Brave Love

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[Second book of the Baked Series] "For when there is Love, every ending is a new beginning". The broken-hearted meet again, but will it be in vain? Age passes a pen to two, where-for once-they will have the power to write their own tale. One where, perhaps, a prince gets married to another prince. A second chance? Time runs. © 2015 by theCuppedCake. All rights reserved.

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Baked Love

A gentle hush cloaked the land.

The faint bells of Christmas could be heard in the distance.

Warm lights from every house lit up the small town, as the pale moon hung alone in the sky. A young man, around the age of twenty-three, walked the lonely path to his destination—his sister’s hand snug in his.

That was when the first flakes of snow began to fall.

Ever so gently.


The man and the young lady were quite well-dressed, shielding their warm hearts against the cold—

They have come to find their home.

Five years it had been—

For what could it mean?

It was a cold Christmas night—

The kind of night where magical things happen.

The kind of night where Angels came to warm the hearts of the cold.

But the man decided that it was time he came to his angel.

And so, the young man named Xander and his sister arrived at the front steps of a warmly-lit shop house.

His gloved hand closed in on the handle of the door, and the bells above jingled—

—And he stepped into the bakery named Baked Love.



A/N: There's a reason why the prologue is named Baked Love. 

Baked Love is the Past of Xander and Chip

But also the Future. 

This is where the past and future meet—to form the present. 

And Love is just that. The past, the present, and the future—all at the same time. 

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