Baked Love

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Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Warm and Fuzzy


What does Life taste like?

And if I were to bake a cake that would describe life—how would it taste?

But if the beautiful sweetness

In life were bitter strife,

Together with salty tears;

Sour envy;

Spicy anger—

Life tastes horrible, really.

No one would like a cake that's bitter, sweet, salty, sour, spicy—all at the same time.

The only reason you would force it down your throat;

Was probably because the person who baked it—is someone you love.


If you've ever eaten whipped cream directly out of the spoon; you'd know that it tastes sweet, fluffy—melts in your mouth and gives you the warmest, fuzziest feeling ever.

The heart does this flip, skips a beat when the sweet aftertaste of cream seeps into its core;

Then you can't wait to do it again.

I thought that it was the best feeling in the world—but I was wrong.

There was something warmer; something sweeter; something that doesn't just melt in your mouth but melts every part of you away.

So if you feel like that—

Like you've turned into nothing but everything at the same time—then maybe, just maybe;

You're in love.


Xander's hand played with mine gently, encircling the back of my palm and then running down my fingers to the nails—as if he wanted to ensure that he remembered what they felt like.

The heat stayed on my cheeks throughout our entire journey back to the beach's party area; and for some reason, I never really noticed the chill of the night breeze settling from the sea. Not it's piercing touch on the surface of my skin; or its sweeping tug at my hair and clothes.

And it was strange how I never really did notice anything else either—

Not the fact that we had spent almost an hour staring at the sunset across the shore; and certainly not the fact that I was leaning, slightly, on his shoulder.

It was only until Xander's phone rang sharply, breaking a strangely serene silence of tranquil waves and soft orange light; when something simple registered in my mind:

Strange; how Time blossoms into eternity

When it comes to



The phone call appeared to demand Xander to get back to the beach party, despite his various curses and lazy protests. His tall frame slouched a little as he walked me (albeit reluctantly) to the outdoor party—the blasting house music getting louder and louder and we neared the floor.

"If you're not good with parties, we could always call it a day," Xander leaned down to speak beside my ear, competing with the surrounding noise.

I shook my head, gently pushing him away quickly before anyone else sees us and gets suspicious about Xander. "Oh n-no! It's fine, really. Please enjoy yourself—ah, but please be sure to take care of your hand...don't um, do anything reckless, alright?"

He raised an amused brow, laughing lowly. "Right. Got it—" Xander straightened up and surveyed the party.

Eyes searching for Kim and Jack, I didn't expect Xander to turn back to me once again to say; "And by the way—you should stop being so sweet.

It's hard for me."

I blinked at the playful smirk that he threw in my direction before disappearing amongst the crowd.


I shook the confusion out of my head tentatively, turning to slip away when I saw Xander's friends welcome him with drinks and quick introductions.

Albeit hesitantly, of course.


I realized that the sand beneath my feet trembled ever so slightly as I passed carefully beside the crowded floor, trying my best not to get near any of the happy dancing teenagers. The music was so loud that I could barely hear anything else—but figuring that it would be rude to cover my ears when everyone was enjoying themselves, I tried my best to accommodate.

It simply felt as if I wasn't anywhere on Earth; but just...somewhere really far away.

Perhaps it was due to my first experience at a party that the people my age usually attend (A/N: Nope Chip, I don't. Ever.), but I wasn't really myself. Although it was a foreign feeling—I had the hopes that maybe it wouldn't be that bad after all.

Spotting Jack by the open-concept bar opposite the erratic dance floor, I quickly made my way towards him—feeling slightly relieved. I slipped past minimally clad girls and some guys; apologizing above the strong house music when I bumped into them accidentally.

"Jack!" I called breathlessly, but he couldn't seem to hear me.

As I neared my best friend, I saw that he had a glass of blue liquid in his right hand, while he leaned over the bar counter in a rather solitary manner.

"Jack! Where's Kim?"

His green eyes shifted lazily to meet mine, as though unbothered. "Over there with some idiots, probably flirting." He downed a good half of the crystal blue liquid in his glass.

"Eh? Jack...? What happened?"

Jack's head lowered and his now-long bangs covered his eyes. "Dunno."

"Did you and Kim get into a fight again—"

"Hey!" A cheerful voice sounded over the blaring music, causing Jack and I to turn towards the source of the voice.

