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READ THE DIFFERENT SHADES OF WHITE AND THE DARKER SHADES OF WHITE BEFORE READING THIS BOOK. With so much at loss and so much hopelessness, Khadijah and Shehzad find themselves at the crossroads of their destinies. Having been bought out of the depths of despair and darkness, Shehzad now faces another obstacle that he needs to face; bringing back Khadijah yo the light who has now lost all her will and faith to live. Will Shehzad be able to soothe the heart of the very woman who bought him back and showed him how beautiful life is or will he still pursue his selfish agendas? Read and find out. cover credit goes to @Bylalalaraib

Beenish Shaheen
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White and black, light and darkness, love and hate.

How much more must one endure before all is lost? Until hope is vaporized and all that is left is a hollow shell.

The soul weeps and wants to escape but how can it when human emotion controls it? It is caged and its wings are forever ripped apart and chances of it being free is close to something impossible; could it still live?

When all faith fades and wastes away in a fiery flame, what is left; nothing but ashes,

But. . . . Can a Phoenix arise from the ashes? Can something new emerge?

Can my darker shades be transformed into dazzling bright shades if white?

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