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Can you feel the Love tonight

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Chapter 28: Can you feel the Love tonight

Chip’s POV


With the two portions of Macaroni and Cheese abandoned on the dinner table, Xander lifted me into his arms and brought us to our room.

We didn’t really speak—just Xander occasionally glancing down, meeting my gaze with the gentlest smile I’ve ever seen. He held me as if I was some sort of princess—and that made me r-really embarrassed.

I heard him kick his shoes off, and then proceed to place me down on my bed.

“A-Aren’t you going to switch on the lights?” The words that came out of my lips were soft and nervous.

Xander smirked. “I thought you didn’t like to have the lights on.”

I looked at my lap, feeling the heat rush to my cheeks as the reference registered in my mind.

“That’s…only if—“

The bed creaked to my right, indicating the presence of another. My eyes darted to the source of the sound, also noting the dent of the mattress Xander made.

I couldn’t hold my gaze for more than a second—

His eyes moved me.

I-It was strange how they looked so dark and beautiful under the moonlight.

And yet…

So gentle.

His gaze was lowered, expression hungry.

I felt the bed tilt further, and I was suddenly so aware of our close proximity.

“Is it okay?” Xander nuzzled my neck—voice huskier than usual. 

I was too dazed too reply.

W-Was what okay?

He went lower, stopping at my chest.

He breathed once. Twice.

And then I realized that I had forgotten to breathe.

At that point of time, I wondered whether Xander could hear the erratic beating of my heart.

How it raced against my chest and how it beat so painfully fast whenever he was around.

I thought about how he would probably smirk and tease me about it.

How he’d say I was so silly, that he knew I was so affected by him—

And I was embarrassed, far too cowardly to let him see how crazy I was about him.

“Angel?” Xander whispered against my heart, and the tremors made it beat faster than ever. “Is it okay?”

I didn’t think—just nodded; eyes half-lidded from mental exhaustion.

Xander tightened his hold on me and as if on instinct, I held onto his back.

“Hey, I can’t take off my shirt like that you know,” He chuckled beside my ear—and I realized that my fingers were trembling just a little.

“I-I’m sorry,” I apologized, releasing my hold on the back of his shirt.

There was no way my eyes could take the sight of Xander taking off his clothes, so I turned shyly in the other direction—trying all that I could to calm my erratic heart.

At that strange moment, I thought I heard faint music.  

It was a warm sound—though unclear and soft, it was like a burning flame in the cold night.

It felt…warm and fuzzy.


“There’s a calm surrender

To the rush of day”

There was a terrible pause, before I realized the song that I assumed was playing on our neighbor’s radio.

Y-You’ve got to me kidding me! W-Who listens to this at such an hour?

Embarrassed, I buried my face in the pillows, wishing that Xander could somehow turn deaf at a moment like this.

Unfortunately, I heard a low laugh just beside my ear and I knew that it was too late.


“When the heat of the rolling wind

Can be turned away”


I felt the cool touch of his hand slide up the side of my waist—and my face (still buried in the pillows) heated up from the foreign sensation.

“Let’s not take off your sweater,” Xander whispered, the weight of his body gently resting on my back. He guided my face from the pillows, turning my body to face him.

“E-Eh? Why—“

“An enchanted moment

And it sees me through”


“Don’t want you to be catching a cold,” Xander smiled fondly, and gosh he looked so attractive I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.

My eyes were so nervous—darting everywhere but his face, and finally I decided to raise my hands to cover my face; when all of a sudden I felt his hands slide down to my hips.

“U-Uwa-a, Xander not so fast—“

“Sorry, I couldn’t wait,” He smirked in return, proceeding to tug my pants loose anyway.

“It’s enough for this restless warrior

Just to be with you”


My heart stopped for a moment when I felt the material slide slowly down my thighs with Xander’s help, and my breathing hitched.

The cold between my legs was embarrassing, and I felt so, so nervous.

“And can you feel

The love tonight”


“Nervous?” He raised his gaze from my thighs, meeting mine.