"Chip, you enjoying yourself?" Ace asked promptly, sidling over with a glass of clear liquid in his hand.

"H-Hi, this is my best friend, Jack..." I said, voice barely making it over the volume of the house mix.

"Yo—" Ace held out his fist for a bump but Jack simply stared.

I felt extremely sorry for Ace because he's not a bad person, but everyone's been treating him like an enemy today. The look in his eyes told me that he was really lonely, and he didn't feel like he belonged.

I desperately wanted to change that—but I knew that there was only one person Ace longed for.


"Hey. Ace right?" Jack finally responded lamely.

But our companion's face lit up as if he had found a fifty-dollar bill on the ground.

"Yeah! So know how to do a fist bump?" Ace started slowly.

I watched as Ace and Jack started warming up to each other, and then realized that Ace was a pretty good converser.

Unlike me.


I told Jack and Ace that I was going over to the food table to maybe get a free fruit punch or something small to eat and left rather abruptly.

It wasn't that I felt left out...or anything, but Ace and Jack had quite a lot in common. They looked like they were having fun while chatting—Jack actually didn't look like he was forcing up his words.

Ears numb from the music, I made my way tentatively to the food table and was surprised to see loads of barbequed food and mini-desserts such as chocolate éclairs and cream puffs.

I bit into an éclair, feeling a smile coming along as I realized how much I missed making them.

"Chip?" I blinked, wondering whether it was simply my imagination that I heard someone call my name. "Chip? You there...?"

Fingers snapped an inch away from my face and I jumped, startled. "Oh! Um, I'm sorry—" I called over the loud music as I raised my gaze to meet the one that gained my attention.


"Hey, Xander told me to look out for you—weird if you ask me. He's never been like that at parties," The captain frowned with a shrug, "Let's go in? I can make you a drink. You shouldn't take anything from others though." Blake jerked his thumb towards the beach house lazily.

My lips parted in embarrassment. "X-Xander said that...? Um, I'm so sorry! It must be a real trouble...ah...I'm so sorry..."

"What?" Blake blinked, "Sorry, your voice is kinda soft. I can't really hear you—can we go in first?"

I huffed, puffing out my cheeks but nodding all the same.'s so loud here.

Xander's friend led me into a large beach house near the outdoor party—and here I was thinking that it would be less chaotic. Uwa...I was wrong.

Trying my best to follow Blake without getting lost whilst avoiding teenagers in a drunken stupor, I couldn't help but shrink involuntarily from the strange atmosphere of this foreign place. The stench of liquor and sweat, in simple words unappealing, and I began to wonder what the purpose of parties were for.

I-I mean a pajama party sounds amazing by itself.

It doesn't have to involve alcohol, right?

"Take a seat," Blake gestured to one of the unoccupied high chairs in front of an expensive looking bar. "I'll make something for you."

"Oh!'re a bartender?" I asked curiously, propping myself up on the high chair with slight difficulty.

"Aspiring. Er—I'm not that good though," Blake admitted as he pulled out some strange silver-looking cups and poured stuff and ice into it. "I'll be making you a mojito. It's kinda minty. Hope you like those kind of stuff."

I smiled, entertained by the fluid actions of his. "Oh! I...I um, I like peppermint. But um—I've...I've never had any alcohol before so I was wondering if—"

"No worries. Got you covered. It's only a tiny bit—a drop if I exaggerate," The volleyball captain laughed as he shook the...the shaky thingy in a cool manner, "Mostly sparkling water."

"Thank you!"

I glanced around.

"Um—uh...w-where's Xander...?" I asked tentatively, eyes searching before I even caught myself doing so. Heat brushed my cheeks as I turned back to Blake quickly; hoping that he did not catch me looking around for someone I met just a couple of minutes ago.

"...Er, he normally has girls all over him at parties. I don't see him anywhere though...probably in a room...?" Blake said offhandedly, pouring the contents of the silver cups into a tall glass and inserting a straw.

I paused, feeling my heart sink just a little.

Ah, I didn't expect it to hurt that much.

"Shit—ah, that's not what I meant. He's...probably playing some drinking games with the rest of the team upstairs. He wins every time so I didn't bother playing," Blake shrugged with a sigh. I laughed, feeling slightly relieved—but still, bothered.

Just a little.

Thanking Blake for the drink once again, I took a sip from the straw in a cautious attempt to identify the taste.

Uwa, it's bitter like I expected it to be—but...

