Baked Love

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Chapter 12

A/N: Hello my beautiful readers~ How was your Valentine's? Bah, mine was spent in school and at home. And at tuition. Ugh. Anyways I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the current 19k reads :') You guys always make my day. This chapter is for Haru-san, because I think him and his husband are like Chip and Xander. They are the cutest couple ever!

Chapter 12: Balls, Shower Gel, and Perhaps a little Happiness. 

Xander’s POV

Shit. That was fucking cute. 

“Xander—dude. You ‘kay?” Blake smacked me hard on the back. I flinched, but didn’t respond. My eyes were fixed on the adorable frame at the opposite side of the field.

Knocking into a metal pole is not something anyone can do. And to pull it off as cute as Chip did—was almost impossible.

“What’re you lookin’ at?” A few of my friends tried to catch a glimpse of my interest, craning their heads in the direction I was fixed at.

I quickly adverted my gaze and shrugged. “Nothing.”

At the same time, I couldn’t help but notice the petite figure coming to a stop near the stands as he finished his rounds.

“Hey, kid. You gotta buck up y’know?” Coach frowned. “You’re way too slow. You have any health problems or somethin’?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chip jump in surprise as the Coach addressed him. “I-I’m sorry Sir,” he tried to make out a sentence but his words came out in small pants. “I don’t…really have a-any…special conditions.” I could see that he was having difficulty catching his breath.

His cheeks were flushed a cute coral red and small puffs of his heated breath slipped out from his lips.

I had this sudden urge to punch the coach for making him talk when he was obviously unable to.

When most of the two classes had finished their rounds, Coach instructed us to form into 4 groups in each class—2 groups of boys and 2 groups of girls. And that we were playing rugby. (Football/Rugby whatever)

Of course, it was the same old usual—the sporty people automatically moved together to form the strongest team. Which included me. Duh.   (A/N: You are one cocky bastard you know that)

Again, I found my eyes instinctively resting on Chip. He looked reluctant as hell to separate from that girl. What was her name again…oh yeah, Kim. I felt something sharp scratch at my heart.

“-Kay’ Xander’s team—first court on my right along with you guys.” Coach pointed to the first group of boys from 3A, Chip’s class.

Eyes darting to the opposing team (athlete’s instinct to size up opponents), my mind suddenly registered the fact that I’d be playing against Chip. He was hiding behind the rest of his male classmates, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible.

I tried to suppress a laugh.

Together with the junior team, my group moved towards the first part of the field slowly going into our usual positions.

To be honest, Chip’s class wasn’t all that weak. I could spot some of the jocks at the back but there were only 3 of them. Compared to the 7 of us, this would be an easy game.

But then there was Chip…

Turning around, I noticed that most of my team were already cracking up over the miserable opposing group.

I back-tracked, and signalled my team to come closer. Smirking, I simply told them—

“Let’s play with them.”       


Coach released the ball into the air—and obviously, we got possession. Or maybe not.

The rest of my team stayed in their positions—unmoving. The juniors were puzzled, I could tell by their faces. Chip looked lost. Literally. He didn’t even know what was happening.

The junior who had possession charged into our territory, sprinting past me. But he was soon stopped by a wall. Well not literally a wall it’s just Blake and Jeff. But believe me, they can be a substitute for a wall.

It was an easy change—Jeff tackled the guy and Blake took the ball, passing it to me in a fluid motion.

I didn’t run though. Know why? Because the one nearest to me was Chip.

“CHIP TACKLE HIM!!!” His teammates shouted and called.

Chip glanced around anxiously, confused. “Wh-what?”

“TACKLE HIM!!” They slapped a hand to their forehead. “OH GOD!”


I had to try my best not to laugh.

My team was already cracking up—Jeff was rolling on the grass, laughing almost to the point of tears; Blake, Daniel and Seth were slapping their thighs, clutching their stomachs.

As sportsmen, we knew the basic rules to every game or sport—but meeting those who didn’t was just kind of new and hilarious to us. 

“Chip,” I said gently (he was just a few metres away from me), “You’re supposed to tackle me.”

“O-Oh! How…?”

I facepalmed.

In the end, I got tackled by some other guy from his team, but not before throwing the ball backwards towards my team.

Daniel caught it, and he sprinted towards the goal—not before stopping in front of another guy.

