Vipers Woman

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Chapter 11: Travis and Viper Visit Lisa

I was cleaning my house and often looked out the window. I saw several prospects watching the house. I wondered what the hell is going on. I shrugged my shoulders and once I finished, I walked into the kitchen and made a sandwich with chips and coffee and carried it to the living room where I sat down. I turned on the TV and watched Jerry Springer while I ate my food. I stood up and took my plate and put it in the sink poured a new cup of coffee and walked back to the living room. I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and saw Travis and Viper standing there.

I didn’t say anything to Viper but opened the door further and let them in. I walked over and sat in my chair. I watched them walk in and sit on the couch. I waited for Travis to talk. Lisa, I need to know what happened to you the year you were gone. No, I said. Lisa, you lost the sparkle in your eyes and you don’t like to be touched. Hell, you don’t even like to go out like you used to. I need to know what happened to you. And I said no. I won’t talk about it. I just want to forget it ever happened. Besides, it is none of your business. Jesus Christ Lisa. You are my sister. I have a right to know if someone hurt you. If they did it is my right to kill them. And believe me, I will kill anyone that hurts you.

Travis, I am going to say this one time and never again. When I am ready. Mark my words. I will get my revenge. I will hurt them more than they hurt me. Don’t you understand Lisa? We can help you. No, you can’t. And I don’t want you to ask me about it again. If you knew you would hate me. I would never hate you. Oh, yes you would. I know how bikers are. I also know that not all bikers treat women the way you do Travis. I also know that most bikers are not to be trusted and treat women badly. I have learned by the best how to hide emotions and get revenge when the time is right. I can be very patient and wait a long time. I will get even don’t worry about that.

I looked over at Viper and saw him looking at me. He never said one word. Now, if that is all you wanted you can leave now, I said. I watched them get up and walk out the door. He can’t find out what they did. I felt the tears flow down my face. Why did he have to ask me those questions? Did he find out? He couldn’t have. It happened in Florida. Fuck I can’t deal with this right now. I decided to leave and go to the Viking MC early. I packed a bag with three days of clothes before calling Greta and walking out the front door and locking it.

I walked to my car opened the back door and let Greta in. I put the backpack in the back and then got in and backed out of the driveway. My mind was on my driving and I did not notice being followed. I pulled into the Viking MC parked my car got out and shut the door. I let Greta out and grabbed my backpack before walking to the door and opening it. Elizabeth saw me walk in and ran over and hugged me. I thought I would come a day early and let the kids have an extra day with Greta I said. Let me put this in my room and I will be back. As I walked to my room several club members said welcome home Lisa as I walked down the hallway. I opened my door and sat the backpack on the bed.

I sat down and a prospect sat my coffee in front of me. Thank you I said. I sat thinking about the conversation I had with my brother Travis. Why would he ask me those questions? He had to know something. I was so deep in my thoughts I did not notice Chain and Steve sitting down at the table. Lisa. Lisa. I looked up and asked what. Are you all alright? Do you have something on your mind? No, just thinking about the past. Nothing important. I looked at Steve and he looked at me with a knowing look. We knew what she was thinking about when she said her past. What brought her here two days early we wondered.

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