The peppermint is really refreshing. And I like the's kinda like Sprite.

You know, the soda!

"Hey. I've never seen you around before," Something tapped me on the shoulder, and I responded with a jump.

"Uh!" Voice stuck in my throat, I noticed that someone had filled the empty seat beside me—and he reeked of alcohol. "Um...hi."

"Your name is hi?" The guy laughed, leaning closer. I blinked, leaning backwards slightly. Glancing towards Blake's direction, I saw that he was occupied with another person at the bar.

I gulped. "K-Kind of."

"So cuute!" The guy practically giggled, burping after that. "Hi, hi. You should drink more. Get you a Vodka?"

"Haha," I pretended to laugh without answering his question, trying to get off the high chair, "I, um...I gotta go—"

"Aw! Don't go yet—"


All of a sudden, the teenager lurched forward with a groan; spilling contents of his stomach all over the bar and the floor.

I jumped back in shock, scrambling away as far as possible.

Heads turned; people gasped; Blake's face was literally in pieces as all he noticed were his shakers covered in the disgusting fluid from the guy's stomach.

I-Is this...what happens at every other party?

It's far from enjoyable!

I felt sick.

I never want to go to one ever again...

The teenager who had been talking to me just moments ago had his gaze fixed on me for a good few seconds before sauntering over. "Hey, come back—"

I backed away, turning for the stairs—

Just as I heard another groan and more sounds of stomach acids spilling onto the floor.


Darting up the stairs immediately, I failed to hear a certain voice calling my name amongst the commotion and the heavy bass that pumped throughout the beach house. Occupied with the frightening thought of being cornered or forced to do something, desperation to escape the crowd brought me to the third or fourth floor of the house.

I breathed heavily, center of balance slightly thrown.

What's wrong? W-Why am I so scared?

"Chip!" Someone had tailed me up the stairs, and my head snapped in the direction of the footsteps and call.

"X-Xander...? I—I thought you were with your teammates," My gaze rose quickly to meet his before it darted behind him to check whether anyone else had decided to get away from the chaos.

He sighed, closing the distance. "I caught you running up the stairs. You looked pale—I was worried, so I excused myself."

I looked into his eyes—

A familiar grey.

And that was when I knew,

That everything would be fine.


"You okay?" Xander asked, shutting the door behind him with a tempered slam and a quick curse.

I panted softly; out of breath but nodding vaguely as my ears started to become numb from the shouts and music from below. There seemed to be a fight going on.

" Just a little, ha, breathless."

Feeling slightly dizzy, I leaned against the wall for support—sliding down to rest my head against my knees.

Xander crossed the room to my side, footsteps quick but relatively heavy. "Do you need anything? Water?"

I turned my head to the side, peering at the expression on his face. Brows furrowed; eyes concerned.

S-So close!

Feeling the usual heat rise to my cheeks and brush the tips of my ears, I retreated back into my knees, shaking my head quickly. "I'm fine, r-really."

"I can tell you're not," His voice sounded lower than usual, just beside my ear. "Let's take a break from the crowd. You need some rest."

Xander reached over to rub my back in a soothing manner—and I could not help but feel the exact opposite. Heart racing at his touch, I tried to assure him that I was fine by composing my erratic breathing.

As I was distracted by the task of keeping a straight and focused mind, I was suddenly lifted by a pair of strong arms—onto the loveseat at the corner of the room.

"U-Uwaa—Xander! Your shouldn't—"

"I'm fine. Using my arm to support you instead of my hand."

"Here. Rest properly," Xander ordered, setting me down carefully before taking a seat on my right. "You look a little pale...not good with crowds huh?" He laughed lowly, leaning in to plant a kiss on my forehead.

Eyes widening; cheeks heating; I scrambled to the edge of the seat—feeling positively strange. "I don't go to parties...s-so..."

"This is your first?"

"Un," I made a sound of quiet acknowledgement, taking in muted music through the walls and the slight tremor of bass throughout the beach house. "Does...does everyone really drink that much?"

Xander laughed once again, playing with my hair.


"How?" I asked, unable to comprehend. "It tastes bad. And it makes your heart go crazy. I-I only took a sip and I can already feel my heart pounding in my ears."

"That bad?" He raised a brow, caressing the side of my cheek while my heart seemed to race faster. "Your face doesn't show it though—kinda pale."

