Vipers Woman

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Chapter 10: Meeting with Steve and his VP

It was around 9:00 in the morning. I called Steve and told him about our visit from the police. I think you need to come here and watch the video, Steve. I and my VP Chain will be there in an hour. We will be waiting I said. While waiting for Steve and Chain, Travis and I went to eat breakfast. I was still seeing them raping her and beating her and her screaming and begging for them to stop. What pissed me off the most was them laughing at her when she begged for them to end it. My angel went through hell and came out of it alive. I was going to kill every one of those mother fuckers. I had just finished eating when I was told that Steve and Chain were waiting for me and Travis in my office.

I walked in and told Steve. This is not going to be easy to watch. I also hope that you do not destroy my office. I turned the laptop to face him and said. You might want to prepare yourself then push the play button. And please do not throw my laptop. I watched Steve and Chain’s face as they watched the video. They too played it over and over. We told them what the officers said. Where are they? We told them that too. Good because I will know each of them when I see them. They are going to die for that. Agreed we said. We need to plan and go over it until we knew it by heart. We can’t make any mistakes.

I need to contact our chapter in Florida and have them start looking for these men. We need to send them a copy of this video. Saw, the president will have no problems helping us out as his sister was killed by an MC in this very same way. We will be making a trip soon. I also think we need to take Lisa along with Hope, and Travis I think Midnight should come with us too. I agree. But we will have a problem What would that be.

Lisa will not ride on my bike. Chain laughed and said. No, but she will ride behind me. She is my adopted sister. I am Steve’s brother remember? Now I think she always needs to be watched. Always guarded by no less than 10 prospects. Agreed. Now, I think I will go and see my baby sister before going back to my MC. I said I know the owner of the nursing home she works at. She is one of my club members' old lady. She will give her the time off no questions asked. She will tell people she had to go out of town for a family emergency. Sick father or mother when we must leave. Now, Chain let's go see our little sister. We walked out of Vipers’ office and over to Lisa’s.

I knocked on her door and she opened it letting us in. Morning baby girl. We were in town and thought we would drop in for some coffee. Sure, I said walking to the kitchen with Steve and Chain following me. As I sat the coffee in front of them and sat down Steve looked at me and said. Are you ready for this weekend? The girls are excited that they get to let loose. After all, it has been a while. They have your beer and the smokes, both kinds I said grinning. I do expect you to have fun. But don’t get the girls to jump in the lake again. We froze our balls off getting you girls out. I laughed and said. At least I didn’t swing from the lights. No, but you sure put on a show pole dancing.

Chain, I said. I can’t help it you and the rest of your men could not keep your dicks from getting hard. Ya, well please do not do that dance again. Why not? Because. Alright then I might just get good and drunk and high, and belly dance to whip out. I did promise to dance for your birthday and that is this weekend. You did Promise to dance for my birthday? I smiled at him and said. I always keep my promises. So, yes, I will do it. I want this videotaped so I can always remember it. I will make sure that it is on video so we can all watch it again the next day. That way Lisa and the girls will be sober and see how red your face gets Chain. Whatever I said. I know I will enjoy it. We finished our coffee kissed her cheek and said. See you Friday. Don’t forget Greta. We said walking out the door.

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