Vipers Woman

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Chapter 13: The Prospect Is Punished

Chain watched as the doc stitched the prospect's leg. When he was done he heard the prospect state that once his leg healed that whore was going to get a beating and put in her place. I stood up and punched his jaw. You will not touch that woman. Lisa is not a club whore. She is mine and Steve's adopted sister and the biological sister of the VP of the Lone Wolf MC. Prospect you made a big mistake even touching her. I didn't know he said.

That is your problem. You never find out about a woman before messing with her. Steve wants you to be punished. You will go on a run to the sister chapter in Texas and stay there for a month. Do not return until I or Steve orders you back. You will leave in the morning. I turned and walked out of the doc's office. When I walked into the club I saw Travis and Viper sitting at our table. I walked over and sat down next to Lisa. I leaned my chair back and leaned against the wall.

A prospect was walking by and Lisa said, Tim, he walked over grabbed her coffee cup, and walked to the kitchen. He came back out with a freshly poured cup and handed it to her. Thank you she said smiling at him. Any time Lisa he said walking away. I looked at Viper and saw the look he gave the prospect. I grinned to myself. I believe that Viper is interested in my baby sister. This is going to get interesting after what he accused her and Steve of.

Then Travis said. Lisa, you stabbed that prospect in the leg like it was nothing. I looked at him and said: " he should never have called me a bitch." Not a reason to stab him Travis said. Lisa said, in my book it is. Will teach him not to disrespect me now, won't it? I saw Travis start to say something else when Steve said. Don't bother Travis. Since last year she is not to be messed with. She snaps when someone calls her a bitch along with some other words.

The girls looked at me and Olive said. We need to go to your room and get ready. Let's go I said standing up and leaving the table. As we watched the girls walk away Steve said. Travis, you can't call her the following names or say things like " baby you know you like it." or sweetheart. those are two things that set her off fast. And never wear brute. She goes into a panic mood when she smells it. Another thing do not ever sneak up behind her. Have you seen her around any blonde headed men? I have, she will walk out of her way to not be close to them.

The same with a mustache. Men with mustaches set her to shaking. So just be aware that anything can do that to her. I once saw her stiffen when one of my prospects talked. His voice set her off. He stays away from her so as not to upset her. We looked at the clock and noticed it was going on at 11:00 when the girls walked back out of the bedroom. We heard wolf whistles and swung around and looked at what they were whistling at. Lisa girl you look really good, thanks she said. I saw both Travis and Viper's eyes widen.

We watched them set at the table assigned to them and light up a joint. The girls were laughing and drinking when Lisa, Olive, and Hope looked our way grinning. I heard the music start that they poll dance to and Chain said. Fuck me. They are doing this on purpose tonight. What do you mean Travis asked? Someone has pissed them off and they are going to get even. I watched as Viper looked around the room and he saw the girls had all the member's attention on them. Then Travis said. I didn't know that Lisa could dance like that.

You haven't seen anything yet. Lisa promised to dance for Chain's birthday last year and he wasn't here so she is going to do it tonight. As the dance ended Lisa and Olive walked back to the table. I saw Viper get up and walk to the bar. Lisa walked up to get shots for her and the girls then I saw Viper say something to her. I watched her grin at him. Not saying a word. Oh, boy Viper is in for one hell of a surprise. Lisa walked over and sat the shots down and as she sat down she said something to the girls.

Olive asked what Viper said to her. He told me that I needed to stop dancing like that and teasing all the men in the bar. That pissed me off. All the girls looked over at Viper and they lifted their shots and drank them. What the hell was that about he asked? What did you say to Lisa? She needed to stop teasing the men in the bar dancing that way. Chain laughed and said. You really do not know when to keep your mouth shut do you Viper?

She will be doing some pretty sexy moves soon. The boys are used to it. And they don't mind. Are you ready to dance for Chain now? I sure am. Let's get me changed and make sure they play "wipeout." Tammy put the chair in the middle of the dance floor. Bring Chain up and set him in it. Olive you introduce the surprise and as I walk onto the stage turn the spotlight on Chain and me.

I walked out onto the stage and wipeout started playing. Chain's face was red and Steve was videotaping it. The men were yelling and whistling. But Viper was pissed. She should not be dancing like that for Chain. She should be dancing like that for me alone. But fuck me. I keep putting my foot in my mouth around her. She still thinks I don't like her.

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