The room, despite being slightly larger than my own back at home, felt strangely hot. I shifted in my seat, hoping that Xander wouldn't notice the tension in my shoulders. "O-Oh, that's um...that's probably because the alcohol was mixed with sparkling water and some lime. I think there's peppermint in it too. I...I'm not sure what it's called but—"

"A cocktail?" Xander helped, a hint of a smirk at the corner of his lips. "Mojito to be exact. I told Blake to lay down on the alcohol content for you."

"Oh! Yes, that." I nodded quickly, then feeling slightly embarrassed and guilty that Xander had been looking out for me the entire time. "A-Ah—thank you so much...sorry for the trouble..."

The tall figure laughed, leaning down to nuzzle against my (probably red) cheek. "Mm? It's no trouble at all."

N-No trouble at all...?

That sounds strangely familiar.

Mm...? I wonder where I heard that before—

Just then, there was a heavy slam from the adjacent room—heard through the thin walls of the beach house and startling my poor heart.

"W-Wha...what was that?" Bang; the sound of a door slamming shut.

Xander didn't reply. His shoulders were tensed, expression a frown as if he was on alert.

The floor shook slightly at the next slam, as if someone was being shoved against the wall in a forceful manner. There was a faint, slightly muted sound that could be heard through the wall—


I blinked.

It was a feminine voice.

Turning to Xander with a puzzled expression, I noticed that he was rolling his eyes.

Before I could ask him why, more of such similar sounds were heard through the wall behind the loveseat—interrupting my trail of thought.

At first, I couldn't really tell what was happening and there was an awkward silence in the room in contrast to the adjacent one; making me really uncomfortable.

"Um...I think—"

"Mm...! There—"



"Just...a little...more—"

The thought surfaced; yet, unregistered. began to sink into my head.


O-Oh gosh this really, really isn't good for the heart!

What are they—why are they even


Oh no oh nuu this is so awkward, Xander is beside me!

I need to talk—really loud so that it would drown out their voices and Xander wouldn't notice—

"Ah! Aah—ah! Mm!"

G-Gosh! That was so loud!

I jumped, bracing myself as my gaze darted towards the expression of the tall figure beside—anxious to see his reaction.

In stark contrast to my burning cheeks and fidgety posture, Xander was completely calm and indifferent; as if saying that this was completely normal.

Upon sensing my gaze on him, he turned to me with a raised brow.

I averted my gaze immediately—strangely embarrassed and very, very uncomfortable with the continued sounds in the background. "I, um...this is..."

My slippers rubbed against each other in a nervous manner, perfectly awkward in the current atmosphere.

The prolonged sounds of pleasure increased in volume and I could almost pinpoint where exactly the girl was in the next room even though there was a wall between us. She began to say the weirdest things that sounded so embarrassing—

"Deeper! Faster—there!"

H-How could anyone possibly say that?? It's so embarrassing I think I might die from second-hand embarrassment! Oh Lord.

Just then, Xander snapped; producing an irritated click of his tongue before slamming his (good) fist against the thin wall.

The room shook—

Then, it was quiet.




I rolled my eyes.

Keep your fucking volume down..

"Mm...! There—"

I leaned back against the seat, mild irritation scratching at my chest. I closed my eyes in attempt to block out the irksome duo next door.


"Ah! Aah—ah! Mm!"

Inconsiderate assholes. I sighed, giving up on trying to shut them out and decided to turn to Chip for some entertainment instead.

Little did I know—he was much more entertaining than I expected him to be.

Observing him with a sideway glance, I noticed the cute blush hinted on his cheeks and the tips of his ears; the occasional fidget in his seat; the shy shuffling of his feet against each other; the fumbling of his fingers—and his lowered gaze.

A lowered gaze meant that his ridiculously long and full lashes were in view; and I had to make an effort to compose myself.

Xander, Chip is not the slut next door. Calm the fuck down—you'll freak him out.

Propping my elbow up against the armrest, I leaned into my hand with a bored expression—in attempt to calm my growing hard-on that couldn't resist the idea of my angel underneath me.

Then I realized that Chip was looking at me.

Raising an amused brow, I turned to him—feeling a hint of a smirk at the corner of my lips at the thought of him being curious.

As adorable as he was, his gaze darted away immediately in a shy manner, as if he was caught red-handed. His blush darkened.

I was about to tease him when the girl's moans reached a climax all of a sudden—volume turning up a notch and testing my patience.