The junior was thin and obviously not as tall as Dan. But when he tried to tackle my teammate, we just couldn’t handle it anymore.

Blake and Jeff broke into another fit of laughter and this time, I couldn’t help but let slip a tiny smile.

The junior tried to tackle Daniel—he grabbed the guy and forced him downwards on the grass but he just couldn’t seem to bring Dan down.

Okay—I know we were being mean but come on. It was funny. Honestly.

And then we changed technique, deciding to play ‘Grenade’.

‘Grenade’ was simply just to pass the ball around among our team mates and avoid losing possession, without scoring a goal. Simply put: It was to play with our opponents. And well…mock them.


I caught it, and passed to Daniel.

“Oi Jeff!”


After a couple of passes and seeing our opponents run around the field hopelessly (I know, we are sadists), one of the juniors caught the ball mid-pass.

We were so shocked that none of us made a move to tackle him.

The junior made a quick pass to another but my team quickly got him surrounded.

Just as we were about to bring him down, he shouted: “Chip!” And threw the ball directly at him.

I had to admit—it was a perfect throw. I knew it would land directly into Chip’s hands but what happened next gave me the best laugh of my life.

Chip jumped, startled and moved a few steps to the left—avoiding the trajectory of the ball. The oval-shaped ball landed on the ground, a few metres beside the small figure.

His team mates were stunned.

We were stunned—before dying of laughter.

“Chip!! Oh my God why did you—“

“I-I-I I’m sorry! It’s just that…I’m scared of th-the ball,” He said softly, wringing his hands in an adorable manner.

The rest of my team mates were brought to their knees, just laughing and laughing until they were in pain.

“What?!” Blake said in between laughs, hardly able to catch his breath, “You’re AFRAID of balls?”

Chip nodded, and a light blush coloured his cheeks.

(A/N: My friend has a phobia of balls. I hope she’s reading this cause this is exactly what happens every time in Gym Class.)

My team exchanged amused looks—we just couldn’t imagine such a phobia.

“Okay, why don’t we do this—just for Chip, he can pick up the ball and run again. It won’t be a change of possession.” I suggested, and surprisingly, my team agreed.

“S-So that means I can pick up the ball?” Chip asked tentatively, glancing at what he considered a dangerous material on the ground beside him.

“Yeah,” I smiled encouragingly. Why the fuck was he so freaking adorable?

The small figure picked up the oval ball and hugged it in his arms. Closing his eyes, he charged towards his goal.

None of us made a move to stop him. I guess we were just too amused by his phobia. Either that or we were too lazy.

But obviously, I wasn’t going to miss out this perfect opportunity.

Sprinting towards Chip, I caught up easily and just before Coach’s whistle sounded from the other side of the field, I caught him around his small waist, and tackled him.

I didn’t want him to be crashing into the dirty field, so I twisted my body, making sure he didn’t come into contact with anything hard—in a way so that he landed on my chest.


We were given ample time to proceed to the showers and clean up—but cleaning up wasn’t the only thing I was interested in. Yes, fine you got me. I just wanted to see Chip naked.

After grabbing my stuff from the locker room with my group (notice I don’t call them friends), I proceeded to the showers.

Standing adorably beside the entrance to the shower room was the one I had been looking for.

He didn’t have anything in his hands. Just a simple pair of jeans and a towel.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, noticing his worried blue orbs.

Chip looked slightly shocked that I was talking to him, and didn’t respond immediately.

“I-I um…I can’t find my shirt…”

“Where did you leave it?”

“Inside my locker, but I didn’t lock it,” he replied sheepishly.

I frowned. Was someone stealing from Chip?

“I think someone stole it—you should report this to the office.” I suggested.

But Chip shook his head shyly. “It’s okay, I think they just took it on accident, that’s all.”

I sighed. This guy has got to be the most naïve person in the world.

“I’ve got an extra tee. You want it?” I asked in the nicest tone possible.

Cheeks colouring, the small frame nodded gratefully, and thanked me.

I went back to my locker and rummaged through it, finally coming across a plain white button-up shirt. To be honest, the shirt was small for me.

For Chip? Shit, it’s gonna be big.

But the last thing I wanted was my angel wearing some other guy’s shirt.

So I handed it to him, giving him an apologetic smile for the size. “It’s a bit big, but it’s all I have.”

Chip nodded again, but this time, I swear—his face lit up when he got hold of my shirt.

