Vipers Woman

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Chapter 14: The Girls Continue to party

We walked back to my room where I changed back into what I was wearing before. We smoked a joint then walked out to sit down at our table. Olive and Tammy saw Viper looking at Lisa. He was pissed. I believe that you pissed Viper off royally they said. Good, I don't belong to him or his club. He had no right to talk to me the way he as ever since he met me. He just continues to say things to me knowing that the end of the meaning is that "I am just a whore to him."

Travis walked over to our table and sat down. Lisa, what are you doing? Having a good time I said. No, what is between you and Viper? Nothing. He hates me and I hate him. Really, you believe that he hates you? I do. He has had nothing good to say to me. Look, Travis, I love you, you are my brother. But for him. I hate him. He is no better then they were. Don't say that. He wouldn't do that to you. I swung my head and gritted my teeth. What do you know about what happened to me? The girls looked shocked. You know. How do you know? How much do you know?

All of it. The police came to our club. You are in danger. They showed us the videotape. We watched her stand up. It got quiet. They had no right we heard her scream. No right to show you that. Who else saw it? Who else she screamed. Steve, Chain, myself, and Viper. Now you understand what I meant about some bikers. He is just like them. You all saw everything they did to me? Fuck this shit. I threw my empty glass at Viper, hitting his cheek, and said you son of a bitch. You sat on my couch and looked at me like I was nothing but dirt under your feet. You can go to hell.

I stormed out of the club and to my room. I jumped into the shower and then put on clean jeans, a tee-shirt, bra, socks, and my boots. I shoved my other clothes in my backpack and grabbed my keys, and wallet and walked out toward the door. I called Greta and put her in the back seat. I got in started my car and started driving away. I heard my name being called but I just kept on driving.

They think I am a whore now. Not good enough for them. All but Steve, Chain, and their MC. I drove to my safe place. I headed to my cabin. The cabin no one knew about but Jim and Berserk. When I arrived at the town I stopped at Walmart and bought groceries and gas for the generator. I also bout fluid for the lanterns and dog food for Greta. I bought a new phone and had it turned on and switched my phone numbers. I took the battery out of the old one and threw it in the trash outside Walmart.

Back at Steve's MC, he was yelling at Travis. What the fuck did you do? Dammit, Travis. You really fucked up now. She is in danger and now she is gone. Show us what she was talking about my members said. Girls you won't want to see this. Yes, we do. She is our friend and sister. She is hurting. Chain plugged in his phone and downloaded the video to the big tv. My god. We knew she went through hell when Jim brought her to us. But we didn't know just how bad it was. How could you men do those things to a woman? All the members were pissed. She is in danger because of them?

No, just the one that gave her to the bikers. He is out of prison and looking for her. Word on the street is when he finds her he is going to kill her. Call the club and have them see if she went back to her house. She has had time to return home. Travis said the prospects have not seen her, and that her car is not there and the house is still dark. Where is she then? Where else could she go? I don't know Travis said. Steve, do you know where she might go? Don't you think if I did we would not already be headed there? Fuck no, I don't know where she would go.

You said Jim brought her here. Would she go to him? I can call and ask. Jim is Lisa at your clubhouse? No, why? I told him everything that happened. That stupid son of a bitch. You tell him I don't care if she is his biological sister, I am going to beat his ass when I see him. No, right now I don't know where she would go. Let me think and call you back later. We all tried calling her but no answer. Where could she be? It has been a week and no one has seen or heard from her. Jim has not even called back.

We were back at our clubhouse and I catch Viper looking towards her house. He is not in a good mood. Everyone has stayed away from him. Back at Steve's all, they think about is what happened to her. They want her back safe at home with them. Jim still has not called me back. Jim finally remembered the cabin. Where are you going Jim is VP asked? As he got on his bike he said I will be back in a while he said before he rode to the cabin. Once there he saw her Kia in the driveway. He got off his bike and walked up onto the porch. He saw her sleeping on the couch.

I knocked on the door. She didn't move. I got the key and opened the door and walked in shutting it behind me. I walked over and kneeled down and shook her. Lisa, wake up. I slowly opened my eyes. I sat up hugging Jim crying. They all know Jim. They saw a video. He looked at me like I was dirt under his feet. Who looked at you like that? Viper, my brother's president. his clubhouse is next door to my house. My brother hates me now. No, he doesn't. Steve and Chain are worried about you as all his club members are. They want you to come home to them.

Your brother and his club are worried about you to. No, they aren't. I will give you two more weeks and then I am taking you back to Steve's MC along with your dog. I kissed her and said. Give me your new phone number so I can check in on you. I won't give it to anyone I promise. I handed him my phone and he kissed me and walked to the door. Two weeks Lisa he said before walking out the door and closing it behind him. I had two weeks to pull myself together. Two weeks to harden my heart and build that I don't give a fuck attitude up again. I called the one person who I knew would help me again. Berserk.

I was sitting at the table laughing with my president when my phone rang. I heard they were looking for Lisa. I opened my phone and said where are you? You know I will come. Give me the address. Oh, why didn't I think of that before? I am on my way. I am bringing three people with me. Your training starts when we get there. I hung up the phone and they said. " It's time?" It's time lets go.

We walked out of the club got on our bikes and rode to Lisa's cabin. When we got there she was standing on the porch. She looked like shit. Run, I said. I handed her a bottle of water. You know where to run and I know how long it will take you to run that mile. Go now. We watched her take off running. We carried our saddlebags into the cabin and I made coffee. We walked out and sat in the chairs on the porch. Tell us now why we are here.

She will be ready to face them all when she leaves here. And we are going to do what we do best. Get a copy of the video, study them, and hunt them down and kill them. She was back right on time. You are out of shape I said. I know. Now, this is Randy he is going to work on throwing knives and how to use them with you. We watched her as she worked out. she was not bad. But she sure could use improvement. After an hour they stopped to eat and then she worked with Tony for an hour on self-defense moves and stretching.

Lisa go sock in the tub for an hour. Then come out and I will give you a rub down. I cleaned the kitchen table off and put a sheet across it. I found baby oil and warmed it up as she walked out with just a towel around her. I warned them about her back so they were not shocked when they saw it.

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