"Oh! Deeper! Faster—there!"

For fuck's sake could you guys just shut up already? You're scaring Chip!

My hand acted on impulse, curling into a fist and slamming against the wall as a warning.

The moans and heavy breathing ceased immediately; along with the occasional rough indication against the wall.

I sighed, wondering if they were just really dumb or amateur. As I leaned back against the loveseat—satisfied with the good silence—I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

It was a subtle movement; but I saw my angel's hands move to cover the area between his legs.

Then, blushing harder, he changed his mind—pulling his knees up to his chest so that he was curled into a ball.

His gaze met mine for a second, then flitted away quickly in a shy manner with an erotic blush in tow.


Wait—he's hard?

I paused, not wanting to jump to conclusions. Shifting my gaze without turning, I watched my angel fidget uncomfortably in his seat before stammering. "U-Um...phew, it's um, i-it's quiet now."

He was nervous as hell; and I could tell that all he wanted to do now was to hide under a rock. I couldn't help but smirk—feeling the urge to tease him and yet thought that it would be bad of me to take advantage of the situation.

Just from that?

Haha, what an innocent reaction.

—Or maybe he's just sensitive.

I kinda like that.

"You okay?" I asked, trying my best to hide the smirk that threatened to surface. "You don't look so good."

"O-Oh! I'm, um...I'm fine," Chip's eyes couldn't seem to meet mine as his knees drew closer to his chest in a protective manner. "Just...just a little uncomfortable."

"I can help you with that," I shrugged, lowering my gaze to indicate my intentions—before meeting his eyes once again.

A longing hunger rose in my chest; and the adorable, puzzled expression on my angel's face stirred something further within me.

" I don't—"

(A/N: Heeereeeee it comes! >_< Y-You've been warned! I am embarrassed by all my writing haha ._. my friends, please don't judge me :'( Just don't read this lol.)

"That," I nodded to the area he was so intent on hiding. "You're hard."

His reaction was immediate—eyes widening with a wavering gaze as he blushed in fierce embarrassment. "I-I—"

"Hey, don't need to get so worked up about it," I shifted closer with a small smile. "Nothing unnatural."

Chip seemed to be awfully aware of my actions, eyes darting to my hands when I closed the distance by a little as he shifted away in return. "I-I'm so, I think it'll kind of, um, go away after...a while? I just have to wait, I-I guess. Sorry."

My angel hid his face behind his knees, ears red.

He's awkward. He thinks it's his fault.

What do I want?

I know what I want to do but—

Does my desire match his?

For that was all that mattered.

"Is it uncomfortable?" I asked, leaning closer to run my good hand down his back in a soothing manner.

Chip nodded warily, head still hidden behind his knees. "U-Um, Xander, if you touch me, the...the thing won't go away."

I paused, removing my hand from his back. "My bad. You don't like it?"

"No!" My angel was quick to answer this time, peering out from his hiding spot. "I-I doesn't...feel bad. But—that's the problem."


"Want me to touch you?" I felt a hint of a smirk coming along as I watched his embarrassment heighten. Shifting closer, I leaned over his small frame—causing him to yelp and uncoil from his position to scramble to the edge of the loveseat, legs propped up to stop me from coming any closer.

"Uwa! I—um! shouldn't come any closer. I-It's weird. I'm weird."

His legs crossed, shifting to cover the small bump in his beach shorts. Chip was covering his heated face with his hands in attempt to hide.

I could tell that he was having a hard time calming his hard-on, and as the arrogant bastard—I was sure that I was not helping one bit.

And so I decided to give him a hand.



"Want me to touch you?"

I jumped in my seat, turning to see darkened grey eyes and a strange smirk that looked almost predatory.

The yearning between my legs increased in a bolt-like manner.

W-What's wrong with me?

"Uwa! I—um! shouldn't come any closer. I-It's weird. I'm weird."

Hiding my face in my hands, I began to worry about how Xander's opinion of me might change; that he might think that I was, after all, impure...and easy.

When he didn't make a move to reply, however, I panicked; fingers spreading to allow myself some vision through the gaps in my fingers.

Big mistake.

Xander closed the distance, prying one of my hands away from my face as he leaned over my outstretched legs on the loveseat. "No, silly," He laughed—a husky low beside my ear, and I felt a tremble in my lower back. "It's not weird."