I bit my lip, trying my best not to make a sound. Then I shook my head.

“It is where we are”

“No?” He chuckled lowly, releasing my ankles and leaving the entire lower-half of my body free from clothing.

“I-I’m just…I…I don’t know…” My knees buckled to hide the area between my legs, and I tried desperately to pull my over-sized sweater downwards.

“It’s enough

For this wide-eyed wanderer”

His cold hands came up to caress my neck, holding my gaze, the other hand supporting his weight on the bed.

There was a notable creak as Xander leaned forward, closing the distance between our faces.

My heart pounded—so loudly, so quickly. I couldn’t catch my breath.    

“That we got this far”


The hand on my neck moved up to weave into my hair. Then he closed in further—using the momentum to lower me down on the soft pillow, with his hand at the back of my head to support the weight.

Our faced were r-really, really close

“And can you feel

The love tonight”


There was a split second, and after that all I saw was Xander closing his eyes, and then I couldn’t see anything else.

I only felt the warmth of him on me—on my lips.

“How it’s laid to rest”


It was different.

So different from the last time on the same bed.

I felt like I was going to go crazy from the heat spreading throughout my body—and at the rate my heart was going, I figured I would’ve died.

“It’s enough

To make kings and vagabonds

Believe the very best”


His lips began to move against mine, and there was no way I could think straight anymore. It wasn’t unusual—w-we’ve kissed before, but somehow, somehow, it was just different.

Y-You know what I mean, right?

That…that kind of bubbling warmth in your chest that makes you go really, really crazy?


There was a long pause in the music, and for some reason I really wasn’t thinking straight.

Xander deepened the contact with sudden passion and the heat of his tongue filled me.

I couldn’t breathe.


“There’s a time for everyone

If they only learn”

“U-Un…” I really couldn’t breathe.

I pulled back for a moment, utterly ashamed at the embarrassing sound made from the parting of our lips.

But Xander had other ideas.

“Xander w-wait a—mm!” I began, only to be caught off guard once again.           

“That the twisting kaleidoscope

Moves us all in turn”


While my mind was preoccupied by the compelling force on my lips, it faintly registered the roaming touch of cold hands.

He moved closer, using a hand to part my buckled knees.

“There’s a rhyme and reason

To the wild outdoors”


I wondered if Xander knew how embarrassed I was to be in such a position—to have something between my thighs. They naturally moved closer, trying (failing) to cover everything.

His lips kind of stopped moving—merely stayed on mine, and my trail of thought was lost.

“When the heart

Of this star-crossed voyager

Beats in time with yours”


Both of his hands came down to press against the inner area of my thighs and my lips parted in surprise.

“Un—h-haa! Xander—?“ My voice was so w-weird. It was clouded, and musky, and unusually high.

I didn’t want to hear it anymore, and I figured it might be weird for Xander to hear it too so I quickly covered my mouth.

“And can you feel

The love tonight”


Th-The pressure on my thighs seemed to weaken my legs, and they started trembling pretty badly.

Xander’s eyes smiled. They…they were so…affectionate.

“Angel,” His murmurs in my ear stole the strength in me, and I found myself literally melting. “It’s going to be fine.”

“It is where we are”


My eyes squeezed shut, and I nodded—face burning.

I felt the gap between my legs widen slowly and his hands slide up and down—caressing the inner parts of my thighs.

His head lowered just a little to fit snugly at my neck.

“It’s enough

For this wide-eyes wanderer”


I could feel his warm breath on the nape of my neck—and I found myself thinking how bad for the heart this was.

“H-Hurry…it’s too hot—ha—I’m…going to d-die—“ I stammered incoherently through my fingers, trying to ignore the strange tingles everywhere.

“That we got this far”


Xander removed his head from the crook of my neck, his hair tickling my skin. It smelled like cherries—probably due to the shampoo in our house.

He shifted closer to my body, stopping between my upper thighs.

O-Oh gosh.  

“Shit,” He laughed, bringing a hand to rub his face, “I think…I might love you more than I thought.”

