The Debt. ( A Criminal Love Story #1)

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Revenge Gone Wrong.


"Listen we are going to be alone for a long time so it will do you a great deal to stop running your mouth. It fucking turns my head in!" Marco said, pulling the car to a stop making Isabel jerk forward.

"What? Oh my God! I almost hurt myself" She cried out, placing her hand on her chest. "What is wrong with you? Ever since we left this morning you have been acting this way. "

"Shut up Isabel!" He shouted hoping she would listen to him this time.

"No don't tell me to shut up. You're the one acting this way. " She said being persistent as ever. She shrunk in her seat when he raised his voice at her.

"What way? I suggest you suck it up because you're going to be with me for a very long time. " He said not bothering to look at her anymore.

Isabel just sat quietly. She was stunned. She knew she had put herself in this mess and deserved it when she never stopped running her mouth.


Here's Isabel and Marco's story.

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