Before I knew it, he slipped a hand under my shirt, running it down my sides; and I panicked with a soft yelp.

O-Oh no, this isn't good for the heart—eep.

"Xander!" I tugged the hem of my shirt downwards in embarrassment, hiding the exposed skin as I leaned further into the backrest.

Peering up at Xander's face to meet his darkened greys, I noticed that my vision was turning slightly blurry.

"I...I feel...w-weird," My gaze landed anywhere but the tall figure leaning over me. The air felt warm and stuffy—as if I was radiating heat.

A finger stroked my bangs to the side in a gentle manner.

"I told you—"

Something caressed my inner thigh. "Nn?!"

"There's nothing weird about it," Xander said beside my ear—the baritone tremors of his voice repeating itself in my mind.

I couldn't think—it was Xander and just Xander.

He...he smells good.

The seat creaked softly; and the ceiling light blocked out. What came into view was Xander's flawless features, somewhat blocking out my capability to respond.

Xander's hand roamed, and there were so many jolts of amazing sensations I couldn't comprehend.

His knee rested between my thighs, applying a slight friction.

H-He's only using one hand, but—

"A-Ah...n," There was a soft, strange quavering voice. "Ha, un—! Ha—ah..."

The heat climbed, clawed, gnawed at the strangest places.

All of a sudden, I realized that there was a weird sensation of restraint below my tummy, so I tried to make it go away.

But when I relaxed, it was...wet.

It's just like hot water.

O-Oh no. It's the same thing I felt in the shower! Please, please don't let Xander—

Before I could even think, Xander's index finger slipped under my beach shorts in the most painfully teasing manner, and all at once, the friction against this sensitive spot in my inner thigh stopped.

As if betraying me, an embarrassing whimper escaped my lips.

I covered my face.

"X-Xander...?" My voice was muffled.

Through the small gaps in my fingers, I saw that sis eyes were clouded—a darkened grey. So alluring, yet frightening at the same time.

He tugged at the rim of my pants, and then sneaked in further to underwear...


My protests were silenced by something wet and harsh.

I felt the lower half of my body cool unexpectedly as Xander's hands removed the clothing.

There was a slight sensation of relief—and I didn't feel so stuffy and tight anymore.

Realizing that removing my clothing would make me feel better, a part of me actually wished for Xander to continue.

And...And I was so embarrassed at that.

This is weird...this is so weird, I shouldn't be—

I could feel Xander tilting his head in the kiss, going deeper with his tongue and lips.

I-It felt even better than the last time.

"Ha—" He broke the kiss and there was this shamefully pleasant sound as our lips parted.

I couldn't seem to catch my breath, voice coming out softer than I expected it to be.


"Please what? Stop? Don't stop?" The handsome smirk on his face didn't match his darkened eyes. His knee was just between my legs, applying slight pressure—which didn't seem to be enough for me.

W-What's going on? So strange...

The words were stuck at the back of my throat in the most terrifying manner. And the fact that I didn't even have the will to tell Xander to stop was shameful and embarrassing.

"I...I—" Xander lowered his body just a little on mine and I could feel the heat from him. His scent made me unable to think straight in any manner.

It was only then when I realized that there was something else that was pressing against my inner thigh. It was something hard, and slightly warm.

But...but it felt really good.

I didn't really know what it was, but when I felt it, my back arched involuntarily—even though I had no intention of doing that at all.

The spikes of pleasure that shot up my spine gave me the most stimulating sensation, spreading a heat throughout my entire body. It was the kind of heat that came in waves—the kind that you feel when you open an oven.

Harboring the faint hope that Xander wouldn't notice, I...I thought that it would be safe to slowly rub the feeling away.

I was wrong.

The area between my legs felt amazing; coupled with the friction that warm thing gave and before I knew it, I could feel the loveseat creaking slightly from my embarrassing movement.

"Your hips are moving on their own," A low voice whispered in my ear and I couldn't even seem to focus on anything else but the heated yearning between my legs.

Did...did I just shiver?

"H-Ha——" The heat dispelled with a sudden absence of touch; and my senses halted in a strange manner.

"You're trembling."

I didn't know I was tearing until Xander's thumb caressed my cheeks, spreading the warm liquid. "Y-You don't have to say that..."

He reached a hand down to slip under my shirt, sliding it up till it was out of the way.