As I was about to walk into the showers, I felt a tug at the hem of my shirt.

“U-Um, sorry to trouble you a-again…I forgot to bring my…bath soap a-and shampoo…” Chip said very softly, probably because he was embarrassed and looked up at me through those ridiculously long eyelashes.

I shrugged. “That’s okay. You can borrow mine.”

A coy smile spread across his face and his cheeks burned slightly. I could tell that he was relieved.

“Th-Thank you so much!”

We entered the shower room together and picked the bath stalls near the end, making sure we were in consecutive stalls.

“Here, you take the shower gel first.” I handed him a small bottle of liquid before entering the stall.


I turned on the shower, flinching when the cold water hit my back. Squeezing some shampoo on my head, I quickly lathered up so that Chip could use it.

“Hey,” I called across, “You done with the gel?”

“U-Um yes—“ I saw a small slender hand slip underneath the gap, the shower gel in his palm.

“Thanks,” Whilst trading the bottle of shower gel with shampoo, our wet hands came into contact for a moment, and being an average teenager with raging hormones, I was overcome with the sudden urge to peep under the gap.

But obviously, my morals told me no.

Not that I had any morals.

I was done with showering in a matter of seconds, and exited the stall, just to see that Chip wasn’t finished yet.

He came out quite a while later, his wet hair making him look all the more adorable and the shirt that I lent him was just a complete turn on.

He looked like he put it on in a rush without drying himself properly—some parts of the white shirt was almost translucent, the wet material clinging to his sides.

Like hell I was gonna let him go out like that.

“Stand under that hand drier,” I ordered, gently guiding him to the machine. Chip looked quizzical, but didn’t question me as he bent his head over to dry himself.

“Your body too.”

“E-eh? But how—“

I grabbed the hem of his shirt and brought it closer to the hand drier. Unfortunately, this showed his pale, porcelain midriff.

It took my all to not touch him there and then.

Fuck. What’s happening to me?


I asked Chip whether he’d like to pick Giselle up from her babysitter together with me. Since I was going to the Bakery to get more cupcakes for Giselle anyway.

He looked really excited, and agreed, biting his lip to hold back what I assume was a big smile.  

We met at the car porch after school and walked in silence to the babysitter’s house.

“I-Isn’t this the way to your place?” Chip asked half-way along the journey, breaking the silence.

I scratched the back of my head. “Well…that—wasn’t actually…my house…”

“That day when it was raining, I had to pick Giselle up, so I didn’t really want any extra company…”

Chip blushed, and began to apologise before I had even finished my sentence.

“I-I’m so sorry, I’m really really sorry, I’m so so sorry—“ He bowed continuously.

I immediately held his shoulders and added: “But since you were offering, I couldn’t possibly decline. Besides, at least I could trick you into thinking I lived in some expensive mansionette.”

Okay—I was lying. At that point of time, I really didn’t want anyone poking into my business. But that was last time. I no longer saw the point of tricking Chip into thinking I was a rich guy.

“S-So…that mansionette was Giselle’s babysitter’s house?”

I nodded.


There was no change in his expression, as if it wasn’t a big deal that I didn’t live in an expensive house.

And for that, I was relieved.


Giselle greeted me with a warm hug near my waist area as usual (She wasn’t tall enough), and to Chip she grinned, exclaiming ‘Chocolate Chip!’

It must have been a pleasant surprise for her, since she missed him and his cupcakes so much.

I thanked my sister’s babysitter and asked for her progress (which I did on a daily routine) while Giselle played with Chip’s fingers.

“She’s been doing well. Giselle responds better to interactions now and her reaction time is quicker. She seems to be adapting faster too.”

“That’s great,” Time to give her a reward.

We left the mansionette and began our walk to the Honeycutt’s Bakery.

“What cupcake would you like today, Giselle?” Chip asked gently as he held my sister’s hand.

“Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!” She beamed.

I had to admit, it was a perfect day. And just as I thought nothing could bring me down—a familiar annoying voice pierced my ears.

“Xander? Is that you?”

Fucking shit.

It was Vicky.   


A/N: There! I did it. OMG. This was quite a long chapter for me to write D: I finished it in a day! Phew. I'm sorry I left it hanging there--and I know I know, it was supposed to be a cute fluffy chapter but I just had to add a b*tch in there :3 Evil cupcake desu. 

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