Vipers Woman

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I wrapped my arm around Lisa drawing her close. Oh, I get it. She is your mistress. I spit out my drink and the members of Steve’s club growled. Are you fucking crazy? I know that Steve and his club members don’t make assumptions, but you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Lisa, looking at Steve I said. Don’t you Lisa me. Who the hell does he think he is to call me your mistress? You dumb fucker I am his adopted sister. You do not talk to me that way bitch. Lisa give Steve the knife. I turned and looked at Travis. Not until you tell that shit head to apologize for what he accused me and Steve of doing. Dam this woman was protective. I want her to be that protective of me, but I blew that. She kind of hates me. Lisa this is my president. I don’t care who he is. Steve is president of the Viking MC and he doesn’t make statements about people he doesn’t know. What the hell did you say to piss my sister off? He accused me of being Steve’s mistress. Oh, fuck my brother said. I looked at my president and said Viper. Please tell me you didn’t say that. I can’t because I did. I was hoping you two would get along. Looks like that is not going to happen now. She will hold a grudge.

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Chapter 1: Vipers, VP's Sister

My club members found out my sister bought the house and offered to help her move in. Travis does your sister need help moving into the house the club members asked. I said. No, she doesn’t want our help. She has her best friend Donna, and Hope's husband Steve helping her.

We watched as my sister Lisa's friend Donna, Steve, and his members help move in furniture. Several of our members asked, Isn’t that the president of the Viking MC, Travis? It is. His wife, Hope works with Lisa and they are very good friends. I’m glad we are allies with them because your sister would hate us for having to hurt him for being in our territory one member said. Laughing I said my sister would kill you. So, keep your mouth shut. Lisa has enough to worry about and we are not going to add to her troubles.

I thought about what Viper was going to say when he returned to the club. Viper my president had been gone for two weeks. When he returns, he will be told that my sister bought the two-bedroom house next door to the clubhouse. Viper will be pissed but after he finds out that she will not interfere with the club or even come over here he will be fine with it.

My name is Travis and I am the VP of the Lone Wolf MC in Lima, Ohio, and Lisa's brother. My president is Viper and the enforcer is Mark. I don’t have an old lady and neither does Mark or Viper. We don’t sell drugs or weapons. We do help the police get justice when they can’t. We protect women and children.

My sister is Lisa. She works in the nursing home two blocks from the clubhouse. She works from 9 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday and she is the social worker for the nursing home. Lisa does not sleep well. She does not often sleep in her bed anymore.

I heard that Lisa sleeps in her rocking chair. Lisa will also often walk outside at night with her boxer Greta. Greta is very protective of Lisa. If she is not walking around her yard, she is sitting either on the front porch or her back porch.

Lisa shies away from attention and men. She hates cheaters and liars. On weekends she goes out to the main bar and dances, drinks, and smokes but not often. She just has a good time and releases stress. She can be friendly to everyone, but she does not date.

I have never seen her slow dance with a man she does not know. She dresses like a lady and she acts like a lady. She has a lot of male friends but that is all they are. Lisa does not sleep around even though many men have tried getting her in bed. Lisa can be mouthy at times.

When I told her, I was the VP of Lone Wolf MC she said, “that’s nice” and then walked away. I stood there with my mouth open. She was happy to buy the house next door to the club, but she insisted that the men all stay over at the club and never come to her house. I know she wanted to be close to me and would not interfere in my life. Lisa has changed in many ways.

My sister used to be a carefree, fun-loving person. She would and still does put you in her place when she gets angry. Lisa is naive. She doesn't even know when a man is making a pass at her. Lisa used to go after what she wants but not anymore. She would rather keep to herself.

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