"Couldn't help it..." Xander's laugh was a low and pleasant sound beside my ear—and he apologized. "Does it hurt...? Want to stop?"

I bit my lip, lowering my gaze to avoid his. " really..."

Xander himself was still fully dressed.

"Why the tears, then?" He planted a kiss on my forehead, running a hand through my hair in a loving manner.

"Just—nervous. And, well...i-it feels..." Good. "Um, like—melting."

Xander blinked.

"Un, yes. It, it feels like melting," I concluded intelligently, looking everywhere but his flawless face as my legs shifted uncomfortably.

I-It feels weird...

Like I'm going to...melt...? Something's—l-leaking? Uwa...

I heard a chuckle.


I nodded.

"Shit—you're so cute..."

I huffed, turning away and feeling the urge to hide underneath a rock. Something was building up—

"Could you, y-you know...turn off the lights...?" The request that came out of my lips was soft and uncertain; awkward and embarrassed.

Xander leaned down to kiss my cheek, and then he was up.

The heat that was lost registered painfully in my head and I regretted asking him to turn off the lights immediately.

Come back—

The lights blinked, and shut—killing my vision completely. The night consumed me in its warm darkness; embracing with a heavy musk of clouded senses.

I heard some rustling, and then the shifting balance of the loveseat; indicating Xander's presence.

When I finally felt his body heat and weight against me again, I knew something was wrong.

Something was missing.

O-Oh Gosh his...his clothes.

I could feel Xander's skin against my uncovered body, and the burning heat rose deep within my chest.

There was a sensation of something rushing to the lower parts of my waist, and then I felt something leaking r-really bad.

All I could register was the lowering of his body on mine and his hand roaming my chest, playing with the most embarrassing thing in the world.

Why is he touching's not—!

"H-ha...n...not—not there!" What? Was voice? This...this is so embarrassing...

I could hear Xander's movement against my body. He wasn't doing anything in particular except that I could feel the same hard and warm thing between my legs, sending the most heightening spikes of pleasure.

It was getting wetter and hotter, but I didn't really know what was going on, and most importantly; I didn't know what to do.

Then something took hold of me gently—

Between my legs.

A whimper sounded somewhere. I-It wasn't me.

"Don't—I...Xander—I can't h-hold...please—"

W-Wha—? He's going faster!

Xander's lips were on mine again and I was suddenly very aware of the erratic beating of my heart—and his strong, pulsating one.

Something hotter than Xander's hand came in contact with my personal area, the jolt of pleasure somewhat different from the ones before.

It was burning, burning fiercely and the stimulation was amazing.

My hips bucked and they started moving in a strange manner, as if on instinct—

But I stopped myself immediately, clutching the side of the loveseat to hold in the embarrassing urge to move.

"U-Uh! I'm so sorry! I...I didn't mean to do that," I managed between soft pants, trying to calm the racing of the beat in my chest.

"Hold on to me."

I didn't really catch what Xander responded in return; but apparently my body did—and my hands came up to cling desperately onto the strong back.

The poor loveseat creaked dangerously, and for a moment I thought about the rest of the party downstairs; and whether they could hear us.

I-Isn't this just like the people next door? Uwaa I've got to stay quiet—

"X-Xander—feels...weird, please...stop—" I managed in a whisper; which came out...more like a whimper of incoherent words.

The movement of a single hand came out of nowhere, producing an embarrassing wet sound and suddenly Xander was everywhere—teasing; running his tongue along my ear; kissing the base of my neck; and the friction between my legs heightened—

I felt something break in me and the most amazing spikes of pleasure were sent throughout my entire body.

My back arched involuntarily, hips bucking simultaneously.

The next thing I knew was the wet sensation between my legs and all that registered in my mind was the tremors of pleasure and heaps of embarrassment.

The heat was gone—but a whole lot seemed to stay on my face.

I didn't need the lights to know how flushed I looked.

I could hear Xander's breathing; and somehow, we were in unison.

His chest rose, and so did mine; somehow, in perfect unison.

And our hearts seemed to beat;


In unison.



I blushed, feeling the heat brush my ears and cheeks when Xander broke the silence in a low voice—huskier than usual.


"Nothing. were cute as fuck."

Asdfghjk?? I-I can't English.

Upon realizing that I was speechless, Xander laughed; caressing the side of my face gently.

"Oh gosh I'm...I'm so embarrassed," I turned away with my face in my hands.