“And can you feel

The love tonight”


My eyes widened, and I covered my face. There was a prickly sensation in my nose, and I knew they were coming.

They slipped out of my scrunched eyes, hot and fresh. I quickly rubbed them away.

“Mm…Me too…”

“How it’s laid to rest”


I felt his warm lips touch my forehead, and then, in a husky low, he told me to relax.

The next moment, I felt his cold hands on me.


“It’s enough

To make Kings and vagabonds”



My mind went blank at the touch, knees buckling instantly.

“Believe the very best”


“Shh, it’s okay, just relax. Let me…”

“B-But your hands will…get dirty—“ I couldn’t hear myself clearly, I was afraid if I opened my mouth to say something, the weird sounds would come out again. “I-I’ll do it…m-myself—“

Xander didn’t reply, and I saw his eyes through my blurred vision.


Xander’s POV

Patience Xander, patience.


“B-But…haa, your hands will…g-get dirty—“


So cute.

His expressions are so adorable.

Right now, he just looks so…delicious.

“I-I’ll do it…m-myself—“ He protested shyly, hands trying to pry mine off his shaft. (A/N: omg omg omg I’m really writing this omg)


I couldn’t really think straight for an answer, so I left it hanging. There was no way I could take my eyes off his sweet frame for even a second.

“U-Un…haa—X-Xander stop, please?” He pleaded softly, “Y-Your hand really…will…haa—n!”

His voice was driving me off the edge—Angel, really, at this rate, my efforts of being patient will really go to waste you know?   

I increased my pace just a little, just to tell him that I had no intention of backing away.

Chip blushed harder, his lips letting slip a few of his sweet pants.

I noticed his thighs trembling, indicating his effort to hold back.

Damn, he’s too cute for fu—‘s sake—


“It’s alright Angel. Don’t hold back, just…” To prove my point, my hands went faster, and I leaned down to capture his lips.

A whimper escaped, I felt his body tremble and then his hips caved in, bucking.

The warmth of him dripped from my fingers, and I thought about how it would be troublesome for my Angel to change the sheets the next day.

Wow. People think about the most random things in sex.

Or…maybe it’s just me.

But right now, Chip’s heavy panting filled my ears—with an occasional mewl escaping his lips. His beautiful slim legs came to rest from exhaustion in a buckled manner, and his shirt slightly ruffled from the action.

I watched as his hands curled up to his side, resting for the moment. A smile tugged at my lips.

I wonder how my eyes looked in his.

Getting up from the Chip’s bed, I rummaged through the drawer beside it, searching for the lube I bought the other day, which I hid in his drawer. I remembered the strawberry-flavored condoms from long ago, but I think it’s in Giselle’s backpack—and it’s not such a good idea to find her right now.

I closed the compartment, going back to my Angel with the pink squeeze-bottle in hand.

I’m great at sex—that’s a fact. (A/N: OMG this arrogant dumdum)

But honestly, I’ve never done it with a guy before. Obviously, I didn’t want Chip’s first time to hurt like hell, so I knew I had to do some research at the very least.

Aaaand I guess it paid off after all.

Hmm, what comes next is the main course though.

“Xander?” My angel murmured, from the bed, “What’s wrong?”

I smiled.

“Nothing,” Kissing his forehead, I got onto fours and towered over his fragile frame, “just went to get the lube.”

His face turned several shades of coral red, and he quickly hid behind his small hands.

I adored the way his over-sized sweater had sleeves that went all the way to his knuckles.

It made him so, so adorable.

“L-Lube? Um…” He blushed darker, voice going softer. “O-Okay…”

I popped open the lid of the squeeze-bottle, unable to hold back the smirk on my face.

He shook his head shyly.

The sound of the viscous liquid pouring out of the bottle made Chip really embarrassed, and he just turned redder—almost like a strawberry.

Or tomato.

“It’s gonna hurt a little, okay?”

My angel’s eyes widened for a moment, and he shrunk back.

