Vipers Woman

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Chapter 12;Lisa is followed

I stood up and walked over to where Elizabeth was sitting. Want to go outside and sit she asked? Sure I said. She stood up and we walked out to the front porch and sat in the rocking chairs. I lit a cigarette and she looked at me. What is going on Lisa? My brother and his president paid me a visit this morning. Travis was asking questions he should have not known. He brought up some bad and painful memories. He asked questions he should never have known and I don't know how he found out. Maybe he was guessing trying to get you to talk.

No, he asked me who hurt me. He should never have known that I had been hurt and hurt pretty bad unless someone told him or he looked into my past somehow. You and Steve knew some of it because Jim brought me to you and Steve to keep me safe and for me to heal. Neither you, Steve, or the club members asked Jim what happened to me or who hurt me. You really didn't see the worst of it. Now I am afraid the nightmares will return. You remember me screaming in my sleep. I do. Those were some bad nights.

We started gently rocking and looking at the kids playing kickball with Greta chasing the ball trying to get it away from them. I remember when Psycho brought Greta to you. She has kept you sane. I smiled and said. I remember she was so small she fit into his hand. Now, look at her. She is special. She is. Are you ready to get drunk and have fun tomorrow? Hell yes. I hope that Kelly, Tammy, and Olive don't get too crazy. Olive can get really funny. We have to drive the guys crazy though. But, let's not jump into the pond again. I agree with that. What does Hope have up her sleeve?

Let's go get something to eat I said standing up and walking into the club and straight to the kitchen. We sat at the table eating a meatloaf sandwich. As we walked out of the door to our table we stopped and kissed Chain and Steve. We were talking to Olive who had just arrived and sat down. What's up girlfriend I asked? I want to hit Savage over the head with a bat that's what. What happened. He told me not to get too drunk tomorrow. That's our time, not theirs and he can kiss my ass. We started laughing because we knew that she was going to do and then do something crazy.

I looked up as I heard the door open and in walked my brother and his members. I gritted my teeth. Fucker I said. Olive said who? My brother Travis. He is the VP of the Lone Wolf MC. Don't look now but the president who is one fine-looking man is looking this way. He is looking at you Lisa she said. Is he now? He can go fuck himself. Did you hear that he accused me of being Steve's mistress when we first met? We looked at Olive who was shocked. You are kidding me? No, I'm not kidding you. I tried to beat him up and cut his balls off but Steve wouldn't let me.

I told him to get the fuck off my property and stay on his side of the fence. I even called him a stupid mother fucker. Among some other names Elizabeth and Hope said. Olive started laughing and then Elizabeth joined in. They all looked over at the table wondering what was so funny. Did you really threaten to cut his balls off? I did. With what? Steve's knife I grabbed from his boot. I would have paid to see that. Steve and Chain said that she fought like a wild cat to get out of Steve's arms and over to Viper. Steve said he had never seen Lisa so pissed.

I think that this is going to be one hell of a weekend and I am so glad we came. Have your brother or Viper seen you drunk? Nope. My god, this is going to be interesting. We know how you are when you get drunk. You will do things just to piss them both off. I grinned you know me. Just then a prospect walked by and grabbed my bag of M&M's. I saw red. No, he just didn't. I ran after him yelling you son of a bitch give those back to me. He ran to the other side of the bar and I jumped up onto the bar and ran across it while members grabbed their beers watching and laughing.

Prospect you just got yourself into a load of trouble they said. As he held the bag up and started to open it I said don't do it. He ripped it open and I dived off the bar into him pushing him to the ground. He thought he was messing with a weakling but I landed on him and punched him in the face. I then grabbed his nuts and twisted them. He screamed what the fuck. Stop that you crazy bitch. Big mistake. I said what did you just call me? You heard me. I called you a crazy bitch. I grabbed the knife he had on his side and shoved it into his leg. He really screamed then. No one calls me a bitch and gets away with it.

I grabbed my M&M's just as Steve walked over and lifted me off the prospect. Fuck, Steve look what that bitch did. I leaned down and punched him in the face. You don't know who I am and you need to be more respectful. Steve looked at Chain and said. Set him straight after you take him to see Doc. I walked back to the table and sat down. Travis and Viper watching me with surprised faces.

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