"Look, I used one hand," I could make out a raised eyebrow in the dark, somewhat catching a hint of a playful lilt in his voice. "It was awkward as hell."

"Sh-shush! I'm the one who...who got...melted."

There was a moment of silence as the statement sunk into both our minds—registering slowly.

"What the..." Xander snorted, then began to laugh.

I nudged his shoulder in protest, groaning a little before finally giving in to the laughter. "Mean!"

"Seriously? Melt? What—are you cheese or something?"

"S-Stop iittt..."

"Chocolate? Melted chocolate? Melted chocolate chips?" He continued to tease, nuzzling into my neck. "Melted ice cream?"

"Uwaaa I said stop it you're embarrassing mee—"

We laughed for ten full minutes.

And Xander couldn't seem to stop talking about strawberry-flavored popsicles for some reason.


Tip-toeing up a flight of creaky stairs is definitely no easy feat—especially when it was one in the morning.

Xander turned behind with a wink, ascending the stairs without looking at where he was heading towards. I protested silently, flailing my arms and trying to tell him (silently) to watch where he was going.

It was an inevitable event—sneaking out of the party for some air. Not that I made it any easier; Xander was probably tired of my constant protests about the air that smelled like sweat and alcohol, coupled with the disturbing sight that everyone was practically...u-um...rubbing against each other.

And we were—back at the bakery. However excited I was to be creeping up the stairs at this time of the night (day), the unhappy prospect that Rose might catch the two of us in this sort of situation made the entire mission much less...appreciated.

"Angel," Xander stopped to lean down; whispering beside my ear all of a sudden. "Up for round two?"

I blinked in confusion, about to protest that it would be better to hold a conversation back in our room but—

"Chip? Is that you?"


Too late.

"Eep—" I practically squeaked, turning to the source of the voice at the bottom of the stairs. "L-Loki...?"

"You shouldn't be wondering around so late at night. One might think that you both are up to something," My brother paused, narrowing his eyes. "You didn't steal any of those raspberry cheesecake cookies, did you?"

I stiffened quickly. "N-No! Not at, we were...just...we heard a cat. Yeah."

Loki raised a suspicious brow. "And...cats are interesting?"

I nodded quickly, nudging the tall figure beside me to do the same. Xander rolled his eyes, but complied all the same.

"—Sup brother-in-law."

My jaw dropped. "X-Xander??" I whispered-shouted; flailing my arms in panic.

"I hope you're not interested in Gretel or Coco. Their suitors are one too many," Loki wriggled his nose, climbing the stairs as we moved to the side to make way for him. "Get back to bed kids."

I let out a silent sigh—calming my racing heart.

Uwaa that was close!

"...Loki, you're not that old," I pointed out quickly as a distraction, tugging on the hem of Xander's shirt to indicate that now was a good time for our hasty exit.

"You don't really think that, do you?" My brother buzzed bitterly, drifting towards the door to his bedroom. "Goodnight little 'uns."

Looking as official and proper as possible, we stood in the hallway—bidding Loki goodnight with a wave. "'Night." "G-Goodnight!"


As soon as we heard the door close behind him, I turned to Xander with crossed arms and my best glare.

He only chuckled, leaning down to steal a kiss.

I jumped in surprise—but gave in reluctantly since they were merely light pecks on the lips.

B-But then the small kisses turned into deep ones, and...and then before I knew it, I could feel Xander's tongue against my lower lip.

"Hah—fwa..." Pushing him away till he was at arm's length; I hurried to catch my breath, rubbing my assaulted lips indignantly. "Xander! We're...we're in the hallway!"

The tall figure merely smirked, taking my hand and leading me towards the bedroom. "Fun."

"W-What? No!" I protested, closing the door behind and ensuring that our voices were kept at a good level.

By the time I turned around to check why Xander was being so silent, I realized...that he had taken off his clothes.

!!!—Described my thoughts exactly.

"Y-You—this...what are you—"

"It's hot in here."

"...No it isn't..."

"Suit yourself," Xander laughed low, climbing into bed. "I'm turning in."

Ugh this...this dummy...

"Wait! I don't want to sleep in Hansel's bed..." I shook the undressed frame, noticing how hard his muscles were.

This! This is not the time, Chip!

"Then undress, and sleep in your bed," Xander suggested with a lazy smirk.

"But you're in my bed!"

"...That's the whole point, Angel."



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