Vipers Woman

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Chapter 15: Berserk talks to Lisa

I got onto the table and rolled onto my stomach. As Berserk rolled the towel down around her waist the men saw her back. They gritted their teeth in anger. They sat watching as Berserk massaged Lisa. She moaned as he hit a spot in her back. Lisa, your back is so tight. When have you last had a massage? Since you last gave me one. Why? I don't trust anyone but you to give me one that's why. I sighed. Lisa, you have to get massages. Only if you give them to me. The guys looked at me grinning. She doesn't trust easily does she? No, she doesn't.

Lisa, just how do you know Berserk? He saved me from them along with Jim and his club. They got away before they could catch them but the fuckers left behind a videotape. Jim took it. Randy looked at Lisa and asked do you mind if Berserk shows us the video? I looked at Randy and said why? I won't judge you so don't worry about that. I need to study those men. I need to see what hand is their dominant and anything else that will help us to prepare you for hand to hand combat and self-defense moves. I waited for her answer.

Alright if it will help you. I didn't want to tell her I needed to know what they did to her. I was going to make them pay for everything. Suffer badly. She has been hurt and she is scared of men. Funny thing is she is not scared of the one person she should fear. Berserk. And she is the only woman we have ever seen him touch and be comfortable with her touching him. He moved the towel back over her back and started working on her legs and arms. I looked at Berserk and he was smiling. He never smiles. She fell asleep. We watched him wrap the sheet around her and carry her to the bedroom and lay her on the bed.

Berserk walked out and washed his hands before getting a cup of coffee. He downloaded the video on his phone and handed it to them to watch. How the fuck did she live through that Randy asked? We almost lost her twice. But she is a fighter. We know that he said. I watched as Randy studied the video. He grinned. Got you all you sons of bitches. I looked at Berserk and he said. She will be ready for them. And so will we. Look at the tats they are wearing. Those sons of bitches won't know what hit them.

It was week one we have been here. She is in better shape than before. She has improved in her self defense skills and using a knife. She is almost ready. She has gotten better at showing no emotions. And I was pleased about that. We were setting in the chairs when she walked out carrying a pillow and her coffee. She threw the pillow down between my legs and sat down. She laid her head on my knee. I believe that my friends are in love with her. Then her phone rang.

Hello, Jim. Yes, I am fine. Berserk is here with two of his friends. I reached my phone back to Berserk. Jim wants to talk to you. I leaned forward as Berserk stood up and walked down the porch away from us. Is she ready? Yes, she is ready. More than ready. She is working out for hours every day. We just finished a workout and she will be getting her massage soon. We are going to ride into town and get something to eat before coming back here. She needs more massaging oil. Alright, we will see you tomorrow. I hung up the phone and handed it back to Lisa.

Let's get ready to ride to town. Lisa walked in and grabbed a jacket then shut and locked the door. She got on the back of my bike and put her arms around me. Lisa is the only woman to ever ride on my bike. She is like a little sister to me. I am 35 years old and she is 21. She was 17 when we rescued her. I love her to death. She doesn't run from me in fear like other girls. When we arrived at Bob Evans she got off when I turned my bike off. She took my hand and we all walked into the restaurant. People looked at Lisa and me.

Lisa growled and said. Do you all have an eye problem? Can't a brother hold his sister's hand she yelled? People suddenly looked away as we were seated. The boys looked at Lisa grinning. Berserk she sure is protective of you, isn't she? She always has been. She doesn't care who knows it either. I looked at Randy and said. I will beat anyone's ass that disrespects my brother or is rude to him. We ordered our food and ate it. We talked about how we will miss her when she returns to Steves MC.

When we were finished we were walking through Walmart to get massage oils. Two women walked past us saying " don't you think she is a little young for him." I turned and looked at her and said: "Lady, I am his sister so it is not nice to talk about what you don't know." Well, I never. That was rude and disrespectful of you young lady. I looked at her and said. Well, I think you were being rude and disrespectful so we are even. We laughed at the looks on the women's faces. Then Randy said, he is her brother bitch. We then turned and walked up to the front to pay for the oils.

Randy said as we were getting on the bikes. Lisa, I just have to tell you that I love you to death. You are smart, protective, sweet when you want to be and you don't back down when being disrespected or someone you care about his being disrespected. When we arrived back at the cabin I headed to my room and soaked in the tub. I walked out with the towel and climbed on the table. She gets so relaxed she falls right to sleep Berserk they said. It's good for her. Jim will be here tomorrow. He wants to see if she will be ready to go back to Steve and Chains MC.

She's ready. We will go with her to make sure she will be fine. Stay a few days before going home. I want to see this Viper who looked at her like she was dirt under his shoes. Viper and I heard that Lisa was coming back to Steve's MC in three days. We went to be there to make sure she was fine. Back at the cabin Jim looked at Lisa and spared with her. You are ready. You leave tonight. We are going to follow you to Steve's. I gathered my stuff and put it in the car. We started cleaning the cabin and putting things away and locking everything up. I walked out and called for Greta. She jumped in the car. Two hours later we all drove into Steve's MC.

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