“Just a little, at first,” Planting a kiss on his forehead, I let the cool liquid drip between his thighs.

He flinched from the sudden contact and his gaze lowered.

“It…feels w-weird…”

I busied my fingers, letting them slide between his open legs before prodding the entrance.


My index dipped in—but Chip was having a hard time remembering to breathe.

“Ha—ha,” His frame fidgeted in bed, and his form was really tensed.

“Angel, relax. Breathe,” I tried, placing a hand on his lower back to support his hips.

“O-Oka—y…” He bit his lip, but the grip on my fingers didn’t relax one bit.

I need to make him relax.

I need to make him trust me.

Leaning forward, I kissed his forehead again.


His baby blue eyes looked back at me shyly. “Y-yes?”

I smiled gently. “There’s this person that I really love—so, so much. I can’t stop thinking about him. I think he makes me. I think he makes a really important part of me.

Do you know who that is?”

My angel flushed pink, and began stammering.

“I-I…I don’t really…I just…m-maybe? I…maybe it’s…um—is it…m-me? At least I um…hope that is…”

I chuckled.

“Yeah. It’s you.”

The muscles around my finger relaxed a little.

I slid it deeper.

“And do you know which part of me you make?”

Chip was so embarrassed, his hands were already covering his face entirely as he shook his head.

“Every part.”  

He sniffled, and I assumed he was crying.

“So, I really want to be connected with you. Is that okay?”

“I love you. I promise, promise that I won’t hurt you.”

His hands slid down his face—and I saw the tears in his eyes.

“S-Stop making my heart beat so fast…I-I’m really going to die—“ He whined softly, but I heard it all the same.

My index slid in very smoothly—to my surprise. I waited for a few seconds before moving.

I asked my angel whether it hurt.

“I-I’m fine,” He replied, blushing a little.

With that, I dipped another finger in to loosen him, making sure he was okay before adjusting.

Just as my middle finger entered fully, I heard a tiny whimper.

“What’s wrong?”

Chip blushed, shaking his head.

I had my suspicions, but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions just yet.

I began to ease with my middle carefully: in, and out, and then in again, just to test the waters and confirm whether it was the right spot.

“Uwa-a, Xander—“

“Does it hurt?”

“N-No!” My angel turned several shades darker. “Um, I mean…a—“

I tried it again, stroking the same spot.

“Haa—“ He keened sweetly.

“How does it feel?”

“Uh—a-a—“ He was really affected by it. The way his eyes glazed over for a moment, and the way his lips parted in pleasure. My angel whimpered, thighs quivering slightly as his voice rose a pitch.

Using my other hand to grab the bottle, I poured more of the liquid onto my fingers.

It was weird.

The sound of them moving in him was abnormally loud, and surprisingly pleasing.

I stretched him properly, hoping that pain would never cross my angel’s mind.

Then I realized that he was leaking quite a bit.

“Hey—Angel, do you think you can hold back a little? Wait for me?”

He nodded, too confused to say anything.

I took that as a consent, sliding the fingers out and lifting his hips.


Placing a hand beside Chip’s head to support my weight, I leaned down and closed the distance between myself and his hips.

“Spread wider for me.”

He blushed so much, but complied all the same—albeit with much difficulty.

I prodded, then entered. Just the tip.

My angel gasped, and he held on to me.

We held the position for a couple of seconds, and I tried to ensure that Chip was comfortable.

He eased a little after a while, and I held his hips to deepen the connection.

“N-nya—“ It was a soft mewl, and I think I caught him by surprise.

I tried to remember the spot I found earlier, whether it was in the back or the front, or whether it was more to the right or left.

It’s so strange how I’ve never thought about these kind of stuff before.

My previous attempts were just flings, I didn’t give a damn about whether the other person felt good or not.

It was just sex.

And that was when I realized that even though I could be good at sex—that didn’t mean that I was good at making love.

More accurately: anyone can be good at sex. But making love isn’t something you can…be good at.

Because there’s probably only one person in the world—

That you would make love to.

