming through the front door but that was not what caught her attention. Marco was here. He had finally decided to visit.

Carina, with all she had, raced to the front door and pounced into the opening arms of her brother.

Marco chuckled as he felt his little sister's enthusiasm. This moment reminded him of when he would come home from school and the toddler that could hardly stand on her two feet would race to him.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her. He missed her. He felt bad he had left her with Ricardo but he had been instructed by his boss, Ricardo, to take down some people in Italy in cahoots with the famous Don Leo. That man had to be brought down but it was not an easy task.

After Ricardo emotionlessly told him about what happened to his sister, he hurriedly closed the case and gave in evidence. He gave his report to the staff superintendent who would be appearing in court on Monday. He wished Ricardo hadn't killed those men. He wanted to do it himself.

He kissed her on cheek. "How are you?" Marco asked pulling his sister away from the presence of his boss, clearing telling him he was not needed now.

"Oh Marco! Why did you leave me here for so long? I missed you so much. I miss mama and papa." Carina said all at once as they were out of Ricardo's sight.

"Relax, Carina. I'm sorry for leaving you here but I have no power in all of this. "Marco found it hard to say all this to her.

"What? So I will have to be here for ever. " Carina whispered, her voice full of fear and shock.

"No. You will not be here forever ,only for the meantime. Listen, Ricardo is a good man. He will protect you. " Marco thought about what he said and he knew that his sister would definitely be out of harm ,now that she was with his boss. He just wished that Ricardo would not look at her in any other way.

"You are telling me that bastard is good man? Do you now what has happened to me in this house?" Carina questioned standing up slowly. She was livid now. She wanted to get out from this good for nothing crime world and return to her normal life.

Her eyes began to water.
"I will not stay in this house for how ever long you have decided in that thick skull of yours, Marco! " she yelled.

"I am an adult. I am free to do what I like and once you leave this house I'm leaving. " She shouted walking out from him, not before she heard him yell
"Carina you better not try anything stupid because I don't want to start looking for you."

She slammed her door shut. Why are men so difficult? Why couldn't her brother see the danger he was putting her in? For Ricardo to do with her as he liked.

Carina let out a shout as she saw Ricardo sitting on the chair by her bed. Her hand clutched her chest, she thought she had been alone.

"So you still have not come to the fact that you will be staying here with me?" Ricardo asked smirking as he lustfully gazed at her enticing body.

The arrogant swine! Carina scrunched her face up in distaste at his choice of words. She wanted to wipe that smirk off his face.

"Why are you here?" She questioned, angered by his relaxed expression.

"This is my house, remember?" Ricardo grinned at her. He liked seeing her angry. She looked sexy. Her designer denim trousers clung nicely to her hips showing her figure to his advantage. He loved how her legs were never ending.

He groaned inwardly as he imagined her shapely legs around his waist.

Carina stepped back when she saw how his eyes darkened. She knew what he was thinking. If he touched, heaven knew she would not resist. She would participate and enjoy every moment of it but her brain told her not to do it..

With every step Ricardo took forward she in turn moved back.
"Why are you fighting the inevitable?" He questioned when he stood right in front of her. He got her right where he wanted her.

"Ric_R_Ric..." She drawled out when he was an inch away from her.

She placed her hand on his chest wanting to push him away but when she felt the heat emanating from his chest she closed her eyes. Desire taking over her, clouding her brain. She loved the feeling of his rock hard chest against her aroused nipples.

He placed his hands gently on the curve of her waist, pulling her even closer to him.

His lips softly brushed hers, seducing her. Ricardo knew very much what he was doing. He was awakening the need in her, making her want him and he would take his chance as long as she answered him in the affirmative.

Carina was tired of Ricardo teasing her. She could feel his smile against her cheek. Confidently, she moved her hand to caress his strong facial qualities and brought his head down to hers. She loved how his lips moved against hers, coercing her to give all she had.

"Mmmm..." She moaned, enjoying every bit of it.

When his hand slipped under shirt, she had his hand in a strong grip, stopping him.

She moved to the other side of the room creating a good amount of distance between them.

Carina kept her eyes down so she did not have to look at him. She didn't need to spell it out. He knew what she wanted.

He left the room slamming the door on his way out.

Ricardo stepped out of the room. Why had she stopped him? He didn't want to get worked up because of her. She was becoming a big distraction. He had a lot of unfinished assignments from the deputy chief of SIS and he wanted to be done with it tonight. As the chief of SIS in Spain he needed to be done with his work so he could Sen to the headquarters in USA.

He was walking to his office when he saw Marco. He was giving him the knowing look. He knew what he was doing with his sister but Ricardo had threatened him. Marco had respect for his boss because respect was something they held very high but he was itching to get this question out.

"Why are you doing this?" Marco asked but now he was addressing Ricardo personally.

"You have no right to question my actions, am I understood Agent Marco?" He said coldly to Marco. He was really getting on his nerves. He would give him something to do.

"Yes, sir!" Marco sneered back frustrated.

"Follow me." He said not turning to look back if he was following him at all. Marco knew better than to disobey that request.

"I want all of this faxed to the chief of police by eight am sharp. " He commanded.

Marco fumed ,he was giving him the work of a mere assistant when he was in himself an agent of the SIS.

He snatched the papers from a smirking Ricardo and retreated to his room without offering a goodbye to his boss.

Carina had showered and changed. She was ready to for bed now. She could not believe how easily she had given into Ricardo's torment. He would think she was easy now!

She thanked the heavens she stopped herself before something worse happened.

That night, Carina did not go to bed. She could not get the idea of Ricardo making passionate love to her out of her head.

She wondered what her best friend Paris would be doing at this moment. She hoped she was not worrying herself about her. Her parents, she thought! She knew Marco would never tell them he knew where she was. Selfish man! He would want to age their parents. He had done it a lot of times.

She finally closed her eyes not before seeing those dark eyes hunting her.


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