I might be wrong.

I dunno.

Bu at that point of time, there was Chip—

And only Chip.

“X-Xander?” My angel’s voice broke my thoughts, and my gaze lowered to his eyes. “I…I think I’m going to m-melt…could…could you h-hurry—“ His thighs were trembling from holding back.

“Shit, I’m sorry Angel—that was my fault. I was thinking about you.”

He blushed adorably, and his grip on my back tightened.

Again, I deepened the connection—and slid in all the way with surprising ease. (Preparation and lube paid off I guess.)


My angel’s eyes lost focus for a second, and he knees buckled—pushing me deeper.

“Woaa, Chip don’t do that—I might have a heart attack,” I joked, feeling his warmth around me tighten, sending me over the edge.

“S-Sorry…” He whimpered, hips rolling a little.

The movement drove me crazy, and I tried to tell myself to wait before moving but my resolve was cracking.

A low growl rose from my throat and the sight of Chip’s flushed cheeks against the pale skin of his, combined with the soft, sweet sounds he were making broke my limits.

I began to ease my way out by just a fraction, and then proceeding to deepen the connection again. Repeating the motion, I tried to search for the spot again, desiring the beautiful look on my angel’s face.

Soon enough, I was awarded with the sweetest mewl.

I literally felt the spikes of pleasure in my lower region just from the sound.


The sound of the movement was certainly alluring, and I unconsciously began picking up speed. 

My angel’s eyes went in and out of focus, brows knitted in pleasure while his hips started to move.

His small hands felt so warm on my back.

“X-Xander, I—h-ha, I’m…going to melt—“ Chip whimpered, and I couldn’t help but think whether it was possible to fall into another hole after I’ve fallen into the first.

Maybe I can.

Maybe I’ll just love him all over again.


I embraced him, feeling the familiar sensation of release build up.

No, it wasn’t familiar. This one was different.

It’s stronger.

I felt lost—lost in the moment of heat and pleasure—but found—guided by his eyes.

With one hand beside Chip’s head to support my weight and the other on his hips, I guided myself, deepening the beautiful connection in one moment and sliding out in another.

“A-A—I can’t, a-already—haa—“

Suddenly I was very aware of the amazing, hot sensation wrapped around myself, and the rising temperature of the room, and the strange beating of our hearts that were just so, so loud.

I could feel his heartbeat.

I didn’t know how—but I could.

He was leaking really badly and I knew it took only a bit more. Somehow, somehow I could remember every single part of him.

I stroked his sensitive spot and I felt him tighten, his hips rolling in a certain angle.

I know it sounds completely vulgar—but at that moment, there was no way I was thinking straight, and all I wanted was to make him feel good. So I quickened my pace, making sure to thrust repeatedly into his pleasure mark.

My angel melted, hips bucking while his back arched away from the mattress. I felt a strong rush of pleasure hit me—driving me over the edge as I released with a final deepening.


Chip’s POV


My heart—I think it just stopped.


“And can you feel

The love tonight”


My eyes were half-lidded from the excessive strange tingling sensations running throughout my body. 

“How it’s laid to rest”

“X-Xander?” I watched as he collapsed on the pillow beside me, barely able to keep my eyes open.

“It’s enough

To make Kings and vagabonds”

“Yes? My angel.”

“Believe the very best”

I blushed.

“D-Do you…do you hear that?”

He turned to face me, pulling the covers over our tired bodies. “Hear what my angel?”

“You know…that song…” I paused, making a point.

“And can you feel

The love tonight”


“Babe, I think you’re hearing things,” Xander laughed, encasing my head in his arms in a warm embrace.

“W-What? No—I’m not, it’s our neighbor’s radio…”

“We don’t have a neighbor, Angel,” He chuckled again.



“It is where we are”


And that was when I realized:

Our window wasn’t even open.

It wasn’t our neighbor.

It wasn’t the radio.

It was just…




Perhaps now, my mind was finally conquered by something my heart had given itself to for a very long time.



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